Saturday, June 5, 2010

“Aww!” at the innocent…

My mum and i spent some time together in the office today. This was her idea of taking me out, because I haven’t been out of the house in months. Yes believe it or not, despite the house arrest, I’m still so cheery. Well I’m not actually under house arrest but feels like it. Well I had exams for a month and a half and as soon as mine got over, my sister’s started and so I didn’t get to go out. I work from home too so really there was no reason to head out. My friends are CONSTANTLY making fun of me for that, but then again “HAHA!! I MAKE MONEY AND YOU DON’T: P” because of which btw, I think I have become two shades lighter in my skin, no sun can do that too you, probably by the end of the holidays I’ll be close to being very fair. Great.

Well anyway, so mum and I got to spend some time as she dragged me to the office, she needed some help with the paper work. Well while we were there, she started cleaning up her desk out of sheer momness, because of course she cannot see anything dirty. While she was cleaning she hit the fax machine by mistake and went like “oh sorry!” with a face that clearly said she was really sorry. I burst out laughing and asked her if she had just apologized to the fax machine. She smiled at me and said yes. Moms are so innocent. Maybe that’s why there is always so much unconditional love? Or well maybe the fact that she gave birth to me and her blood runs in my veins but I really do think it has a lot to do with the innocence: p

This got me thinking how I’m surrounded by the most innocent people on earth and well made me feel how insane I was because I hardly posses half the cuteness they ooze. But never mind me; I’ve always been crazy and different. So I started thinking of all the innocent things people around me do.

My sister is A LOT like my mom, she looks very much like her (I don’t look like mom at all, people don’t even think we are related :( ) and I think because of that they share a lot of the same habits and bonds. My little sister (chinky, chinku, bunty, bubbli, tingu, choti , chotu, bucha, piddi, cuteums, guppo, niya) is one of the cutest people you’ll see. She was the most adorable baby, really round and fluffy (she will NOT appreciate this description) she’s way too sensitive than she should be and well I guess that’s what makes her cute and innocent. I remember most of her incidents from when she was younger. I was in school around the same time she was, and because of her being the way she was, she would get picked on A LOT. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of bullies she was troubled by, and it was only because she would never say anything back. She would come home and start crying and that she never wanted to go to school again. Of course it would irritate me a lot and I told her that I would go to her class with her the next day. However, the next day, right before entering her class she would say, “no Hafsa, don’t say anything, maybe they didn’t mean it that way,” and just try not get me to go and say anything at all. Well I was the older sister, I couldn’t listen to chotu, I went in and made sure no one ever troubled my little sister again (fyi, those very same people are her very good friends now: p)

Then there is my adorable friend sakina aka sakoo. You can hardly say she is her age, and all day at university reminds me of my little sister in the things she does. Obviously she is a lot shorter than me, because well I’m too tall and we hang out a lot together. But really she is just as sensitive as my little sister. I think half the time I treat her that way too, very protectively, even though she is the older one! What to do, when I look at her, all I see is this sensitive kid who needs protection, and what else am I for? Saviour of all, the protector, THE ONE. Lol. Well my most favorite incident with sakoo has to be the time she told me about one of her other friends in university. The ones she hangs out with sometimes when I’m not there. Well, she was with her friends and they were looking at pictures, and sakoo being a kid that she is, asked to look at it twice. The friend got angry and almost kind of yelled at her to wait a minute. Well just imagine HOW sensitive sakoo is that she started crying at that. Next day, it slipped sakoo’s mouth in front of me that this happened and well of course I got angry because they made her cry, even though I DID think it was a silly reason to cry for. I made sure the friends never treated her like that again. Well I used a few words that is all. I wouldn’t hurt a bird (yea right!) The friends are now always humming around her making sure she is okay :)

I can’t believe it I’m doing this but I just HAVE to put my brother in this category as well. Even though you get to see this side VERY rarely, well at least with me because he and I are ALWAYS arguing about something or the other. It’s both are faults usually, because I have to go and bug him and say “yea, you wanna mess with this? Huh?” lol, yes I should look at my size and talk but I swear it’s too much fun to pass out on. His expression is always “ajj tu maar khai gi” (today you’re going to get beaten up). And then it’s the classic chase me around the house (he is 20 yrs and I am 18, imagine the scene yourself) and then picking me up over his shoulder and throwing me either on the sofa, flinging me onto the bed. One time he threw me so hard I completely missed the bed and landed on the floor. We have tiles. Yes it hurt A LOT. My best incident with him has to be when he was trying to see who has more arms strength(of course I brought this on myself) and he was shaking me back and forth with both our hands locked together in front of us. Of course my legs went out of control while being pushed like that and he thought I would end up hitting him in “the wrong place”, yes all boys know what that is, and left my hands. We were standing in front of the balcony that had a chair in front of it and when he left my hand, I had been shaking so vigorously that I flew out of control, landed in the chair WHICH BROKE and I went and banged into the balcony door. Usually I’m pretty brave and when I get hurt, which is A LOT I get right back up the next second and start arguing again. This time, however, I was lying down on the floor and hardly moving, because well the chair had totally scraped my back and it hurt A LOT. He was SO concerned. First time I’ve seen him like that around ME. No one cares when I get hurt because I get right back up, but when I didn’t move he was all super hero at the time. Scooped me up and ran to my mom. Of course mom totally killed him for that BUT the point is that he was SO concerned that he sat by be with him holding my hand till I started laughing again and assured him I will get up within the next two minutes and brake his back too.

p.s: this is NOT how all brothers and sisters are, just me and him :)

Also people-who-are- very-innocent or atleast I think so are rj and shariq, my friends from the anthropists. I think shark more than rj, because he’s just plain naughty.:p

Friday, June 4, 2010

Colour me right!

Well, surprisingly every one was very supportive of my book of a post. Yep, i'm still in shock that everyone READ that post but it really does mean alot to me and it was more of a dear diary thing, WITHOUT the dear diary :)

So me and my lil sister where having a talk and colours came up. Let me tell you what a fanatic for colours i am. It dosn' help that i am a painbox my self. Yes, i love colour and i dont mean just artistic things, which ALSO i am mad for. I have a whole box full of paints and colours and well everything. I rememeber for the longets time, people kept giving me painboxes of different kinds, oil, watercolours, fabric becuase i would use them so much :) But what got me thinking is what colours mean to us.

All of us have faviourite colours don't we? Even a paintbox like me has faviourite colours. Mine are violet, navy blue, turquoise, red and black(yes i know it's a shade). You might notice how they all come from the same ray of colours and are extreme in their nature. Very vibrant just like me *beams*. See, now the point here is that WHY do i like these colours and in life everything means SOMETHING. what does the colour red mean? what does the colour blue mean? why do i like nave blue better than the regular blue? and since some people belive that hand lines mean something, similarly, i think colours signify something but dosnt necesarilly have to be right. I just thought it would be intersting to know what each colour stands for. i really wanted to write about what flower coulours mean too but this would get waay to lengthy. btw the next time you think of gifting some one yellow flowers, don't . Yellow in flowers signifies HATE, so yea, stick to white(friendship) or a cream colour(likeing)

So lets start with the colour symbolism chart.

Excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression,
danger, fire, blood, war, violence, all things intense and passionate.


Pink symbolizes love, romance, and excitement

Beige and ivory symbolize unification. Ivory symbolizes quiet and pleasantness. Beige symbolizes calm and simplicity.

Joy, happiness, betrayal, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard.

Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, technology, depression, appetite suppressant.

Turquoise symbolizes calm. Teal symbolizes sophistication. Aquamarine symbolizes water. Lighter turquoise has a feminine appeal.

Royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mysterious, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning.

Lavender symbolizes femininity, grace and elegance.

Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.

Nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, youth, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune, vigor.

Earth, stability, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, simplicity, and comfort.

Security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring. Silver symbolizes calm.

Reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth, winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical.

Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, evil, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity, underground, good technical color, mourning, death (Western cultures)

Yep, thats what your colours mean. well if you are really ineterested in understanding colour alot more, visit this website  they have everything u need to know aboyt colours. i thought it was pretty intresting. well the point was to lightin the mood around here. just like the, people throwing dew at the blog?! loool, amazing

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An ode to my teachers...

I have been sitting and staring at my screen for the past half an hour. It never used to be like this. I am one who just sits down with her keyboard and am able to write for days. I read alot too. More than anyone in my house. i have an infatuation with my three book cupboards, i plan on buying another one too..shhh! don't tell my mom, she will go insane. she dosn't understand my infatuation with them. It's hard to explain really. But i do remember when, for the first time i realised what it was that i had with me.

It was second grade i remember, and my class teacher mrs.Shusma Bhatia was there. She was by far the greatest teacher i know. The woman has a real charm and i met her the other day when i went back to school just to visit. I brought tears to her eyes, that how close she and i were. I remember distinctly that at the time i was very differnt from what i am now. I was shy, quite and had NO self confidence what so ever. yes, had to belive lazy18 like that. but i was, i wasn't the same ever lastingly happy, cheery person. i was used to sitting alone, quitly in my own dreamland and absolutly shy. One day, in class Mrs. Bhatia, she asked us to write about something. i dont remember the topic. well it was garde 2, imagine how childish the topic must've been. Well i wrote it and i remember that i was quite proud of it becuase i was having a bad day and i just put everything i had into the compostition. She took our copies and started correcting them. At the end of the day, when everone was leaving, she asked me to wait a bit. when the class was empty, she asked me if i had written the composition my self (way to belive in me ma'am!) well i told her how i'd gotten inspierd just to proove to her that i'd written it myself. she gave me a 9/10 that day. at the time in our school, anyone who got a 9/10 in english was a hero. they never gave you more than 6 in your compositions. that's how high the standard of englsih was.

Next year, grade 3, i got her as my class teacher AGIAN! i was belive me ecstatic. i absolutly adored her by the time and i think she quite liked me too. Well, we were all a year older and it was co-ed at the time (we had co-ed in my school till grade 5) and well there was this one boy in my class who was always trying to compete with me. i'm not trying to show off but well i did very well in school but the guy was just waaay too smart and was always trying to beat me at whatever i did. lord noes, dont ask why. So onde day, Mrs. Bhatia, she divided the class in groups and gave each group a leader. i was the leader of one and he was the leader of the other. the point was that we had to take out chits from a bowl and it had various topics written in it. we had to go back discuss with out group, what story we would say INFRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS. well apprntly i got stuck with everyone in class who had fear of public speaking and didnt want to say anything. So i volunteered to go ahead. What was worse was we got a lame topic like "day at the beach" and no one had any ideas. i remember feeling absolutly horrid cuz it was that guys turn and he ALSO represented his team and he was AMAZING. the guy totally nailed his topic and i could feel my  hands sweating cuz it wasnt bad enough that no one wanted to speak but i didn even have any ideas! well obviusoly, my world had come to an end and i just went infront of the class totally unprepared and my teacher asked me to start. i dont know what happend to be next and i know y'all wont belive it but it really did happen. i remember it all going hazy infront of my eyes. call it zoning out. i zoned out and have you seen how those gypsy mind readers go into this other world and tell u your future?, well i kind of did that except i was right there and just staring at the back of the class. i remember imagining the beach and telling her some story about saving a drowing person and describing everything with the knowldge of a third grader. My team won that day. it was the proudest moment of my life becuase she actually took me to all the other sections of grade three and recite it in front of everyone. ofcourse i was red as hell but i did it. It was parents meeting that day too, she made my mom teary eyed that day. told her i was one of her most talented students.

i will always owe what i am to Mrs.Shushma Bhatia becuase if it hadn't been for her, i wouldnt hav ever come out of my shyness, wouldnt have become bold the way i am today,, i wouldnt have found what i liked the most. Story writing.

The next most significant teacher in my life definately HAS to be Mrs. Leela. thats what we called her. i never asked her, her second name but It was always Mrs. Leela. She was a transfer from some other school and she came to me in grad 7. The woman was sooo talented. she knew german and so many languages apart from her excellent command over english. It was the second time with her that i've ever been kept after class. She'd read one of my composition's and asked me to stay after class. Scared the hell out of me but i stayed. she made me sit down with her and asked  me to read out my composition out loud. just me and her in the classroom. i did it and she asked me the most self searching question in my life "how do u think it is?". i remember going quite for a while and then i told her i thought i did quite well. She smiled at me and told me i was right and that for a 7th grader i had done amazingly well. She asked me to write stories outside of our curriculum and give them to her so that she could help me improve. Trule i did not expect that from her, becuase she wanted to invest so much time in me. maybe i did have potential. I wrote a two part story for her and gave it to her when no one in class was looking. of course i was afraid everyone in class would think i was an absolute dork for doing this. Next day, some grade 9 boys come and tell me that she had read my story in class!!! ofcourse i was immediately horrified but then i realised that oerhaps it was good. she kept me late in class that day too. Told me i had written fantastically and that if i didnt midn she would like to read it ou in class. what could i say, i agreed.  i got a couple of "OMG, hafsa you still write?" but it was alright, i mean people got to know that i was able to write and thats all. but nope Mrs. Leela did not stop there. she went and read it to every teacher in the staff room and i got to know this becuase all the teachers that would pass me by kept asking me one question "why did you kill jack in the end?, he was sooo nice!" which btw i had no answer to becuase i was absolutly perplexed at the fact that she would do such a thing. If anything it put me on very good terms with all teachers, even the seniors.

Last but not the least has to be Mrs. Kapadia. My english language teacher from garde 10 and 11. she taught us english literature, compostion, comprehension and english language it self. i cannot even begin to tell you what she did to me. She is and will always be like magic. She teaches my sister now, and i went to school last month to visit her. She hugged me like we were old pals and made my sisters jaw, that really was funny. Mrs. kapadia made me realise how much i loved literature in general. the shakespeare, the compositions, the poems, the literary analysis. everything. Many times she has read out my answers out in class and made me go bloody red in the face, but i will always be in debted to her to polish my skills and make me who i am today. she was avery good confidant, i would sit with her sometimes after class and just have random chats with her. Becuase of her i know that i had the guts to go into a story writing competition which btw got my story published as well. I never showed her though, i didnt think it was up to par. She made me work real hard to make me what i am today, she would give me extra work that i would have to do every week just becuase she had faith in me. i'll always owe her for that. she saw in me what i nor anyone else would ever see. it was becuase of her training that i was able to do the TOEFL (the exam of english as a foreign language) test without even studing and getting the highest marks in batch for which they immediately accpeted me in university.

All my teachers have been an important part of my life but the above three were real influences in my character building. Of course i developed my utter wildness, craziness and 24/7 happiness on my own. But they polished my skills when no one else thought i had the talent. So thank-you to them for spending the time on me and giving me this opportunity in life. My english skills are the reason i am able to do my job (my dad makes full use of the fact that i can write well) , do well in university and so many countless things. An ode to them.. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010


WARNING: for those of you who cannot tolerate me yelling, DO NOT read the following post.

okay what the HELL is going on with sharjah?! i mean its 48 degree centigrate outside and then you cut our power supply and expect us not not say anything? well it happend day before yesterday WHILE we were giving a dinner party, of course our ingeniousness, we turned into a candle light dinner. it wasnt as romantic as you think. it was unbelivble hot and when you have like 18 people in your house, all stuffed together it tends to get hotter. that day however it went for 6 hours.

YESTERDAY THEY WENT INSANE WITH THE POWER CUTSS!!!!! or was it just our area that they hate? so they cut our power from 1:30 yesterday and went all they way up to 7pm. can you imagine living in the heat? and having no internet, no tv and nothing to do. it occured to be how cave men used to live. with nothing to do. we were even worse off beucase they had freakin animals to hunt but for us we had only darn pigeons sitting on my window sill going "goootergoo gootergoooo" arrgh! in the heat it drives you MADDD!!! all u want to do it get open open the window(but when u do this u take the humungous risk of letting out the little bit of cold that you DO have) and just choke the living hell out of the pigion. and then theres only a limited number of clothes you can take off. my brother is nicely roaming around with his shorts and sitting and telling me "no yaar, its not as HOT as ur making it sound" really? realy?! u want to start that with me while ur hardly wearing anything?! well then i did what i do best. i started running around the house. i was "getting air" that i put my mobile in my pants, plugged in the head phones and running to my music. Apparently rock music dsnt sound that great when you feel like ur melting.

After i had done running around my sister thought it would be smart to get ice cream of course it didnt occur to us that if we didnt have elctricity, neither wud the grocery downstairs. he was a smartass and got us icecream anyway. i opened the box and lets just call it "cold ice creams semi-soup" well i ate mine. i dont care if it was melted, it was sweet and sligjtly cold. i drank at 7 o clock, when i was just about to pass out from the heat and mom was makin plans for us to go and sit in some mall, the bloody electricity came back. woohooo!!!!

it got cut at 9 o'clock agen. and i was working on some very important office things at the time, which fyi did NOT GET SAVED. i knew that and i was furious!!! my dad had gone to qatar in the afternoon and my bro went off to his gym which was in that side of town that had electrcity. so it was us three women at home, cranky hot and well one angry one which was me. i cannot even begin to tell you how long it took me to put togther my work. it was pages on pages worth of work. after i was done kicking and screaming at the bed which btw i hurt my self through, i calmed down and thot okay what cn i do? what would the MODERN cave man do? well first of all i changed into much airy clothes and got out my mobile and started photographing all the candles. wel it looked really pretty at night cuz it was all bright and orangy. i went around the house taking pictures and when i was done it was only 10. me and my mum made dinner in the swealtering heat. any of you trying to challenge that, let me see you stand in the heat , infront of the falme in no light and figure out from smell if ur burning the food or not! we were done with that at 11. and still no air. by now i was lying donw on the ground, the tiles were alot cooler than the sofa and playing guitar hero on my mobile. i finished 51% of the game and apparntly i'm a "city rocker" by the status the game awarded me. by 12 i had passed out on the floor,,well i was alseep, my mom didnt care and slept on her bed, my brother was home and sitting by me, trying to see if i would wake up from the stench of his arm pit ( i did btw. you dont wan to smell a guy after he exercises) and my sister was studing under candle light cuz she has exams the next day. after rolling on the floor for half an hour, my brother was chasing me with dirty socks, we were givin our electricity back at around 1 am. and then i slept. finally. sharjah mucipality has never been cursed more than this in their lives...ever.

you might see my foot next to it, i was trying to see if i could heat my foot with candle light, fyi, not a good thing to try.

my sister got the 8 hour long energizer light cuz she was studing and candle light aint that good. she flashed me the peace sign. notice how her fingers look like a little kids..lmao i teased her soo much.

of course after this i realised it wasnt such a bright idea to have my flowers next to the candle...

chek out my lil garden..and the weird vase in between...who put that there?!

do not put candle next to ur cold drink and expect it to stay cold..that's just retarted...i was trying to see if the candle would accelerate my already sweaty hands...

 this one is actually supposed to be a flower shaped candle like the one at the back which i begged my mum NOT to use cuz it was to pweety! but mom thot having light in the house was more imp!