Friday, June 11, 2010

The evening post..

First of all, apologies to everyone who got scared by the pictures in the previuos post. I really DID mean to scare you all :p

Well many thing now adays get me thinking. Partially because i have TIME to think now. Earlier it was always SO much to do with university work, organising things, office work, cooking, you reach a point where you are too zonked to listen to the thoughts in your own head. It happens to me alot, sometimes i get so busy i can't even remember what i went into a certain room to do. I hate that feeling when i'm not in control of my head. If there's anything in the world, i like to be in control of what happens inside me. The second you loose control, its good bye sane people and hello insanity-ville. So tip for all of you, don't let it get out of control in your head, because even if you are not able to control the circumstances around you, you can always control how things shape up in your own head. It's where you rule and no one else can change that..unless of course you come across someone who knows how to brain wash you.
Wow, i just wrote a whole random paragraph on brain control and i still havne't told you all what i was thinking about. God, do i deviate! Next time i'm writing, one of your, please remind me i'm not supposed to be talking about rubbish?(psss..this is not rubbish btw, this is what i actually think.brain power i mean..) Okay now by this point i have totally forgoten about what i was thinking about tell you all and i guess it's your bad luck your never going to get to know. The only thing i remember is that it was something real nice!

oh wait, i just sat still for like 2 minutes and i remember, it was supposed to be about brain control..wait no no, i already talked about that(is anyone going to tell me when i'm getting really annoying? :p) yes, well it was supposed to be about forcing other's to reach breaking point. Every morning i wake up, i wake up with a smile. There will be a one in hundred days where i will wake up feeling sad or depressed. One in hundred. The only reason i do wake up with is smile is because i have full control over my dreams and well i like to dream of chocolate, me saving the world from the ultimate zombie apocolypse (yea, there's going to be a time on earth when zombie's suddenly attack us and the only one who you all can run to for help will be SUPER HAFFY!!! and not those lame superman and all. they dont have the same super powers i do. My super powers consist of:

1) super annoyingness: i am able to annoy my oponent so much, it will suck out all their self confidece and force them to fall into this never ending abyss of depression.
2) super bravery: yea well i'm brave
3) super eating ability: well i don't know how this saves the world but sure as hell is a good ability
4) super hearing: when the world comes to an end and many of you will want to "talk about it" because that IS that human way of dealing with things, i will lend my ear and reduce human depression
5) super haffiness: well this is a secret super power that only those who are fortunate enough will ever get to see this.
6) super ecstasy: no, i don't produce any drug(and all of y'all who the second they hear i'm a pharmacist, ask me for drugs..NO WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT!) by ecstasy i mean super happiness. Yes, being overtly happy can kill you too. But not me, i use it on other people and when they see how happy i will KILL them. don't laugh. i'm serious.
7) haffinator: this super power, inspired by the terminator, gives me the ability to get sooo angry that my oponent definatly will regret ever becoming the enemy.

Arn't those abilites the ones that ALL super heroes need? okay i just noticed i deviated again but they dont call me queen of random for nothing. i just had to tell you all about the super hero aim. I am currently looking for a side kick, like batman has robin. any one up for the high demand position? leve your resume in the comment section down below.

Well i think where i got side tracked was when i wake up in the morning. Apart from dreaming about being a super hero, i wake up with this ultimate aim...about WHO AM I GOING TO ANNOY TODAY? the usual candidate is my brother, but that's only because i get excellent reactions out of him which causes us to fight all day long....gotta love that. TARGET #2 is usualy my sister. although i have to tone down the "anno-oy-o-meter" a tad bit down because the little sister is kind of sensitive. TARGET #3 ia mother dearest. mom usually finds it funny, she will usually push me away when i bug her so much, or it's the usual, "WHY DON'T YOU GO AND TROUBLE YOUR FATHER?!" TARGET #4 i can't bug dad that much cuz he doesn't get my jokes too easily, so it's not too much fun TARGET #5 any friend that is in the vacinity. Please note that since this is target number 5 and the first 4 were no fun, it is obvious that the entire's day need to irritate comes out on this person. so the next time you get the hint that i am starting to bug you, just realise that your target number 5 and all shall EVENTUALLY pass.

So that's it from the LAZY18 daily post. meet you next time, same place, in the seven o' clock news bulleten :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You would think that being a girl i'd have some girly traits. I just recently found out, i lack alot. Well not recently, i'm going to be honest here, i've known it for quite sometime but the only reason i am ever going to be able to pass as a girl is....MY FACE. yea, fortunately i look like a girl, God works in mysterius ways.

Well one of the traits i DONT have that are similar to girls are.....SOFT TOYS.i mean what is the deal with those soft furry little things? and the infatuation little girls have with them? WHAT is up with that? I remember my little sister being a big fanatic and all my friends having more soft toys on their bed than sleeping space. i mean they'd rather have non-living things on their bed to rest compared to THEMSELVES resting their backs. and then what's worse is THEY COME ALIVE AT NIGHT!

stop laughing, i'm serious. when i was younger, i was the biggest enemy of dolls. Yea, i had this mutual hatred with them. Damn things hated me just as much as i hated em. Well i think part of the reason was that i was forever scared of dolls(no before to day i havn't told this to's a big leap, from no one knowing to the entire internet world knowing you were scared of smart). And then my relatives had to be so intelligent and get me this life size doll. literly as tall as me when i was like 4. Really it was my height and i was a really tall girl from the begenning. So i used to dream that i was sitting on top of the sofa (no when i say top, i mean top, i would climb on top of the arm rest and go and sit on the space where u rest ur head. on top) and well the doll would get up and walk out of my cupboard with its hands outstretched like a zombie and walking towards me. You all remember those dolls, those that u make them lie down and their eyes close and when they stand straight their eyes open?  well it was that type. and i have vivid memories of the dream to date where it would come walking to me in it's stiff zombie like manner and stand at the foot of the sofa. surprisingly i wasnt crying looking at the doll (i hardly ever cried) but i was forzen there just looking at it. that's why people shouldnt get girls those freaky things. horrible!

well about soft toys. i think the only one i ever got was when dad came back from germany when i was about 8 and gave me a porcupine soft toy. it had standing fur for its spikes and really miniscule, the size of my palm. i loved it. but to the extent where i kept it in my cupboard at night. even now it sits on top of my bookself and just looks down at me *shivers*. also one year ago me and mum where out shopping. and we were passing by a store that had the most GORGEOUS teddy bear i had ever seen. It had a tie around its neck and i went in to touch its fur. the thing was so smooth! now while i was inside petting the soft toy, my mom is standing in the door way of the shop watching me very curiously. Of course cuz me and toys, we didnt match and she was trying to understand what had provoked me to go in there. She came in and watched me from close by. Now i didn't know she was watching me. this is just an after math story. i swear you guys are so slow! anyhoo, so shes watching me and then the curiosity just totally over whelms her (wonder where my curiosity comes from..hmm?) and this is our conversation.

"Goodae ki kurndai ae?" (she calls me goodae from when i was a baby. goodae in punjabi means a doll. cuz i had big eyes from the begenning and i would sit like a doll in one corner of the room. i was a peaceful child then -__-) 
"Mom apne yeh dekha?"
"Ha mene yeh dekha, lekin tum kya kur rahi ho?"
"Haath luga ke dekho, bohat must teddy hai" i take her hand in mine and make her stroke it's skin.
"Acha he. lekin mujhe abhi tuk sumjh nahi ai TUM yaha kya kur rahi ho?"
*gulp, years of reputation as a hard core on the line* "mujhe...mujhe yeh acha luga he..." i went red at this point.
"TUMHE?!" she bursts out laughing.
"Ji, kyu?"
"TENU?!(still laughing) kido di goodae? teri tabiyat theek he?"
"maaa! leke dena he ke nahi?"

well after my last line she bought it for me becuase it was the first time i had asked her for anything remotely girly after alot of years. usually she just buys stuff without asking me and gives it to me. So that's the other soft toy i have but that too sits all alone. i clean it, fix it's tie and leve it there. that's the max i can love it after buying becuase well first of all i dont think it misses me and comes alive at night!

stop laughing i'm serious!

Monday, June 7, 2010


(lights, camera, action!)

Dear blogging universe,

It’s an important day today. You hear all those drums and flutes and madness in the background? Yea, that, sounds like something you would hear at a wedding, but in reality it is of a celebration. What are we celebrating you ask? It’s quite simple really.
Every day on earth God blesses us with many things. 19 years ago a mother was blessed with the greatest treasure she could ever get. God gave her a son. Who was to know that he would turn out to be such a diamond? Who knew that with his presence he would make other people’s day? I think the congratulation’s should go to that mother for doing such an amazing job is bringing up this son. She took every care and carved and molded him just right. Makes you want to shake her hands and say, “wow, you couldn’t have done it any better” I wonder if i feel this way, just imagine how proud that mother must feel everyday of her life to spend her day and night with this person. It must fill her heart with joy to see how her hard work has grown up. Very few people do that, make their parents proud like that, because usually the new generation is hell bent on embarrassing everyone that knows them, and to see such a rarity in times like this, makes you want to say, “ha! In you face I know that guy!” lol.

Well, I tried to be serious, I really did but I think more than two minutes would be an atrocity to my fans and think I had gone mellow. Me and mellow?! Hell no. what I just want to get out there is that it’s a special person’s birthday today and if ANYONE tries to ruin this for him, I swear I will ruin the rest of your life for you, so BE NICE! Hehe, yea I’m done with the threatening too (but I mean it, you so much as make him sad and I’ll finish you!)

Well from everyone here at becoming18’s kingdom of random, I would like to give out a hearty congratulations to RAJESH PAREEK for getting one year older and being the way it is. You rock man, lmao, and keep being that way *beams* have a party and show the world that YOU WERE BORN TODAY!!!!!!!

(aaj ke subh samachar yaha khatam hue(don’t know the hindi word)

BLOOPERSSSS!!!(before lights, camera action this was done and I thought it would be nice to see how HARD it is to wish someone on their b’day, here goess….)

=So it has come to my NOTICE that a very special someone was born ahem..TODAY!!! lool, yep. Don't you just love those days when SOMEONE is born. lmao i know everyday on earth millions of people are born every day...and yea i do love everyday. But the point is that it's the greatest joy in the world when someone who is close to you is BORN. i don't know why i'm yelling this out loud but maybe cuz im ecstatic or sumthin. BUT YOU GOTAAA LOVE WHEN IT'S SOME ONE YOU KNOW'S BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!! *hoots*

Okay, so for my audience at home, today we are going to celebrate someones birthday HAFSA STYLE!!! *pulls up her sleeves* get ready for well if not fun then craziness. Now for you slow people, i'm going to show you just exactly HOW to celebrate a birthday in STEPS:

step number 1: (this feels like i'm writing a lab report again -__-) FIND YOUR TARGET ie. in this case it would be who's birthday it is.

step number 2: tie them to a chair.

step 3: Blind fold them (no we are not kidnapping them)

step 4: run away and make them feel like they are alone

step 5: when your done come back

step 6: drag the chiar to the "empty room" you ran to.

step 7: remove the blind fold and untie them. beware the person MIGHT not be very cheery around this point.

step 8: tunr on the lights and show them the HAPPY BIRTHDAY decorated room.

step 9: they might get surprised and scream.

step 10: dont forget to yell surprise...wait i think this step comes before....

yep, trust me this is going to be VERY succesful. Now the reason WHY i'm doing this. God, you guys are so slow, it's becuase its someones BIRTHDAY! k so as a like a semi surprise kind thingy i'm going to attempt to write the rest of this post in my language. for starters i suck at it and i no i cnt go without using english but just for u birthday person i'm going to try. god the things i do...

pata he, mujhe yeh pehli line likhne me aadha ghunta luga kiyu ke, jis lufz se shuru kurna chahti thi, woh angrezi ka nikulta tha. itna muskil kaam mene kabhi bhi kisi ke liye nahi kiya. Okay, ab jo mene shuru se leke yaha tuk bakwas ki he, use bhool jao. woh sub bus ese he mazak tha. ab asli kaam ki baari he.

(i'm sorry i cnt do it anymore!) Well it's this very same person's birthday today. one of a kind is not the right word to describe him. I've never met this person, but have you ever gotten the feeling that you know this person way to well on the first hello? well, yea okay i know that dosn't happen in reality but maybe after the 5th time you read them right, it strikes you as "wow". Well, in your face cuz i found this person. haha, no i'm not kidding i did. So the person i'm talking about has all these wonderful qualities that you can't even fathom and it won't do him justice for me to even TRY and attempt to describe them. It would be an insult.

bear with me here, its just that when i'm happy its very difficult to convey what i'm trying to say and this post is coming out all wrong. I wish you understand and can see where this is coming from and take it as a good thing.

Have a very happy birthday rajesh pareek. you disserve it. Celebrate with everything you have and make the world realise it's your birthday. go all out and have fun.

p.s: sorry for this crap of a post, i tried i really did, but it really wouldn't do justice to who you are.

LMAO, well that’s it right there. Happy birthday raj. Have a good one. Cheerio :)