Friday, July 9, 2010

oh the heat!!!

OH MY GOD!...someone up there is sitting and having His time with us human's really. we are just little dolls on this big huge board game and the place where we are suffering!! So apparently our side of the game should suffer from the ecenomic crisis, the heat waves, the expenses..everything bad that could possibly happen..takes place at our side.

So god that it would be a fantastic idea to see what his little dolls do when he just BRINGS DOWN the heat on us. and not just the regular kind of heat....the real i-will-scorch-your-skin type of heat...and it burns baby burns!!!

lmao, yes i am going to sit here and whine about how hot it is! I mean any one who steps out of their house around the afternoon time knows completely well how much i makes you want to look up a the sun, curse like hell and tell it to hold some heat back! but nooooo..its just keeps on giving and giving! sometimes sharing is NOT caring.

Man we live in a desert! we should be allowed to go out, desert safari, go to the beach (okay fine there isn't much you can do in the uae) BUT where is the justice in that?! i agree the rest of the world is sufferening from some kick ass heat waves as well but we get it ALL YEAR LONG! our bloody winter dosn't even go below 20 degrees! does god close His eyes when it comes to facing us?! or is this his version of Guantanamo bay! i am NOT a criminal!!! why am i being justice?!

Dear God,

I promise i will not eat as much chocolate as i do and will leave some for the poor people of ethopia too. I hope you don't think as my friends do that i alone am the reason for world hunger because of the way i eat. But honestly i am not looking forward to cutting down on anything since ramadan is just around the corner and i want to be able to stuff everything down my throat before i am not able to eat anything through out the day.

Also, god i promise i will not make Dunkin Donut's run out of donut's every visit that i pay them. Next time i will get my load of donuts HALF from Dunkin Donuts and the other half from Krsipy Creams. I mean c'mon i think Krispy cream dissreves my attention too, i hear their bussiness was going down the dump. Well tell them not to worry, i will be paying them a visit and their bussiness will be back to normal :D

Oh btw  God while we ARE talking, how about reducing the price for those Fabre Castle paint brushes? i've had my eye on those for quite some time now but if each paint brush costs me 17 dirhams, i don't think i will be able to buy to many! hellloooo i am TRYING to save here! so yea, your help will be appreciated with that too.

Also, can you ask the folks to easy on the load of work on me, i'm just an itsy bitsy little child, i need a break too. Well i know i may be sounding a little needy today but yes i need these things. Oh and i think the reason i started this conversation, well okay fine monologue, was so that you could reduce the heat load on us. So yea, priority on that and the rest we can go as you like :D  Well keep rocking god, just keep me in mind

- the chocoholic...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HOW to write an excellent paper/post/material

So taking into consideration a freinds lack of muse, i thought it would be fun to tell everyone how i go about writing things (since my comment was almost the size of a apologies for that :P)

So anyway, the biggest question is "HOW do you know what to write about?"

 This is what i get asked the most. Well it's quite simple really. When i was younger, i had this mad infatuation with writing stories and i have almost like 10 diaries FILLED to the last page with just random thought and stories written everwhere.  So sometimes when i write here, i usually go through my diaries(well recently i havne't taken them out in like 2 months now) and just read the random stuff i had written. sometimes my words light my light bulb and i remember WHAT inspired me to write that and it brings back my muse for the week.

"But bloody hell, i want to write now!, i dont have time to make diaries"

well it's simple..start making one now..and if you NOT into the whole making diaries idea and it DOESN'T really click with you then theres always solution #2. Sit with you computer/laptop/notebook whatever and just do what i have been doing for the past 2 months. just write ANYTHING that comes to your head. like for example,  was talking to a friend and she told me how much we middle easterner's hate ex predient Bush BUT in reality President Obama has done more damage to the economy of the U.S.A. Now there you have it. you just elaborate that and you have a whole post on YOUR political take on the whole thing. Okay say politics dsn't appeal to you, so next example would be that i was cleaning the house today and i realised how absolutely LAZY the human being in general is and that we'd do ANYTHING for our work to be done by anyone else which btw would be me. So there you go, you elaborate that and tell people how HORRID your day was becuase you had to clean up after everyone else. Say your NOT the working type...maybe u went out today, so you just tell the folks about what it is you saw or something insanely stupid that kept you laughing all day.

"Oooh, that makes sense, but how do i know how to begin?"

This by far has to be the easiest part of writing anything. May it be a post, writing for school or probaly an exam paper. I had a teacher in school who tought me this trick. So you take a peice of paper and you write down EVERYTHING that comes in you head about the topic you have chosen. It doesn't have to be in order. Some facts come to your head later and you just keep writing them down. We call them "bits of information"..or well my teacher used to call them that. Now after that..i just improvised her idea and incorporated it into mine.So after i have my little ideas, in an orderless pattern, i go ahead and read them, and i SWEAR you will know WHAT it is that you want to your readers to read. It usually helps if you have a good title, something that will IMMEDIATELY catch your readers attention. For school papers, it helps ALOT if you begin by a quote, preferably from your material OR by someone famous. That way your examiner gets to know you are well versed with your material and/or that you know how to catch their attention AND that you have good general knowldge.

"yea..that makes sense, but how do i know in what way to proceed..i mean how do i know if i'm going write or wrong?"

well usually it's upto you. If you are writing a post then its ENTIERLY up to you becuase you have what is called "Author's liberty" also sometimes known as a "Writer's liberty". When you have this liberty, it means you can do WHATEVER you want with the english language. you can make up your own words, your own spellings (preferably not suggested by me) you can do ANYTHING. Now for school student..y'all don't have that liberty. When you write a school paper you HAVE stick by ALL english laws, all correct spellings, grammer and cannot make your own stuff up, becuase examiners are usually full of shit and they think the student has some idea that he/she is GREATER in knowldge than the examiner. Yes, i  know it sounds unebeivable but it happens..sometimes examiner's think they are god's and they KNOW that the student's future is in their hands so another tip would be to understand the mind of the examiner before writing a helps alot and your not putting yourself in any danger.

"oh wow..hmm..yes, that might help..but how do i know my english is correct?..cuase i dont want to look like a doofus with bad english"

well that's a tricky question. See usually your supposed to write based on your general knowledge in english... i think the best book fro grammer that i ever came across was "Enjoying english" and/or "English Grammer and Composition" by Wren and Martin...the latter has excellent exercises and example that show you how you can make use of you english. Another tip would be improving you vocabulary. In the english language, the best way to make an impression would be to incorporate subtle use of good vocabulary in what you write. If it's for a paper, agen it shows the examiner that you have a good command over the english language and if it's for a post then it just gives a good impression. Also try reading your sentences over an over again. I recommend reading twice, your faults usually just pop out at you.

"How do i improve my english?"

The best way i can recommend is by reading books. My english majorly improved by spending most of my time reading novels like a mad person. If you notice on the far right corner of my blog(below) there is a mini library of the books that i actually own..and i havnt updated in a very long time. So yes i read alot. I probaly have more than like 200 books that i own myself, rest i like to borrow. If you don't want to buy books becuase you feel like you could spend you money elsewhere, you could always join a public library. There are loads anywhere around the world. I hope this information helped and if there is any other question then just go ahead and ask me in the comment box... i will definatly answer xD  

"hehe, thank you"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The REAL wars

So a conversation with a friend got me thinking the other day. The differnce between how wars were fought earlier and now. The difference between our soldiers from the eighteenth centuary to the soldiers that fight now.

I believe in MY opinion. Definately those men had much more will power and strength and were REAL soldiers. i mean they would have to drive their swords trhough another humans body and i can tell u without even trying that myself how much courage and bravery u need for that. Just to hurt another human being...just imagine what that must do to yes..THOSE were the real soldiers. now if u compare them to the soldiers of the 21st centuary..i under no circumstances am saying that soldiers from today are not brave or corageous..but if u do a comparison..ofcourse hands down..the ones with ths swords win. let me give u an example then. now a days you will have a soldier sit so far away from the target..almost sit in another country and be able to harm his target. shoot at point blank shot and STILL hit the basically the soldier did nothing..all was the machine..if i got the same training..even i would be able to do that.

A soldier from the 18th centuary on the other hand..he would have to face the enemy face to face at swords end and have to attack him on inner confidence, and courage. To be able to stand in the battle ground with your partner's fighting right beside you...that takes guts and makes me want to salute them. How many of us can do that? many of us can be able to push their swords into another humans him bleed and have the life taken out of him and STILL have no time to greive but to move onto the next person?..makes u cold dunnit?...but they had to move on and they did. Probaly made them cold in their hearts and having to live with the guilt of taking human lives. THAT's what trauma is.

I am in no way undermining the soldiers of today. they DO face their own trauma's and have their own problems to face. I bet even shooting a human at point blank range takes human courage and not all soldiers now a days sit so far away..some are actually in the battle feild with their GUNS. that's what bother's me really. Those big machines that shoot those little things call bullets. once it hits u..reduces ur chances of living by a drastic 60%..depending on where it hit u! considering if it hits u in the head...even that 40% goes right down the drain. i don't know..i dont like the sound of dieing from a metal bullet. sword....bleed to THATS my idea of dieing the  right way..of martyrdome...THAT's what i want.

I know having this debate itself sounds incredibly silly..but sometimes u have to think about it and understand WHY they say "old is gold" it's all right there. old stuff is definately right. it was done has more experience..would DEFIANTY be alot wiser. i mean people from that time DID their work properly..becuase they had no other distractions so they DID it all. i dunno..i like it that way... old things..was better that way.

but ofcourse..lazy18 under no way is an oldie:D young at heart all the way..i just value the old thinsg tho :P