I have been dwelling and thinking and really this going caramel thing, needs more publicity and more exposure. But before that i want to make clear the actual concept of being "caramel" My previous post didn't have enough quality to express my self just right so now i want to take the opportunity and reach out to those people who said this was a stupid concept. I shall start from scratch.

There are 3 DOMINANT skin colours in the world. White, black and the infamous brown. The western world is dominant with white's and i have no issues with that becuase they are. African's and their decendant's are black. Which btw is such a beutiful colour in itself. But then why are, from the GREAT MIDDLE EAST being called BROWN?! can you think of a million disgusting things that are in the colour brown? In reality it is not fair why we get stuck with a colour that is absolutley ridiculous whilst the rest of them get all these beutiful nick names. Did you know you can call a black person "oreo" with love. lol..i call some friends "chocolate too. It's a good word and such a beutiful colour and yet society calls US, a dominant part of society BROWN. do only I see the injustice in this?

That is why i have proposed that the colour CARAMEL be used to refer to all us people from the great middle east. It's perfect to describe us really. We have the perfect skin tan obtained naturally, for which the wetsren society spends thousands of dollars in tanning salon's tryin to get the same colour and then call it a tan?! and we are brown?! this will not do. As mentioned in my earlier post we have to go forward with this proposition. We have to push caramel forward and even though some of you guys dont agree and think we are wheatish in colour OR some like my brother who said i was insane and told me if we got names caramel, people would lick us in public! well what's the harm in that?! LET them lick us, shows exactly what i want to proove! "we are the colour TO BE, we have the perfect skin tones...slighlty lighter in the afgan and pashtoon areas, darker around pakistan and again lighter in iran." Caramel describes and covers exactly ALL these skin tones AND its "SMEXY!" IT'S SMASHIN AND SEXY!!. who wouldn't want to be caramel?! besides, i think it's pretty :D

So now I need my blogging community, and everyone else who randomly reads this blog to go ahead and make this public. Put links of this post all over facebook, tweet everyone you know on twitter, go insane on myspace! Go crazy on MSN, like i have, you should all in support put your personal message's as <> followed by anything you want. this will force other people to ask you WHAT is the deal with caramel and you tell them. It's free publicity. Copy and paste the post to everyone and anyone you know. Make a super internet frenzy with this! i want to go international with this storm!

i mean we are not doing ANYTHING wrong, we are just proposing a new name for our colour. It's not asking for much. It's not we are demanding the world. Just a little bit of change. You have no idea what wonders the internet can do. Just go ahead and span everyone's e-mail with the smazing message about us going caramel. It's us CARAMASIAN'S baby!. take it forward. It's a quest to save our dignity. tell the world, we dont sit quietly while they nicely compare us to SHIT COLOURS!. WE LOOK NOTHING LIKE IT. perfect sun kissed skins. that what we need to show the world. The great middle east consists of some of the most beauitful people you will EVER come across. Let's promote this. It is a request to anybody and everybody, to do as much as you can to go public with this thing. WE have to. I am aware many people are out to get this name "caramel". i mean the latino's and mexican's almost have the same skin tone as us. So let's bag the term y'al!