Friday, July 2, 2010

If i was a boy.....

If i was a boy, i would climb tress...but wait i ALREADY do that
If i was a boy, i'd eat like an animanl..but wait i ALREADY do that...
If i was a boy, i wouldn't care how i look...wait i ALREADY do that..
If i was a boy, i'd get into big fights...wait i ALREADY do that...
If i was a boy, i'd get curse when i got angry..wait i ALREADY do that...
If i was a boy, i'd try and find shoes for my big feet..wait THANK GOD i don't have that..
If i was a boy, i'd hit on some pretty girls...wait THANK GOD i dont do that either...
If i was a boy, i'd be as careless as i want...wait i ALREADY do that...

HAHAHAH..lmao..okay okay.sorry i'm done. *wipes tears from laughing* I was trying to sing that how Beyonce` sings that song "If i was a boy.."..rofl. kk..yea im done.

Seriously, like i've spent the last two days giggling at little's like i'm high on NOTHING..funny how that happens sometimes. I'm serious though. Little things made me burst out laughing like a maniac. Guess i'm just happy with how things are turning out nowdays. I guess it's all good for now.

All the friends have gone out of the country or are doing summer classes. Sometimes i have to be such a smart ass and get everything done on THEY are all in uni while im at home..workin..makin money. lmao. okay fine..i DO have it better :P..but really vacations are soooooo long! i've had day's off from 27th may! i've been home doing creative stuff but theres a LIMIT to how much u want to do..pretty crazy. and u know when my vacations get over? 17TH SEPTEMBER. WHAT AM I GONA DO TILL THEN?!?!? Freakin insane.

and now im bored. i need to get out..sooo crazy :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So a very good friend of mine showed me this video sometime ago and going through my faviourit's i found it. Just thought y'all mite find it as funny as i did Tip: read the wordings and lissen to what the guy is saying at the same time. Makes it easier to get what's funny (for u slow ppl :p)
 Have fun!

Monday, June 28, 2010


So i was watching tv the other day and after every 5 minutes, CONTINOUSLY they had advertisements on and atleast 90% of them were all beauty products or how to improove your looks. One thought led to another and i realised we have facial srubs and body scrubs BUT WHAT ABOUT "BUTT SCRUBS" FOR BUTT PIMPLE'S?! lmao..i'm serius. i know many of y'all are thinking, she's back to madness, but really what about all those people who are NOT blessed with bodies like ours and have "butt pimple's?!"

Someone has to help these people out...i mean the consumer companies like Lor`eal and Olay come up with products EVERYDAY to beautify faces and bodies. Make them fairer. But has there EVER been a product made to reduce butt pimple's?! I mean if you go and google butt'll find thousands of people asking for solutions to "large pimples under the skin on BUTT needed" and all sorts of questions and yet ALL they have is random websites claiming to be medical websites and giving absolutley no solution to these people.

Acne on the face is embaressing and painful, just think and IMAGINE how painful butt acne must be?! I am blessed to have good skin but i feel for those poor souls who have to go day in and day out, having to sit on their butt pimple's and have NO solution. Where is the justice in that?! don't those people disserve to get some help as well?! as humanitarian's shouldn't we plead with all these manufactuers to come up with a solution for butt pimple's?!

"SHAKE THAT BOOTY" that phrase was MEANT for people with good lookin butts, dosn't everyone disserve to have the opportunity to shake his/her booty?! the Butt is SUPPOSED to be the money maker. You know.."shake that money maker" and what not. NO ONE IS GNA GIVE U MONEY TO SHAKE A PIMPLE INFESTED BUTT!! just imagine what it does to the self esteem of those people who CAN'T shake it cuz their butt isn't THAT good lookin.

Pimples...can be treated...BUTT PIMPLES...we need a cure for that. i Cannot believe that even after livin in the 21st centuary, yet people have NO sympathies for these people who have NOWHERE to turn to literally...cuz the butt side is pimple/acne infested! I have a proof for how important a good lookin tushy is. When Akon said "smack that!" all of us had beautiful good lookin butt's in our head and not ONCE did any of us think..wait what if he/she has acne?! by smaking THAT i would probably get a puss filled hand back OR cause a hell lot of pain! So all researchers and scientists and manufacturers....we need a cure for butt pimple's y'all..we do. those guys can't even SIT right!

(p.s: this topic was written on request :D)