Friday, April 23, 2010

trying not to crack under the pressure..

so since midterms are over it is now time for  *drum rolls* yup, second quizzez, lab exams AND final exams. yup they are doing their best to punish us for choosing pharmacy. yea, and i had to be a smart ass and take so many subjects. ARGH!..from sunday to all the way to May 27th my life is going to be a living hell AND have to work along side. i can't take that long off work. so hope i can handle it. all. that's why lesser posts and lesser lazy18. hope y'all can live with it. i'll try and post whenever i can...if only i get the time.. hope y'all enjoy...atleast some of us should!

p.s : i sectretly think i will be posting alot frequently cuz i know i'll do anything to get time off y'all...miss my blogers and blogsters and blog...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lab idiocity!!

So sunday is that day of the week where, at uni, i don't even get time to breathe. I have three hour each. and two labs...two hours each...without break! food for lazy18 *gasp*..yea i know..i don't even know why i made my time table like that..messed up in the head or something.

So one of my labs today is called Pharmaceutical Analytical chemistry. I don't know if y'all knwo what titration is(if you don't then go ahead and google it..i'm not explaining) anyway what you do need to know is that we are doing compleximetric titration. in this you get to know the end point of the experiment when the solution changes colour. So there's alot of us in the lab and all of us doing our experiment. Apparnlty the solution was supposed to go from this light baby blue colour to this hot red colour. HOWEVER, instead of the solution even starting to be blue (ur supposed to add alot of stuff to make it blue) we all got these DIFFERNT colours. was quite funny..i got a sexy purple, my friend got a hot pink(i don't know why i'm describing the colours). So my professor is all confused about what it is that we are doing wrong. so she starts over her self and ends up with this ugly green colour. So absolutley perplexed, she goes and get's a professor senior to her who asks us to star all over frm th begenning and this time her starts with us. Again, we all got different colours!..lmao..we all burst out laughing and just standing in the lab trying to figure out what to do with it now. Anyway, so the next professor goes and gets another professor senior to HIM. :p..tha was so funny. So he goes about and starts the experiment from the begenning and FINALLY he figures out where we went wrong. lol..but we all got rainbows in our flasks and we had a blast taking fun.. 
when the colours just kept on increasing!

So one of my other labs was Pharmaceutical Organic chemistry and we were doing ester formation. It may seem like fun to make solutions that smell like banana, pears, peachs, rum, orange and "vicks"..but its NOT! Yea trust me, it dsn't always turn out to be how u want it to smel..especially when i'm in the lab and in naughty mood. lol...For introduction, let me tell you that you make esters by mixing alcohols with acids. Its supposed to give u a solution with a specific aroma..depending on what you've used. So i was incharge f making the ester with the pear aroma in my group. Now i am goling to ahead and accept that i have NO idea what pears are supposed to smell like. I mean c'mon. orange has a specific smell, so does banana. what the hell does a pear smell like?! any way so i was like okay, i never reject a challenge and i went on with it. For starters, i dropped the alcohol on my hand, which was not fun. Anyway, you add a bit of conc h2so4(i don;t know wy i told y'all's not like y'all are gna make esters!) and heat it for 10 minutes. ur supposed to get this amazing smell...well in my case it was supposed to smell like pears. i smelt it. IT DID NOT SMELL LIKE A PEAR. well not how i figured a pair would smell like.More like some rotten egss it did!...

We did a couple more of those...i gpt the orange and vicks one right on..blody thing still feels like it's up my nose. Any way, as usual i dropped alot of it on my hand and its supposed to have a bad smell not heated. so now my hand smells like vomit. yea belive it. i can't even raise my hand to stroke my face! i have tried hand sanitizer, dettol, hand washes, perfumes but in vain. The horrid smel is still there!..anyway...i hope it goes soon...i wont be able to eat other wise! *drmatic music*..i know..what tragedy!
What you are looking here (<<<<--) is me holding one of my samples. Now i'm not sure which one it is. i think this is at the time when i had completely lost my mind with hunger and had started mixing all the samples. This is probably vicks, banana and i think orange..i can't be too sure. No its didnt smell any better. It just smelt something that would force you to hurl all ur stomach contents on the floor infront of you! gna go now cuz all the nasty smells have given me a headache and mu hands still smell bad! i just just reached up my hand to scratch my nose and that was NASTY!