Thursday, May 27, 2010


I promise you that this is NOT going to be an extrimist related, political post. Although i know i can talk extensivly on those kind of topics, thank's to hour long conversations that me and my dad have regarding current affairs. It's the only time i get to spend with him apart from office work, and it keeps me updated on current affairs. But when i talk about extremism, i talk about everyday extrimism. And of course me being me, i can't write about something serious. If i could, i would have gone into journalism (actually i wouldn't have becuase dad was hell bent on pharmacy but getting to the point..)

Take me for example, i am and i can proudly say it, an extremist. an extremist of mood. lol, i had you there didn't i? well when i say extrimist of mood, i mean something along the lines of mood swings, but very violent ones. Mostly around 300 days of the year i have two moods:

a) VERY HAPPY: this is the lazy18 euphoria type. i'm ALWAYS ecstatic  and those of you who follow me regularly know this. very few things can take a smile off my face when i'm happy. it all starts with me waking up with a smile. i know this becuase i have smile lines on my face early in the morning. On those days, i go to university humming and cheery, i even rap along to my brother's gangster music in the car that i refuse to listen to while going, i prefer rock. Then, i show up with the 1000watt smile on my face and all my friends know it's going to be a fun day. Very happy day is filled with sarcasm at others' expense. sarcasm is the best way of communication by the way, it's like killing people with your tongue! ass the joy... other than that, even if i get bad news like someone stole the last pizza from the university cafeteria or they ran out of chocolate milk ,which by the way, is ABSOLULTY TRAGIC i still remain happy. end of the day i have my regualr smile lines on my face( its weird cuz i smile so much they are there all the time, maybe its becuase i have a big smile..i've never been abale to determine...)

b) VERY ANGRY: this is lazy18, killer mode. if you've ever seen anything that made you afraid. think again. you havn't seen the worse yet. the thing is that i dont get angry easy but when you piss me off, i swear to god i take it upon my self to ruin your day the way you will remember it forver. you to a souvenir to remember angry lazy18 by. i have big eyes. and when i say big i mean BIG eyes. when i get angry, they ermm kind of get scary and really honestly i have never come close to beating anyone up just becuase they get scared by the lazy18 look of doom. oh and btw if you ever get into my bad books chances are you're never going to get out of it. as my friend sakina aka sakoo bai( dont tell her i wrote this here and sakina if your reading this i just HAD to write it, i mean its SUCH a good pet name..lmao) sakoo says she's so glad she's is my good books. i am too sakoooooo!!!!!..lmao.

other than that i have a mood that expresses "bummed out" or "you come near me and i'll stab you" or "no, i dont want to see your face today" or "yes, ill tolerate you ONE more second" or "-__-" or "are you shitting me" or "hallelujah! i have chocolate in the fridge" or "dad, said i did well at work today"(those days i stay euphoric all day long)

Most other people are extremists in their own way as well but they just don't know it. however i am not saying its is a bad thing in anyway..:

1) countless people trying to diet. i mean WHY torture yourself! just eat what you want only come oustide and play. i swear i'll make you exercise enough chasing after me.

2) bodybuilders: my brother is one of these. i dont undertsand why he has to torture his body to get the perfect abs or biceps and triceps. i agree it looks good but for what price? giving up yummy food that have carbs? watching your diet all day long? spending one hour of your life everyday exercising? oh the atrocity!

3) Geeks and nerds: people like my lil sister who spends days studing like a mad human. we dont even get to see her come out of her room until someone has to yank her out to eat food. what's the point of torturing your brain like that? i accept she's top of her class( lil geek is first place! so proud of u chinky :p) becuase of this and my countless hours of torturing her has improved her english too but what about the mental torture?!..lmao..kk sorry chinku i just HAD to add u in the crazy people list. it was too good a chance to miss out. *smiles*

5) crazy bird: stupid birds wont comeback and take their damn egg. it's still there in my window sill!! lmao..i'm done..

i would now like to declare and and tell everyone who's still going to school and rub it in their faces...I'M FREEEE!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!!! i got holidays till the end of eiddddd!!! yup..yay! wel not technically free, i have office work..ALOT of it..but i get paid for it so it's something to look forward to. so now i shall go and make up for the one month holiday i was on from work. will be writing almost everyday :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


well my poll said y'all want to read random stuff so random it is then. so not in a good mood today and just incase something nasty slips my mouth, i'll end it here. tc y'all. kick ass.