Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All things random...

Really, its been such a busy week..or should i say weeks. Exams really do suck the life out of you. and what i am going through is just pre-midterms...the freakin things are yet to come! i miss my blog , being able to write everyday. NOW, however, it takes me for ever to reach home from university and then go driving(btw today my instructor told me i was doing exceptionally well, praying..ill pass on my first try).

I think i wrote about this once before also but living in the uae is no fun. really there is nothing to do, no activities and if you DO go out then all you get is your self as a burnt kabab! i loved the fog in the morning today. it reminded me of a scene from the older version of that movie "the mist" that was a very non-scary horror movie but the fog looked just like it!

I miss reading my books(apart from being a chocoholic i am also a bookaholic..if that's even a word..not that i care) there is no time to even that's exagerration but there is a limit to how much you want to use ur brain. sometimes i just want to take it out and just lock it up..pretend to be dumb or sumthing..of course i think all that will do is grab more attention..AWESOME.

Also the most important news of the week..did you know there was this new chocolate "FLAKE covered with CADBURY"..or yea..that was one tasty chocolate. i felt just like the lady in the!!!..any way tc y'all :p