Saturday, March 6, 2010


so i was RANDOMLY crusing the internet(typical and i say this website with all these random questions. it was like totally ment for me, what with me being the queen of random and what not (lmaohave any of you guys ever noticed that i'm the self proclaimed queen of EVERYTHING?! don't know why but maybe its that competetive streak in me that, well lets just say to put it MILDLY that i call my self me i have my low moments too. sometimes i'm even at the lowest of the lowest spots. well any way the point was that absoltely tried of studying for my exams and in utter need for a break, i found this website...or these questions really...:

If you could save one endangered animal, which would it be?
= umm.. panda's i think really. we need those cute teddy bear look alikes alot more. but who the hell made them endangered?!

 Do you have anything in your refrigerator that needs to get thrown out?
=hmmm..i don't think so but if there is my mom will kill me for not taking care of it..wait now that i think about it....

 What is your favorite dessert food? 
= no my friend, the question in what is NOT my faviourite dessert food?...i am also the self proclaimed queen of EVERYTHING really everything is my favorite btu preferably something with CHOCOLATE :p 

If you could make one change to the U.S. Constitution, what would you change? 
=umm first you gota tell me what the current U.S constitution states... 

Happy Groundhog Day! Would you rather end winter now, or keep it going for another 6 weeks?
= in all honesty, i would rather wait for winter to come to U.A.E. really i'm not even sure if it came and went...i was feeling hot all along..

 February is American Heart Month. Have you had your cholesterol checked recently?
= ignoring the fact that february has passed, nope i havnt gotten my cholestrol checked and quite franly i dont think i need to. i'm toothpick thin and unbeliveably tall, eat everything in the world. i think its safe to say i'm healthy..well atleast the labs at uni said so :p

 How often do you get your hair cut? 
= not very often, i like to let my hair maybe twice a year? not sure...i dont keep track ;) 

 Do you try to eat healthy food? How do you decide what to eat?
= healthy is the word that dosn't come remotely close to me. how do i decide what to eat?(this has got to be my fav question!) i eat what ever comes in front of me..and if i'm hungry..then God save the really the fact that i don't gain weight is like a free leash for me..i eat anything and everything..prefrebly NOT healthy cuz well in all honesty healthy food isn't that great tasting!..yes dont pretend like you dont agree!

 How do you usually find new music to listen to? Friends, radio, internet? 
=lmao, my freinds knwo what new arab music is in and well i dont understand it so they are not really an option. mostly the internet, radio(i love virgin radio 104.4) or my brother. but he is just my window to rap or hip hop. he's like the all knowing guru of what's happening in the world of rap..with the like of eminem and 50 cent. so only when im in "im a hustla" mood i go to 

 What do you think of the Apple iPad? 
when i get one of my own ill let you know. oh and for those who are saving up to get me a NICE b'day gift(yes i know its in december but its never to early to the apple ipad won't be too bad..AND then i'll be able to answer this question..:p 

 Do you read blogs? Who is your favorite blogger?
= yes, i read blogs! im a freakin blogger for the love of God. wait im sorry your a computer, you didn't know fav blog?..hmm where should i even begin..the folks form the CLASSROOM, Brandon from the Howling Ghoul..awesome sketches btw, through this key hole...well really all the blogs i follow..:p
If you could only drink one liquid for the rest of your life, what would it be?
= water really. im not addicted to any soft drink or juice..but i guess i could survive on berry juice..mixture of all differnt berries(strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) ..but i guess water would do just fine :)
Who is your favorite late night comic?
=ummm..archie?..i'm not sure..i love my sleep so i don't stay up that late..only if i ate food like real late or if i got hungry at like 12 at night then ill probably make my self something to eat and sit in the dark and savour the taste of the food..lmao

 When was the last time you gave a speech? Was it successful? 
= in my highschool elections, i stood for vice head girl. o yea it was successful which i was very syrprised about cuz my voice was shaking like hell and i was sweating like a pig!...yea really public speaking is not my ball game which is rather odd cuz i'm a people person and can NEVER stop talking ..i guess its the crowd that freaks me out. 

Can you keep a secret?
yea, clearly. i was the secret bank when i was in school. all my friends would come and tell me all their was understood that my mouth stays locked even under seem to notice that my friends at university seem to be doing the same one ever asked me how i keep it all to my self.. 

What is your biggest daily frustration? 
= im not so sure, i get frustrated pretty quickly. besides if you frustrate me DAILy that's probably not a good sign for you!

What is one bad habit that you wish you could quit?
= getting angry so quikly. i have to put a cork in my bottle BUT bad habbits die hard.well atleast i try..or more like am trying...i've relaxed compared to how i used to be..(time bomb waiting to 

 If you won the lottery, who is the first person that you'd tell?
well just to be safe i'd post it on here so everyone got to know ill probably call up mom and dad up in the office put them on speaker phone and tell them my folks i guess...then my siblings..which is nto very hard cuz i have like 2 god!)

(btw sorry if i went a little colour crazy..i was chekin out how Jamaican it looks..lmao...and well then after that i was too LAZY to change it back to its original