Saturday, February 27, 2010

nooo...noo..please not the HEART!!!


i don't know why but i always love dramatic begennings. get's me captivated from the begening..AND i have an awesome time thinking of crazy title's to write for y'

any way..i thought i would take a break from studing..seems like it's all EVERYONE is doing nowday's. we all need a life after this...stupid studying..ekkh...*makes disgusted face* any way so while i have my quizez and what not i still have to attend other lectures and go to all the labs and what not. I never told y'all but we had more blood related experiments and thanks to none of my friends volunteering to give blood, stupid girls took mine 3 times!..once cuz one stupid one added more HCL and diluted my blood...she heard some nice ones from me. just because my body makes more blood does not mean i am donating it for everyones convinience!

Anyway, so now we are done from the blood and moving on to the HEART. my professor asked us which one of us would get a full COW's heart to disect in class. i swear my reflexes suck while i'm trying to catch a freakin ball but they just magically kicked in and the next thing i knew, i was raising my hand volunteering to carry a dead animal's organ to university!..arggh...stupid hafsa. AND since i get to bring it, i also get to disect it...woohoo!! great is it t cut open an organ just to see what's in their....eww...i think i'm nauseated already. but i think i'll be fine. i never back down from stuff that makes me icky or i'm scared off. lazy18's natural instinct is TO DO IT!.lol(dont worry gill, one day i will tell you why i call myself lazy18) i don't know why though, its one of my random what i should not do, say what i should not say...freakin  born way..since ill be carring a dead animal's organ with me to uni on wednesday.pray for me y'all. hope i don't trip over my own freakin feet and have the innocent animals heart go flying in the air and hit some arab chick smack in the middle of her head (her hair that took 2 hours in the morning to make). the last thing i want to do is fight with some girl about hitting her with a bloody think of it...i think i want to do that now and see her"inti haiwaan?!"..lmao..calling me the animal while she's teh one with animal blood running all over her face..lmao..*evil thoughts* sister is shaking her head now...crazy
ewww..lookin GOOODDD!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


ARRGHH!!!i HATE HBK...that stupid little rat, creeping and crawling through the elimination chamber and RUINING undertakers moment of victory *bangs her head in the keyboard and thinks bad thoughts for HBK*...Undertaker was sooo close...*weeps*..but the good news is that none of our players..Triple H, and John cena..both lost as i'm  happy..lmao...i dont win you guys dont win!!!*evil laugh*.. and i must give it to triple H that was a very awesoem still in mourning though, Undertaker's 17-0 wrestlemania streak is gone....*weeps rivers*...naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...why why why?!!!..why my player?!!!..arghh..stupid HBK

anyway..apart from the emilination chamber just for y'all to know..ill be writing fewer posts becuase i have mid-terms and quizez and what not coming up so...i know im actually depressed i wont get too write as much but to gain some you gota sacrifice some. I was planing on actaully understanding analytical chemistry for a bear with me y'all...and please leave random comments as you pass by...while im not there *sad face*...won't make me as much sad about missing out on my blog...anyway...hope everyone has a great time...take care y'all :) 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


LOL...yuppAbdul Razak made all us pakis so proud yesterday!!..yea me and my family wnet for the match and it was unbelievable!!!..despit the fact that pakistan has been loosing every match it has played in like ages...the cleared the slate of bad luck with this 20-20 victory. it was unbeliavble..and the cherry to the pie was.....SHAHID even though he was banned for (well chewing on the ball..shahis bhai, if you were so hungry, you could have goten some food to chew on yaar!)..all my Pthan most of the people in the stadiuam were pathans..went WILD as soon as Shahid Afridi stepped onto the field...oh and the crazy dances on pashto songs were well "beyond words"..lmao.

Really, one of the most absorbing matches in quite a long time..and al the credit goes to the hard work put in my all the just so y'all can be part of the fun too....i took ALOT of pictures...heres what it was like..hope y'all enjoy :) tc

while the players were practicing

the stadium around 6pm

a scene from the match...

When Razzak went WILD!!(on a 6er by the way)

Gotta love that Akmal!(was a 4)

moments of boredom...

my faviourite!!!!!!!!!!!