Saturday, May 1, 2010

and now the waters of the sea are calm..(no not the type where its an indication of a disaster..just plain calm)

so after three days of complete and utter outrage at home and university..some one had to do something to calm lazy18 down. who else but mother dearest?..wel ever since i was tiny, i have been bugging mom about getting me turtles. not becuase i want to take car eof them or i like the aspect of feeding them or anything in general. just that i found them cute. she got my sister a whole acquarium full of fishes(but didnt get me a measly turtle)

anyway so i took the incident of my books being stolen PRETTY badly..i was angry 24/7, i didnt eat chocolate the whole day(gasp!)  i worked my butt of looking for it but i found it nowhere(to answer sharik's realy think i wud have been THAT angry if i would have MISPLACED my books?!) i don't loose a very responsible person when it comes to my property. so my cheer me up, she thot i was loosing it becuase of the whole chocolate incident, she got me *drumroll* TURTLES!!..hehe yup.

two little cute ones. one of them has a green shell with orange fiery outlines. goes alot with its nature..its quite fiesty and fast for a turtle and the other one is plain green. no don't ask me their names..i havnt named themm..u guys have any suggestions?.. im just cool with calling them my turtles but well a name would work too.

yesterday, i cleaned the tank for the first time..quite honestly it freaked the living hell out of me cuz i had to pik them up and take em out. i wasnt too keen on touching them. i piked the fiesty one up and it started wabbling which freaked me out and i almost dropped it!.nah its safe..i know how to take care of my little eat this weird cylindrical shaped food...which i must say smells absolutely DISGUSTING..i hold my breath when i feed them which is early in the morning. when i get back frm uni at arnd 4 i change the water..messy little buggers really. any way here are a few pics. the fiesty one is always bullying the other one..

okay so it's been teo days since i wrote this post and i didnt upload it is cuz i wanted to put picture sof my turtles but EVERYTIME i tried to upload them, blogger kept giving me shit. i thot i was maybe becuase of my internet connection but two days in a row is silly! so i'm just putting this up without them. later if stupid blogger decides to work..ill show u guys my turtles..

Sunday, April 25, 2010


HOW DARE YOU!..argh! some little shit stole my book from university today. yup, they do this in uni too people belive it! i am here to take out my frustration and if any of u have issues with reading that kind of thing BACK OFF!

ARGH! i could tare them apart! take my book from my bag?! to have the audacity to steal? the nerve to do mental damage to another person and then be able to live with it?! (mental damage becuase i have exams in a couple of days and everything i ever wrote is in that book! to pass this effing semester i need that note book!) they all knew that i take systematic notes and attend EVERY CLASS!..

if i get to know who that little rat  is, i swear to god *rolls up her sleeves* i will not leave one hair on their body, make sure they remember it for the rest of their lives AND live to pass it on to their grandchildren. If i dont engrave it into their memories, change my name!. they'll probably never dream of any thing worse EVER again. trust me i'll make sure of it!!

what kind of a human being are you to cause distress to someone else by stealing?! u want my notes i'll GLADLY come to the photocopy shop with you and photocopy them for u. you have money issues? ill pay for them but DONT STEAL OR TAKE MY THINGS WITHOUT PERMISSION. i will NEVER forgive u till the day i die, you will be automatically shifted into my bad books and the day u come infront of me waving a peace flag...I'LL TEAR IT INTO ITSY BITSY LITTLE PEICES AND FEED IT TO THE DOGS!

ARRGHH!!!*i have almost killed my keyboard by this point..i hope i'm able to ever use it again* but god just let that person come infornt of me and you won't have to do anything...ill bring justice to the situation MYSELF! i promise..i'll make sure they NEVER steal from ANYONE again. little termites. that's what you learn from your household?! to take other people's property without permission! for the last effing time, next time you want my help or anything from me..ASK ME!..ill do it myself, pay for it myself, effing write it for u again, just DONT whatever you do, steal from me, take my things without asking me, open my bag or try to do anything related to the things i just said becuase i swear by GOD, i will make you pay and when i say something i do it.

trust me, you don't want to be in my bad books. i NEVER hold grudges but u just changed that. wellcome to the dark side, honey. let me show you what hell looks like

ps: i don't hate you cuz u stole it but becuase of ur timing. its like a week before exams and how am i supposed to gather a whole semester full of notes in one week?! God, gime them in my hands..i swr ill fix it myself...