Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello neighbour!

So yesterday was a weekend. i think i went out after a month because of exams and was never able to enjoy my weekend. however, i had a couple of days before my exam on monday so i thought i'd procrastinate and go out with the family. apart from the fact that we hadn't had any lunch, me and mom were in the mood for some pani poori. now i know most of y'all know what that is but those of y'all who don't, it's this ridiculously tastly dish that you get in both pakistan and india. however, most pakistani restaurants here dont make it that well so we went to "Chappan Bhog" yesterday. hoenstly i have no idea what that means so if anyone can translate that it would be great.

anyway, we all had two plates of pani puri and the menu was still infront of us and this vide variety of indian dishes that none of us could even pronounce properly. well us being punjabi's we just HAD to try  different kind of food so my dad started going through the menu and reading out loud, asking us what we would like to try. i swear to god it was so funny the way my dad was pronouncing the dishes. well there was something called "vada pav" i think. and dad ended up pronouncing it "vadda" how we say "vadda=big" in punjabi. it was so funny. i told him it was pronounced "varra pao" ryt?..any corrections here? and then there was something called "punjabi samosa with cholley" lmao this we just HAD to try. so along with two "bhel puri's, dahi puri's and 1 plate of a vada pav and the punjabi samosa, it sat infront of us on the table. quite honestly i had no idea what to expect with the vada pav. i mean i dont even know what a pav is!..lmao. well it came and i was warmly surprised but well it was food and we all dug in.


the punjabi samosa with cholley: this i knew would be good. a) becuase it was punjabi b) becuase it had cholley c) it was a samosa! and well it had chutney with it. as predicted was very very nice

( the pujabi samosa :) )

vada pav: i did not know it was going to be a yellow ball kinda thing in the soft bread with two kinds of chutney. not bad at all. atleast now i know what a vada pav is and its not as scary as the next time i want to know what the hell "sambar" and "idli" was not in chappan bhog..i just know these as indian

(the vadda pav!!)..lmao

over all it's always a good experince trying food from differnt counrties and getting to know their taste. ofcourse not ALL indians eat this..wait do they?..

oh ofcourse they had a large section of "methai" on the side and it was just CALLING my name. i mean it was sweets and how could i just sit there and not even try?..after eating all that i must admit that i had no place in my tummy but i could not do the "chocolate burfi" and "dilruba" any just HAD to try em.

verdict? i got to know why the red methai was called was shaped like a heart and was exceptioanlly sweet. the"rasgulla" reminded me of pakistan immenlsy..we hav the same kind there. "chocolate burfi" was ofcourse mind blowing "kashew burfi" was also pretty good. which reminds me i forgot to try the indian version of the "gulab jamun" i'm pretty sure it tastes the same as our paki one..does it?

all in all...indian food is just the same as paki only diff is insian food has scary names "idli?!" or maybe its becuase i have no idea what it means. good taste tho. text time...going to pak ghazi and eating "halwa puri" long time i havnt had that..reminds me of lahore...yummm!

the one on the right is "dilruba" lmao..amazing names.

hehe the little line of brown is the chocolate..

i have no idea what those are but they looked attractive!

ps: i had to hide and take these pictures cuz the waiters were giving me weird looks cuz i was photographing their food...lmao..i hid my mobile between my fingers and took the pictures...i dont even no why i took the pictures..i just wanted to remember what the VADDA pav looked

Friday, May 21, 2010

How animals hate me...

So i was sitting near my window and there is this SMALL, i mean like really minsicule ledge outside it. say maybe 10cm wide and some crazy bird has just randomly layed her egg and flown off. its been there for the past three days i think, she never came back and i'm afraid its gna get windy and the egg is going to fall off. it got me thinking about animals in general which reminded me how they hate me. No, i am not exagerrating, thye really really do hate me. i dont think hate is the right word though, they do have issues with me if anything. Don't believe me? i have proof, well not proof but incidents that will make u realise that i am not paranoid and they really do have issues with me!

Incident No.1

This was when i had gone to pakistan in my summer holiday's at the age of errmm 8 i think? yea well i was young and well we had those horse carriages at the time in pak, very good mode of transport at the time. cheap, reliable and other than the fact that u sit in the carraige, you would end up watching the horse poop, all else was good. well there were two horse carreges. one in which me and my mom were sitting and the other in which my aunts were sitting. for some reason my aunts thot it would be fun to have a HORSE CARRIAGE RACE with all of us still in them ofcourse. so she started tellin her driver to go faster and faster, which of course inticed my driver and he started going faster as well. one thing led to another, the only thing i remember fromt his incident is that my aunts carriage went and crashed into a bicycle shop, and what hapend to the one me and my mom was in?..well it got topple over, the horse freaked out. i dont know which way my mom went but what i remeber from my faint child memory, is that i litreally flew out of the carraige(i was thin then too), went sliding over the horses neck who was now writhering on the ground. i distinclty remeber the feel of it's neck on my face. the horse was white and so pretty but since it was so terrified, it looked so scary. with its face it nudged me off of it and i went rolling a little distance away from it.

i got mutiple cuts on my face, my elbows, knees. my brother who would be i think 10 at the time, came to me when i was taken home and thoroughly bandaged and sked me if i had gotten him any sweets -__-. not even a word about if i was okay or not. nope. and well i took out the candy from my jeans and gave them to

Incident No.2

y'all know how we celebrate Eid here. well it was the bigger one (bakara eid) and well we had to go get goats. for the first time in my life i told my dad and bro that i wanted to go to the animal farm with them to pick a good lookin goat. which made my sister whine and want to come with us. in the end the entire family ended up going to the animal farm. well i was going throught his phase at the time where my mom wud dress me up in differnt coloured jeans and i had to be a smart ass and wear and green coloured one to the goat farm. here i think i have to be around 9 or 10, i can't remember the exact age. well, when we reached there, all the goats were kept inside this square fence thing so that they were easy to pick out. there was this one brown and white, HUGE goat that was just standing seperate from all the other goats and watching me from the corner of its eyes. ofcourse i was thorougly freaked out and when that happens i get curious too. me being me, i just HAD  to go and try and pet the goat becuase there isn't any fun in life if you dont go near th thing your scared of!

so i'm aprroching this goat's side of the fence, very calmy and step at a time but all i can pay attention to is that this goat is not even lookin at me but my PANTS! gree=grass, goat thought i was wearing grass. grass=food, i was wearing his food. what happened next is engarved into my head. you know how you watch movies and they show you everything in slow motion just to show the dramatization? well that's how i remember it. the goat takes a few steps back(im still standing there evry still, trying to figure out what i'm suposed to be doing), it goes atleast a couple of meters away from the fence and then it hit me. it was taking some back up space for a head start. well it ran, it ran faster than i've seen any goat run. jumped over the fence (by this point i was shreiking out loud and my voice rang in the entire farm becuase i had understood what was happening) it jumped over the fence and landed heroicly right infront of me, and started liking my pants! now for a 9 year old girl, having a stinky, ugly, freaky goat trying to chew at your pants is NOT a good thing to remember. well before it could chew a hole in my jeans, the owner was there in a split second and dragging the goat away, which btw put up a hell of a fight! i dont think anyone else from my family remember's this incident but it was so freaky i still cant forget. bloody goats, go get your own damn grass!

well i think i'm going to go and get some grass to put around the bird egg on the ledge of my window. i'd hate to see another animal die around me. turtle's were enough. that bird better come back and get her egg!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My pride, my joy..

So coming back from a gruelling day at university, spending more than 24 hours straight studing and getting no sleep can take a toll on you. But when you wake up from sleep and finally feel like "ahh, this is what i need to get all the stress off my head" and go to your blog, you DO NOT want to see ANYONE criticizing or name calling your country.( i know "sucks" is not all together a bad word but when it's used for my counrty, i DO NOT appreciate it.

Now let me tell you WHY i am so touchy feely about my country. When you are born on foreign land, have lived here all 18 years of your life, you come to appreciate your country no matter how good or bad it is. I accept that Pakistan may have many things that may not allow her to look like the diamond i think she is in other people's eyes, but try to look through mine and you will see just how amazing she truley is. It is just circumstances that make her look so horrid in other's eyes.

Let me take you on a tour around my country and show you what i am talking about:

The people of pakistan.

Pakistan is divided in four different parts. we call them Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and NWFP( north west frontier of pakistan) which has now been changed to Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa. every area or province as it is called has its won language, culture and values.

Punjab: This is where i am from. it includes cities like Lahore, Multan, Faislabad etc. it is the biggest province in population out of the four.Us punjabi's are the kings of eating food, big talk, wildness, bravery and our might. More than that we our known for our big hearts. no i am not bragging. when a guest comes into a punjabi's house, they make sure they are treated more than guest. we welcome people with open hearts and share as though everything we have is theirs. When they go out for parties, you know that the one laughing the loudest is the punjabi and the one with the most lavish array of food is also the punjabi. we get angry easily and our pride effects not only us but the people around us too. i could go on all day about how we punjabi's are but other provinces disserve a fair chance too.

Balochistan: Includes cities like Quetta.The sweet people. this is the rpovince that is the biggest in SIZE. really, they are knwon for their culture, their unqiue sense of dressing and culture. they are the most say sensitive out of the 4 and i wish i could tell you more about them put giving you false information would ne wrong. i am just telling you what i know.

Khayber-Pakhtunkhawa: haha, our pathan brothers. lol. this includes peshawar etc. the people of pakhtunkhawa are known for their hot tempered nature and how they will do anything for the respect and value of their families. Respect means ALOT to them and they will do anything for families. also the ones with the biggest heart as punjabi's their unque language and sense of utter happiness makes them alot happier and similar to us punjabi's. also this is the are that is attched to afghanistan and is now engulfed with the pakistani army to drive the taliban out.(pakistn anrmy rocks by the way, our warrior's are famous for training most armies aroun the world including AHEM ENGLAND!

Sindh: this includes karachi which was the old capital of pakistan. really one of the best in industry, and economy. The people here, are sooooo respectful and it is the only place in pakistan where u will hear PROPER udru, which btw is nothing like what we speak is normal urdu which is a mixture of some tearms from hindi. also the hindi spoken is not the real one. i've heard some of my friends speak it and OMG the language is SO hard. anyway, the people are so soft and mild that it's hard to belive that they have crazy hot tempered brother's like the pathan's or the punjabi's.

last but not the least in Islamabad which is the capital of pakistan. it is independant of all provinces so that no one has a claim over it.

The country it self:

WE have the second biggest mountain in  the world and more treacherous than the Himalya's becuase of how steep it is. I my self have personally seen it when i went to NWFP i think around 10 years ago. it was the most magnificant mountain i have ever seen. beauty at its best.

Our sports:

Even though hockey is the national game of pakistan, the people are absolutly crazy for Cricket (i am still trying to understand this infatuation)


to some up my dear pakistan, it is to say that as a nation, no matter how badly we are crticized in the media, for having so many faults and countless things going wrong for us, we are in the end a very PROUD nation and anyone who says things against our countrys is not apprecited. i say this becuase media is portraying pakistan is so many wrong way's i cannot even begin to explain. a couple of people out their are ruining the name of the country becuase of their stupidity and the rest of the nation has to pay for it. Other wise, we are fun, we are cool, we are the people of pakistan and no matter what people say we are PAKISTANI'S and quite frankly we LOVE IT! 

ps: this is in no way in response to anything. i just wanted y'all to know i love my pakistan alot. so please dotn write rubbish in my chat box about it, becuase when i tell you i get angry easy, does not mean you come up with ways to test it. so just comments ya'll. leave my counrty out of it :)

Our very own K2                                    Badshahi Mosque in Lahore
minare pakistan of Lahore                                                                                                                       
Faisal Mosque in Islamabad (second biggest mosque in the world)
Our paki criket team!MY PAKISTAN!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scaring little children is fun

Okay, I in no way enjoy, scaring the little little kids. Not the ones that range from age 1 to at least age say 10. When I say little I mean anyone who’s younger than me and doesn’t enter the age category that I just mentioned. Well really, in a way it’s not that I like to SCARE a kid, that’s just, messed up. If I did that, they would start crying and their mothers would start a “kill Hafsa” parade. I just usually like to go about the intimidation area and walk away. Hehe. No really. Its not even all kids. Just the little girls that bother me.

I always know when they are watching me. Having big eyes, lets u see a lot of corners. I get SOOO irritated, when they just keep on looking at me or pretend that they are not looking and still are! Well it really gets to me and I promise I pretend like they don’t exist for the first 3 minutes. After that I loose it.

Well, I went to this mall yesterday and as usual, this little girl.. around the age of say 12 or 13 is just plain standing there and staring at me. I looked back at her trying to show her with a facial expression that says “hey! I see u lookin at me, now buzz off!” but noooooooo. The girl was just standing there and looking. I thought okay, maybe some child, least I could do is smile at her. So next time she passes and “pretends” to not look at me, I smile at her and she just stops mid way and gives me this HUGE smile back. I got creeped out by the way she was looking at me so I just turned around. Guess what I see after a second? The same girl just standing a few steps away from me, only this time she’s not even PRETENDING to look away! “omg she’s hexing me or something” because she kept looking at me up and down and mostly at my face.

I gave her one of my “kid, you so much as blink in my direction and I’ll make u regret it look” and OBVIUOSLY it worked. The girl got scared and went to her mother. Lol. I did NOT expect what happened next.

So the girl goes up to her mother and whispers something in her ear and very subtly points her head in my direction. on earth did she expect me to not notice they were talking about me?! Of course now mother and daughter are BOTH on to me. By this point I think I was waaaayyyyyyy past getting creeped out. It had just gotten VERY interesting and it was thoroughly enjoyable for me because I wanted to see how her mother would handle this.

So now the mother wants to see WHO her daughter is talking about thus she very SUBTLY turns around and looks at the wrong girl. The daughter gets impatient and I hear her go “no ma! The other one, there, the TALL one”..lmao. by this time I was giggling and trying to control a fit of laughter from escaping my lips so I make a very feeble attempt to compose my face. Of course, as soon as her daughter said tall she knew exactly where to look -__-. And I give her this HUGE “haha-you-got-me-but-I’m-still-not-scared-of-you-and-yes-i-am-liking-this!” smile/look. lol. The mother just quikly turned around and took her daughter’s hand and all but hobbled away from me. Lol. I burst out laughing upon which my brother demanded to know what happened. I told him and he said the women probably think I’m some crazy person now. Lol, well I don’t mind. Might as well. As long as you don’t stare at me without a valid reason, you can go where ever those two mother daughter’s personally I think she got scared of my eyes, I can do terrifying and absolutely beautiful things with them. Someday I’ll show you all. Yea ryt. Lol.

So I was wondering. What would you all rather like to read? Me rambling random things or me social antiques in my daily life such as this one? Whatever ya’ll want :)