Friday, May 7, 2010


So the concept of the she-devil is very intersting to me. Fyi, this post is inspired from Saifu's post about women. I really think that women arnt as "innocent" as we look. lol, yup its a critical analyses of our own sex.

So if you look at it, women are supposed to be the epitome of sincerity and innocence...well becuase we are supposed to LOOK like that. that's why they say, dont judge a book by its cover! Women, in a sense can be both innocent and absolutely malicious. That's where the she-devil walks in. in all her glory. what is a she-devil u ask? describes her as a woman who is terrible and malicious(or something like that..i can't seem to remember the exact defination)  which means that the category of a NOT-SO-INNOCENT woman does exist. just ask my brother and sister if they have ever been around a she-devil. they'll be like "oh yea *point at me* all the time" no i'm going to go ahead and clear the misconception that i am absolutely mean and  crazy...NOT!..hehe. okat back to the point. for some reason, the she-devil seems to inspire me alot. not in a bad way i mean. people are always trying to manipulate women, take the best of them, take adavantage of the fact that they are supposed to be the "weaker sex". in a way we are becuase no matter how much we try we cannot compete with the physical strenght a man has. we may come CLOSE but that's about it. however, dont worry women. we have a weapon that most men lack! yup, you guessed it, intellect. lmao. now i know that the majority of my reader's are guys but u have to accept! women are alot smarter in areas men can't even imagine. we mature earlier in life which gives us a greater chance to get experince. where as boys, they are still maturing by the age of 20! (i know from personal experience from beinga round a brother who at the age of 20 is still such a kid AND can be bossy at the same time!)

anyway the point is...i think women are, most of the time forced to become the "she-devil" sue to circumstnaces brought forth by society. HOWEVER, some of us are plain crazy....lmao!...*smiles wickedly* sorry but the only reason i wrote this post is cuz i was fascinated by the word "she-devil"..lmao..i was just messing with ur heads....exams are getting to me..lo..this was just comical relief...well for me!..*mwahahahhaha..evil laugh*

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


yea so blogger stopped giving me shit BUUT my mobile dsnt have flash so y'all are stuk with this...u may notice how they dont do much...yea..that's what turtle's do...