Friday, May 14, 2010


i told you guys i would do anything to procrastinate during exams and i WOULD be posting alot more. i can't help it. it's just that i KNOW i could be doing better things than trying to understand pharmaceutical analytical chemistry! the subject is just so retarted that comparitivly makes organic chemistry look better. i think the professor is partially to blame with his inability to speak proper english(well ask him, he says he can..i think more than that it's his accent that i dont understand (picture egyptian accent TRYING to speak englsih)) and it dsont help that i ahd to be such a smart ass and take like 6 subjects. when you come to university the maximum number of subject you can take is 7 and that's only if they think your grades are good and enough and you show you can handle the pressure. well it just went off the hook.

i have two exams on monday. morning exam of analytical chemistry and afternoon exam of computer applications(my extra have to do one extra subject out of ur course as a university requirement) in the afternoon. which would be from 4:30 to 6:30. this would mean that i go to university at like 8 in the morning and come home at like 8 in the evening becuase going and coming from university all day long would be the stupidist thing to do. besides i think i could get in some studying done sitting in the one of our lounge rooms in university. its this glass room with sofa's and carpets and almost kind of sound proof. excellent for studying. so yea, i have a very hectic day coming up.

i don't think i'm worrid for any other subject other than analytical chem. even computers is going to be a peice of cake now that i got full marks in my computers lab which makes it alot more easier to get an A grade if i do well in my finals. so yea..hoping to do excellent in that.

other than that..i have like all other subjects pretty much nailed down. i'm actually looking forward to Pharmacognosy(study of crude drugs). it's been an amazing subject with us having to study about Cocain, and heroin and all other types of drugs. but i think my fav was when we were studing about crude drugs that cure cancer. and how just getting these extracts from plants can be so difficult and to then get less than a ml of drug. so yea, shows you what kind of great work pharmacists do. umm Physical pharmacy with all the calculations and understand drug solubility and what kind of mixtures work in the body and such is also pretty good. the professor for this subject is just amazing and makes you love the subject the same way he does.

human anatomy would be my last exam on the 27th. sooooooooooo much to study for that. grr. but i cant wait!. the second these exams get over i'll be up for my SECOND YEAR IN PHARMACY!!!!!. hehe yup. i cant wait. i get all these new subjects and and and and guess what?! i have COMMUNITY PHARMACY training coming up!! yup. i get to go and train in any pharmacy in the u.a.e and understand how it all works. so yup, cant wait for that.

anyway i've told y'all enuf about pharmacy so if any of you all are still undecided about what you want to do in the future. this is a pretty good feild. good pay, lost of respect. doctors have to ask the pharmacist which drug is best for which disease becuase we are always coming up with new and improved drugs (medicine) and doctors have to be up-to-date via the pharmacist. its the fact that ur going to be saving so many lives by just being able to formulate drugs that are going to help people in countless ways. just being able to make many headaches are you curing?..can you imagine?

what do you want to do in the future. i'm almost 3 years away from my destination. what are you going to do?


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random things you should know...

1) Don't wake a sleeping person if they are snoring. chances are, they are going to get up and you're going to get a hearing of a life time!
2) when someone tells you they are mean, quit trying to find out the "sweet" side in them. 100% sure they will show u their mean side.
3) when someone tell you they are hungry, means they want food. if you go and get it for them after an hour, chances are they will throw it back on ur face.
4) when someones angry, dont try to find out WHY they are angry. just let them ride it out.  chances are to get mental relief they might take the anger out at you.
5) if someone tells you that what they are telling you is a secret, dont rat them out. chances are it will be ur death sentence.
6) if they tell you they hate something, belive it. they will make sure u know HOW much they hate it.
7) when they tell you they like something, belive it. compliments don't spill easy.
8) if they are annoyed, STAY AWAY.
9) if they are happy, you will realise it your self becuase birds will be chirping, music will be playing and there will be a sense of calmness in the air.
10) if they tell you they refuse to wear pink, dont force them. they'll tear it and give it back to you in your hand.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

err thank's y'all but calm down

okay, so i realise i went a little emotional yesterday. okay not little but very. -__-. that's not the point. i think more than the death of my trutle's it freaked people out more that i cried. yes, i know y'all are very much aware that i never cry. for that matter, i think the last time i cried before my turtle's died was almost an year ago. yes, i know those are huge statistics for a girl but that's the way i am and people are used to me being all strong.

however, that does not mean that i am in anyway NOT effected by things happening around me. i am at the end of the day still human. Lol, i know many of you guys call me the "saviour" and "the superhero" and what not (thank's alot shariq) but still under no circumstances am i able to completely over look things. My mechanism DOES work differently from most girls...okay fine from most PEOPLE but i just have a different way of handling things. when i see something messed up around me that would make most people cry, for me, i just look at it and store it in my memory. that's about it. external emotions don't go well with me except on paper(written down i mean). and that only has to do with the fact that i can write well and nothing more.

However, storing these emotions does not mean that i don't feel them. yes, i feel it but usually it comes out in anger or me just plane ignoring everyone else till me and myself, we can sort it out in our heads. now what happend yesterday was an overflow of emotions which only goes to show how much i liked those little buggers. Yes, they passed on, i should have handled that more discreetly that coming on my blog and trying to get it out and freakin out the few followers that i DO have! no but deriously i appreciate u all showing your support and caring enough to tell me it's okay.

It IS okay now, i am fine. the only time i feel anything is when i pass by the place where their tank used to be and now its isolated. but it's fine. i just ignore it. but what's unbelievable is that i have been through sooooo many things in my life(there's a reason why i'm called terminator and what not). i have fought, i have competed, i have gotten angry, i have gone berserk, i have hurt my self and so many ways ( call them my "battle" scars) and someone them have been so painful that most people would be bawling for days. but i dont understand why to little turtle's got to me that way,

so for that i want to apologise to y'all for totally going off my rocker and behaving so insanly. i should have just let it go when i found out. anyway, i think my point is that i am really thankful to y'all for coming out and showing your support but chill. its was a little thing, lets just call it another experience in my life. pets dont last and get over it. so yea, thank u.

(and i promise no more pathetic crying posts. its gna be fun from now ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What God gives...he must take back...

Mom said it wasn't my fault. My brother spent five minutes rubbing it in my face. They died today. "kachua" or "choco" and "cheese".

i never got to spend anytime with them. they were the first pets i have ever had. ones i fed with my own hand. washed them, cleaned them. They gave up on me today. i spent all my time at university and never got time to play with them. either i was studying, outside, or busy with my office work. i never got a minute to just sit by them and look at them. see how beuitiful they both were. see how they climbed over each other or just sat still all day.

Clearly i am not a good care taker. i dont even no what killed them. lack of love? i fed them everyday. i spent a whole sitting by the on my first day cuz i was scared to change the water in their tank. but i did. that's how much i cared. they died today. they left me and it only showed me that people like me don't disserev to like things that are not like me. Turtles and lazy18?..ha! they are slow and cute and adorable. people look at them and want to give them love. me?..i'm nothing like that. i stay alone and wanting to change the way i am..big mistake. they left me today. i was trying to change. and they just sat still for hours. i didnt even no they were dead.

my dad told me yesrtday he didnt like my turtles. he broke my heart and i felt bad. i said it was okay and told him i would return them as soon as i got time. but they died before i could. i probably killed them myself. clearly i can't take care of them. first thing i've ever cried for. i think my mom knew i was going to when she called me outside to tell me she feared they were dead. i asked her to take them away for me. i went in side and cried. i'm so hardcore i've never cried for anything. i didnt even cry when i hurt myself almost breaking my leg. i cried for these trutles. crazy. i shud not have asked for them anyway.

mom told me everything has a time to die. they were just babies. i killed babies. i dont even no what i did wrong. but i killed babies. bo one at home even liked them but me and my sister. and now they are gone. you may think i'm over reacting. maybe i am. but they were mine and now they are dead. giving them away wouldnt have hurt as much. but they died under my care. my turtles died today.

im sorry

Sunday, May 9, 2010

of cheese and chocolate...

God has blessed me with many things which include eating every thing in my fridge and never gaining any weight. i got called names in university today becuase everyone else was on a diet and i was sitting in their midst and eating a large pizza with mango slush. i must say that was an amazing mango slush(ask my sister *meeeee* she drank what i left for her) so the point is that god has blessed me with many things but really He blessed mother earth with two great things.

2) CHEESE (belive it who likes cheese too?!)

so i know chocolate goes well with most people but cheese some peopl just cant stand(i know musti but just keep I know i have written about chocolate a million times and expressed my undieng love for it (for those of y'all who just banged their head in the keyboard and went like "dammit, not agian!"..shut up and keep reading!

well the point is...we had this global day thing at university and they had this big chcocolate fountain thing where they had big stiks of fruit which they dipped in the chocolate fountain and gave us. I must say it was very expensive to eat 5 starwberries, 1 marshmallow and one pineapple slice dipped in chocolate BUT it was sooooo worth it! oh, just that melting taste of that strawberry, that sweet sweet strawberry mixed with chocolate. can just imagine what i was doing there! i made my friend eat it too. she said i had just messed up her entire plan of a one week diet. she admitted it was worth it (VICTORY TO CHOCOLATE!!)

i was just thinking of that and it reminded me of my countless days spent experimenting with cheese. yea. being a non-weight gaining foodie helps to give you enough time to figure out the nature of differnt types of food and the tastes. Trying to understand which combination will be an absolute BOMB on ur tongue and make u go WILD with ecstasy. yea, okay i know food only does that to me, but c'mon!! you have got to accept that it MUST have some effect on you guys! i remember how i have strived to form the perfect mixture of cheese and a suppliment. well, it was worth the experiment really. i tried the most retarted combos:
1) cheese and apples= now those were okay..the cheese kinda made an awkward sweet tongue had that taste for a LONG time..
2) cheese and tortila chips= honestly, these were REALLY good..not like me joking ^^
3) cheese and veggies= now i tried carrots and some greens with cheese. tip: make sure ur carrots are sweet and fresh. the frozen ones dont taste great...
4) cheese and chocolate= now this i just HAD to try...i took two slices of bread. one side had chocolate and other cheese. let's just say the taste does NOT go even after u scrub ur i tried cream cheese. so i think maybe the other might be better..?!
5) cheese cake= have u guys tried this?..well for ur information i make a bomb of a cheese cake. lol..after my chocolate chip cookies, its the thing that my family eats most made by moi!
6) plain cheese= now warning, if you can't tolerate anything strong..don't TRY THIS AT HOME. have lazy18 next to u so that she can enjoy that expression on ur face as u force it down ur throat. lmao. naaah im just tastes good.
7) the most weirdest one HAS to be cheese and mince meat.= hahaha..i can just image the nauseated looks on ur faces..but i had the meat in front of me and then there was the jar of fingers were itching to put it together..lets just say my tongue wasnt feeling the same thing. but i guess it was the fact that i DIDN'T want to eat it that DID fascinate me to eat so bad. but depends on which cheese u eat with

well dats about it for cheese and chocolate. they may NOT go along but they DO taste good chocolateness y'all!!! eat like there's no tomorrow because someone will eat your share!( pppsssstt!!!..don't tell them it was me!)