Friday, April 16, 2010

When i look into your eyes i see....

That they are big and beautiful. I've always thought that. Big and beautiful. The colour that you have is almost like the kind that penerates into the soul. so deep and meaningful. how is a colour meaningful, you ask?..quite simple. when i look into gives meaning to what i have been thinking about. You make me think and consider. To double take and re-consider it. yea, you eyes are a thing of beauty.
It the most obvious feature on your face and it's the first thing i'm drawn to when i look at you. I don't notice how your hair almost magnificantly fall's onto your forehead, i dont see how you lips have that perfect arch everytime your thinking. Nor do i see how you jaw has this perfect allignment with ur magnificent neck. No, i never notice that. All i see are you big beautiful eyes. The way they are shadowed by the curtain of you eyelashes. How when you blink, it gives them life and how u just pull me into them. No, i am not crazy but have u stood infront of the mirror for just a few minutes to look at ur eyes? To see what people see when they look at you? How passer by's stop in the middle of the street to stare at your eyes. and yet your so naive, you ask me if there is something on your face? Your too innocent and you don't see.

But i do. I see that when the sunlight falls onto ur etherial face and lights up those eyes. How they change from this light brown to a magnificent amber. It brightens the rest of your face. When you sad, your eyes still smile and when your happy. I cannot even begin to explain how they leght up your face. Your eyes exude the confidence that you seem to not see. But i do. I know your drenched in your own purity that only few can see behind your eyes. All in all, your eyes take away my breath. don't blink, don't look away, look at me...i want to smile today... :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

If looks could kill...

Don't you just love that phrase "If looks could kill.." it can be used appropriately to describe many things a person is feeling. I've noticed that it gets used alot for me. No, its not in that horrid flirtatious manner(i dont respond quite well to that..ppl suffer after words) I mean more like when you want to be so sarcastic, you want to kill ppl with you sister likes to put it that way when i get all sarcastic "Kill me! Kill me with your words!" they don't call me razor tongue for nothing. Any way so this phrase can be used to appropriately portray my UTTER disgust for something or err someone..i would probably give them one of my "looks"..yes, its the dangerous haffy stare that no one should ever get becuase if you do..well then home you enjoy what's rest fo your life. Nothing good can come of your life after that stare so avoid that at all costs!...give them one of the Haffy looks  and go like..if looks cud kill u'd be dead by now. but the only diff would be that i would mean it literally...and no body would know...

Furthermore, if you see the only reason this phrase was invented was to "threaten" ppl however some utterly STUPID  person came along and just had to make it a pick up line and just absolutely RUIN there intire dramatization of the phrase! Just imagine how many short and sweet threat letter could have been written with that phrase..

 i just wanted you to know, if looks could'd be dead by now.

P.S: i have my eye one you

INSTEAD! some idiot had to go on and change it to

"To my beloved Janie,

I cannot even begin to explain what your beauty means to me. If looks could kill, you'd be a murderer! I just wish you'd give me a chance.
                                                        Your's truley,

I mean what the hell?!...what kinda girl even falls for that line?! its sooo corny!..anyway the point was that i'm on an escapade to bring back the terror in that phrase and suck the living hell out of all the romanticizm! who agrees with me on this?

p.s:..this is just random rambling cuz the workaholic has been awake waayyyy to long working and spending waaaay too much time not this is well just out there...