Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE BIG 100 many good things seem to be coming together at JUST the right time. Big occasions and BIG 100th's and the occasion of 16 baby blog has grown :D

yep today is the occasion of the 100th post of my blog. Within 7 months i have acheived so much with this blog i cannot even begin to explain. In such less time it has become so much more closer to me than i'd have thought. So i'd been thinking for QUITE some time what would be the most APPROPRIATE topic to talk celebrate the occasion of my 100th post. Ermmm party?....journet throug hundred posts?...but all seemed rather week. So i thought i'd do what i ALWAYS back to basics. I've beenw writing random for so long it's kind of my habbit now.

So i thougth i'd answer some questions regarding my blog that so many people have been asking. For starters..WHY even make a blog. I mean and i quote " you are 18 years old, you should have better things to do, AND you work part do u even get TIME for a blog?!"

Well really a simple answer for that question. Writing has always been a passion of mine for like ever. Regular readers will know this. But ever since i started doing my started feeling like i was loosing my touch...i go to a university that is inhabited my 95% majority arabs..and honestly they dont appreciate writing all that much. You can't blame it on people when they don't even understand the language. So i think 4 months into university...i had my birthday and it was really really awful. I had turned 18, i had skipped a whole grade of high school which meant i'd left ALL my friends back their and i was in this godforsaken university where no one wanted to go tree climbing or have eating contests becuase it was childish.. well you can't blame me..even todate i am a child at heart and i'm proud of it. hehe do what u want sukers..can't kill the kid :P so i think half way through the day and I'M BORED AS HELL. i mean who the hell gets bored on their b;day?! *prooves arabs dont know how to celebrate b'day's btw* and i'm sitting in the internet lab staring at the screen where my professors left me an e-mail telling me he's post poned my i start cruising the net and one thing lead to another and it just kind of cliked in my head...and i had a blog. I was staring at the screen and i was fingers were ITCHING to just writing any thing. So i typed out my first post. This is what i wrote :

"so today is my birthday and i have officially turned 18. wow. a legal adult. i dont know why but that makes me nervous. do i really want all those responsibilities? i live in the uae so u actually get ur driving lisence at 18. so thats the only plus point so far. why am i not like every one else? why am i not waiting for this amazing freedom?....i think i am just chickening you? "

of course later i found out that u don't turn into an adult here till ur like 21..lmao.. happens...i read back and it sounds so desperate...almost a plea of how ridiculous i was feeling at the point. Well from then started...i became 18 and MUCH MORE

Most common question #2 would be "WHY DO U CALL URSELF LAZY18" okay i know you all can clearly see i am NOWHERE near lazy and probably the most hyper active person around. "Excited 4EVA" is my middle name no i'm kidding. Well it's simple why i call my self lazy 18. It's supposed to be ironical for how i am. Call it sugar and spice. truth and lie at the same time. I'm not lazy so that's a lie but i'm 18 so thats the truth. Sugar would be "oh wow another lazy 18 yr old..who wants to read that?!" will be ur first reaction when you come onto the blog but when you DO read it's like BAM! in you face she's super crazy!!! yea that's the spicy bit. I don't know i was trying to aim for a very subtle approach.. :D

100 big posts later you start feeling this very huge pride in your gut. I made that.. i wrote that..this is something i's my baby.But of course there are some people you cant go forward without. I had a certian few like that come into my blogging life as well. They call themselves "The anthropists". I remember the first time i came across their blog. I was as usual hyper again...eating chocolate and i thot it would be good to read what other people in dubai were writing about. So while cruising i come across this slightly plain looking blog (at that time btw..NOW it's this gorgus lookin page they have) and these bunch of boys introducing them selves one by one. They called it "the classroom" and just then i thought those guys were so funny because all of them wrote about themselves with such uniqueness and couldn't help but as usual i love commenting on the blogs i follow. If i may so so my self..i'm a very good follower. lol. i comment and make sure i give my feedback and mind u i follow like 30 sumthing blogs. I don't know...i like to encourage people. ANY WAY (jeez i deviate so much....couldn't you have stopped me?!) so these guys in tunr encouraged me alot and were first of my followers and i can't thank them enough becuase without their encouragement...i wouldn't have reached my thank you, raj, shak (my official side kick), yusuf, goldy praji and musti...thank you all :D

OTHER than that..i have acheived some SERIUS stuff on this blog. my last post..i HIGHLY AND STRONGLY criticized the "VOOK" and a represntative of their company, rachel, left me a comment asking me to reconsider the vook...i'd never have thought i'd reach out to so many people and so many places. one time a nice man from a cake making company also left me a comment on my famous chocolate posts. so yea...going far and going wide. This is my hundred and every day i try to make every post special. Many times its filled with anger, i come out on this blog and take out my frustration and madness and my freidns and readers just sit back and laugh...and i guess i like that. cuz really i get angry alot and they get to laugh alot :) good stuff.

I willcelebrate the birthday of this blog on my birthday...becuase we were born on the same day only me 18 years earlier.Bur today is my blog's 100...lets feel grand... Time flies by fast. happy 100 becoming 18...happy 100 xD

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I agree the internet is to be used for many many things and it was originally invented for university students to pass information to each other and then this atrocity called DEVELOPMENT occured and it TOTALLy corrupted the internet. The insanity level on the internet keep rising day by day. I'm not saying that ALL the internet is used for is bad things to ruin people's minds becuase some of it is useful things too. Like we have the facility to do major research just at the click of a button. But oh the atrocities of the internet. Too vices from this giant thing. Really it is. want to know the recent way it is corrupting the things i like?

Some idiot invented a "VOOK". It is a "video book". How the hell do you have a video book, you ask. simple. For example, an author writes a book, and has typed out the first paragraph. at the end of the first paragraph, there is a "click here to read what happens next". So say the paragraph ends with him entering a dark alley. On cliking the line, you see a video of the SAME character only showing what is happening in the alley. When the video gets over, you can read what happens in the next paragraph.

CAN YOU BELIVE THE INSANITY?! i mean there are already like only a hundred people in the world who appreciate reading books and thanls to the "vook" even this digit will get reduced drastically because human by nature is LAZY. we will do anything to NOT have to read and imagine ourselves. i mean if we have a video to corrupt our imaginations, WHY read a book and do it ourselves?! stupid vook inventors. I mean you'd think with what stage the world is at now, people would try their best and invent things that do GOOD to mankind and not ruin our lives even more. I mean has anyone imagined why america tops the list of obeise countries? Becasue they have all the facilities in the world, and that makes them SO lazy they can't do anything , let alone get exercise and thus become obeise.

You would also think that SOME good surely must come out of having the vook around....nope..none nada! The only thing i see is more internet space filling up, more books on the internet, lazier people, future generation with NO imagination skills what so ever and which consequently only means ONE thing:

THERE WILL BE NO MORE KIDS EVER GETTING AS EXCITED ABOUT FOOD JUST BY IMAGINING IT AS I WILL!  NO MORE KIDS WHO WILL GET SUPER EXCITED AT THE THOUGHT OT THINGS becuase they will never be able to imagine all that. God...where is the world leading? Do we really want our kids to me mindless creatures and the only way they'll ever be able to think of things is by LOOKING at pictures?! *sits in a corner and cries* i refuse to let this happen. *wipes her tears* As soon as i am declared president (btw you all are voting me president of caramel land) i am going to make book reading COMPULSORY for kids from the age of three. Ther will be grandma's employed by the age..the older the better. they will collect kids and tell them stories and have the kids imagine it all. so get ur grandma's ready employment is coming soon :D

well i hope y'all dont read these vooks..or watch them..lord knows what u call it...just keep ur self and yoru future kids AWAY from them!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reading you

"but you promised!", I yelled. It was getting way to much to tolerate. Making me angry that way. I'm NOT your slave, no you may not treat me that way!

"i said i would try, it didn't work so i let it go," he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"It's one lie right after the other, WHY won't you just tell me the truth! I’m not naive anymore, I’m not a child, you keep telling me these figments that don’t make any sense and it HURTS me, it really truly does!....just..i'm begging you...tell me the truth,"

i had gone down on my knees, taking his hand in mine and was sobbing on it. I don't think my excessive sobbing brought out even a remote sense of love from him. His cold demeanor told me, i hadn't convinced him of anything. He was still the same cold man he always had been, even now as my hot tears streamed down, his hands seemed colder than ever against my face. He didn't even move an inch to gently bring me up, gently wipe the tears off of my face and kiss my petite fingers like he used to. I remember him being so gentle. His face always used to have this soft angelic touch to his sharp features. When i think back, i actually imagine him with this white light emitting from him...just like an angel. His long locks always fell over his eyes no matter how many times brushed them back, they were just like that. The perfect arch over his nose that fell lightly over his lips. He's still beautiful to date, only now the beauty is over whelmed with the cold that he exudes. It kills me to see him this way but he's done this to him self now.

Seeing that i got no emotions from him, i let his hands go and wiped my tears with my shirt. Why bother for someone when they don't feel anything for you. I dusted my pants and got up, faced him and looked into his eyes. How can someone so heartless have the most beautiful sparkle in their eyes? Maybe god made a mistake putting them there, did someone who had no human sympathy what so ever, disserve to attract people with such beauty? I guess that's why evil is attract you. I know I’m not doing justice calling him evil that way but what do you call a person who gives not a drop of love for anyone at all, how can i call him human then, how can i?

He avoided looking at me, into my eyes, “Granted, i know i don't mean the same to you as i used to. Granted, you don't even love me anymore, granted that i'm not the same as i used to be, granted i don't hold the same attractiveness as i used to, but don’t i disserve to know WHY. Call its closure if you want. Call it anything you want. As last a favor perhaps, just tell me why, tell me the truth", my voice was soft and almost a whisper, I may have been trying to get information out of him, but again i was feeling vulnerable around him. It was this power he had over me, i was all of a sudden remembering all our times together and how he's called me "goddess" I was supposed to be the most beautiful thing ever walked on the face of the earth and now he even refused to look into my eyes.

I was looking away from him now and when I returned to his face the coldness had gone. All of a sudden even the heat and darkness around us had disappeared and he was standing with the same warm look and love he had looked at me with when he first met me. What was happening? How had his demeanor changed so quickly?

(still developing this..any suggestions?)