Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Please don't think of me badly right now. I am hungry and the only thing i could do was to google chocolate and this is what i found. isn't that a sight? That has got to be the most beautiful God could have let man kind create. Just look at the beauty and perfection. The accuracy with which each little piece of chocolate seems to be calling me is something i cannot explain. Its the heaven that i reach inside my own head just by looking at it. So just so y'all undertsand a little better the ecstasy i feel when i look at chocolate, let us go through a roller coaster ride through Lazy18's head :) buckle up!

Now every one has their own way of eating chocolate so we are going to go on an experience around the world and see how differnt people taste chocolate.

"France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain; every country has its unique traditions and specialties with respect to chocolate. From rich hot cocoa, to hand-made confections, drop dead dense cakes, creamy ice creams, airy mousses and souffl├ęs; intense sauces and an endless variety of bars, there is a chocolate that appeals to every palate. French chocolate is recognized for the fineness of its Ganache (a filling made of chocolate, butter and cream), praline chocolates and other fine chocolates with fruity, tangy and floral flavors which come together in time-honored recipes. The Spanish prefer a liquid chocolate, sweet and slightly spicy, while the English prefer chocolate sweets with caramel, fruit and mint flavors. In Switzerland and Belgium, people favor a creamy sweet chocolate in bars or bite sized candies. In Italy, chocolate is used in an astonishing variety of dishes. In the country that gave the world the gift of “Gianduja”, a delicate confection made from Piedmont hazelnuts, you can find chocolate in countless desserts, gelato (Italian ice cream) and even a decadent chocolate spread for snack time."

And in the U.A.E Lazy18 likes the chocolates in everway. just as long as it's milk chocolate because in all honesty dark chocolate is an insult of chocolate!

How to distinguish a great chocolate? 
Milk chocolate should be auburn brown, appear to glow from within, the degree of darkness varying according cocoa content. To the touch, fine chocolate is firm, yet will not crumble. When placed in proximity of your nose, subtle aromas both reveal and contribute to its taste while stimulating your anticipation. The expert hand circumspectly breaks it, releasing a wave of robust aromas and delicate flavors. Finally, in the mouth, an unmistakable sound reverberates as your teeth release its full flavor in minute, dissolving morsels. Its texture reveals itself to your palate; radiant and striking, yet not overwhelming, a harmonious, distinctive bouquet not unlike a great wine.

Well put. That is exactly how you get to know good chocolate. so those of you ameteurs who have no clue as to how to get the best chocolate. Then do as Lazy18 does, pick the best brand OR trust ur gut. it will pick the right me :)

Now all of the above was courtesy Zchocolate. From their amazing website It was utter bliss visiting their website. Thank-you for that!

Now really into my head. The above was just professional stuff but now(since i AM hungry) i shall be able to fully explain what chocolate means to a chocolate lover. It was one of the happy moments in mankind's history when chocolate was discovered or just the bean in it self. I am the living example that chocolate does not make you fat!(and to those of you who are snikering at me, fyi, it is part of my daily meal..mostly twice a day!) Furthermore, some of the great things about chocolate includes that it makes you absolutely happy! gives you (well me atleast) this sense of euphoria and for those of you who are starting to think i am using this as a drug, well no!(maybe) Apart from being a natural afrodisiac(yes, boys this is what i meant about chocolates being better than diamonds!) it is just amazing. That is enough for all of you to understand that there is nothing on earth that could compete with chocolate. However, there are quite a few things that DO follow it:

1) Pizza was at an all time high of invention when that was created! Thank-you oh italian's....
2) Ribs...yummm
3) Chicken..KFC....,home made(salan-roti i
4)Strawberries, mango's, peaches, oranges,
5) strawberry milkshakes, mango millshakes
6) anything made my mommy dearest's hands. of course i just realised that this should be waaaayy on top of this list cuz  aint nufing that can compare with her food..but really im too lazy right now..or err hungry to put it up.
And now i shall try and be LESS lazier(no guarentees...just gna TRY) and go get something to eat.or my stomach will never forgive me...

Monday, March 22, 2010

PICTURESSSSS:) :) i was at mirdif city center what with the new opening and all..and this is what i saw outside! was hilarious and i was on the floor laughing..but apprently its in other malls as well..whu knew? goin decent?

so i figured y'all shud know that apart from writing, and messing around with drugs in pharmacy labs( ones gna come to my pharmacy!)..i like to doodle around once in a while..this is one of my good works..of course i'm nothing compared to most peopleon blogger like Howling ghoul...BUT..well im still learning:)  

lol..chek out the lil people.they look like a smudge!..hehe

excellent example of being an forgot to draw his other foot!..lmao..i was staring at it now and i just realised!..haha

so i try and paint once in while too..this is very old though...u can see from the childish look and strokes..hehe

hehe abstract..i really dunno what ur supposed to do in it other than just scribble around..well this is MY modern art!

hehe..good was actually a pretty small picture so i had to hold it up..thus the multi coloured white

oh and sorry for the bad picture quality..i cudnt scan it cuz it was hyperventilating and gave up on me *im serious it was...too last breathing noises and then it was gone....* so in result this is from my 3 mega pixel sony ericsson deal with it!..hehe