Friday, July 16, 2010

Smart asses -__-

Well SOME of you all are REALLY bright with the ideas and thought it would be a smart thing to ask me to write about my weaknesses -__-. REALLY?! Well first of all let me begin by telling you, lazy18 don't have no weaknesses :D i mean C'MON look at i look like someone who's going to sit and make a list of things that would make the whole internet world realise what REALLY bothers me?...i doubt it. BUT, ofcourse i DID notice the word "i dare" in your comment, so even though this will take me AGES to come up with ANYTHING that will make me weak...i shall try. yes, that's all your going to get out of attempt because i mean really?! what could possibly make me weak?...Girls like me...we don't have weaknesses :P

Changing topics, Has anyone ever noticed how people go insane at Buffets? Today me and the family went out for brunch to this buffet and dispite the swealtering heat, i couldn't help but notice how people were eating. I had half my focus on my already filled plate(i was really hungry..) and while stuffing my face with sweet and sour fish, i couldn't help but ntoice this man coming back with his plate from the display area.

Now he was big in size, how we kindly like to say "healthy" and he had this big plate in his hand and believe me there was not an INCH on that plate where u could have even breathed. of course, it was none of my business to be staring at him, but i couldn't help it! i felt like getting up and going to him and just tell him what i thought "DUDE! IT'S A BUFFET, YOU can COME BACK AND GET SOME MORE!" but of course that would have been absolutely pointless because he didn't even eat that. yes, i am guilty as charged, i did watch him eat, but not becuase he took a bite from every dish and went on to the other one because i REALLY wanted to see if he was going to be able to finish all of it. but i was naive, he left the half empty plate, got up went and got himself another plate full of the one dish that he DID like. he later left half of that too.

i mean is ANYONE paying attention to kids dieing of famine and drought in africa and it's northern countries while we sit here and waste food? those kids have only morsels of bread to live off of everyday, as we sit and stuff our faces with exquiste dishes that even now as i think makes my mouth water(pardon me, i havn't had dinner yet)

anyway, since we are going super random today how about we DO tlak about the exquitse dishes that we do get to eat, because quite frankly i am super hungry and my stomach is just YELLING at me to go and get something to eat. but for the love of god, it's a friday! i don't want to spend my friday evening cooking for me and have everyone else walk into the kitchen and then from the kindness of my heart i volunteer to cook for them too. i can't help's the way i am. anyway, so yes exquisite dishes. This website Pillsbury newsletter ends up in my inbox every month and i DO think they send it to me ON PURPOSE because they KNOW i get attracted by the pictures. It's like trying to hypnotise me with all those recipes and such so that i HAVE to get over my laziness and just make it and see what it tastes like!

they sent me a picture of this today>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> how can i NOT get attracted to that?! AND they send me the recipe it's like a plot againts me by the world so that by the time im 30, i'll have tried every dish on earth. actually if u think about it, isn't it a rather fantastic dream to achieve? i mean, i don't gain weight, there are MILLIONS of dishes out there..if i started eating every type out is definately one of my most brilliant ideas :D

lmao..kk i'm done. i've been mulling over this story in my head for quite some time, you all will probably get to read that next post...IF i ever get time enough to reach a pleasing ending....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

reader's choice

okay folk's now is the time where i FINALLY get over myself and give the reader's a chance..yes belive it or not..i can be nice sometimes too :D...haha yes cherish it...good things do happen.

Anyhoo, i thought it would be a good idea to see what y'all would like to read about. so here's the proposal. in the comment box please leave any topic or series of topics that you would like lazy18 to write on. For example, if you want to know my views on "dirty underwear" or "obama's new bill"(please don't ask me to write about politics..i really go to town on those debates and criticize alot) so yea..anything y'all want and as long as it's not ridiculous..i shall write on it :D