Thursday, February 18, 2010

It’s raining saliva!!!!!

Okay, so everyones knows that saliva is produced in our mouths when we talk. Some of us talk like super fast and get a larger amount of saliva accumulated in our mouths compared to the rest of us. Now most of us HUMAN BEINGS swallow it mechanically as soon as it is produced. However, there are those that for SOME reason, oblivious to me, just leave it in their mouths and then decide to talk!

Imagine yourself sitting in the front seat of a class full of 80 students and you’re the one who feels the need to bring and umbrella with you even though there is pleasant weather out side. Ahan, yup..that’s how I feel. Well not just me but the entire student body that sits in the front seat. Lol..yup, some of my professors spit. And no, I don’t mean any normal kind of spit…its these huge balls (like hail falling from the sky) and your ducking in every direction AND trying to not make it to obvious. Sometimes blinking super fast helps if you are sure that you can’t miss a perfect shot..lmao. its more exercise during the lecture than ACTUAL studying when your just trying to not get someone elses saliva on your face. can’t blame them, my professors have been teaching for many years and they talk super fast. So its sort of become a habit to just talk the way that they do..of course we have to suffer the consequences!

My first day, I thought it was by mistake that this professor spat on me…after class I ran to the toilet and scrubbed my face furiously because no matter how hard I try to explain I wont be able to express how disgusting it felt!..i was like omg that guy needs a filter paper stuck to his In my next class this man in STILL spitting his heart away…and just was one of his favorite topics so he was SUPER excited..wohhoo for him..thumbs down for me…I was afraid I would end up with some facial deformity due to his spit! I went home and talked to my brother about this professor who was forcing me to consider wearing a mask to uni!...gues what my bro told me?

“haha..yea that professor is famous for his spitting while talking. But that’s not it..his spit is supposed to be acidic(imagine my horrified expression at this point)”


“haha yea(he was truly enjoying this) once he spat on this guy in my class and he got this huge zit there!..people run form his spit…” I didn’t let him complete..i was too busy drowning my self in a bucket of dettol!

What do you do when a PROFESSOR spits at can’t just stop him during class and go like “err..proff…your kinda giving me a face wash and I assure you that I DID wash my face before coming”..lmao..or go like “prof, it not rainy season yet” guess all I gota do is get on with my reflexive dogging skills…AND be subtle about them..or..just carry a hell lot of dettol with me..they should make me their brand embasseder after how many bottles I’ve purchased within the past 3 weeks! way..what would you say to your professor?..or better yet..any tips to handle this…err sticky situation? already disgusted..ekkh!

(lmao..we should teach everyone

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WrestleMania…in my house..UNDERTAKER vs HBK vs John Cena!!!!!!!

Lmao..yup I like wrestling too. One of the few girls on earth who actually enjoys all the boxing, punching and grabbing! Ahh..the beautiful world of WWE! Do any of you guys watch? Because I started watching just last year. WWE claims to be the longest running television show in the history of television shows..almost about 50 years. And really none of us were born at the time..and WWE pretty much sucked as well. But now (well ever since I started watching) I have pretty much become a fan…well a HUGE fan..lmao.

I remember watching it earlier when I was younger. My grandfather and my brother would be watching it and I would be sitting beside them reading a book. Occasionally distracted by all the noise and ruckus they were making with all the excitement, some of the stuff stuck in my head. I remember watching Triple H and hating him because he used to win all the time. The way he would flex his muscles and just look so freaky. But that was when I was 11. I also remember watching the UNDERTAKER. He was definitely my favorite from the beginning. Even though I would catch glimpses of the show, I remember fancying him a bit. His bold, dark eyes, his tight spandex...Basically his trademark costume. His awesome entrance theme (what your probably listening to right now…this is in honour of the WWE edition), the way he would just force his eyes to pop out in a terrifying way. I think I like him because of that and maybe even because of some of his wrestling moves. “the tombstone”. is probably my favorite because after that his opponent can’t even think of getting back up. Lol..gotta love that!

My sister loves John Cena, a relatively new member of the WWE universe. I must say he is pretty good (in all honesty I am being forced to write good things about him cuz my sister is probably reading this and will totally maul me if I insult her precious John Cena.) He fights well if anything and seems to have great charm with the audience…well if my sister is very much inspired and in awe of him then who am I to say anything?..she shuts us up every time he enters the arena and she recently got a shirt with his plastic face printed all over it. Lmao..she’s going to kill me for that one. Probably with his best move as “five knuckle shovel”…where after that you feel like your face has been broken into bits?(well I wouldn’t know).lol. My brother is a big fan of HBK(heart break kid) who is probably one of the oldest members of the WWE universe just as Undertaker. You just have to love his entrance theme song(probably playing right now) which btw he sang him self. He has great audience captivity and his best move is probably his “sweet chin music” where a kick from his heel to your chin shows you stars in pure day light..lmao.(my brother just forced me to add that HBK’s sweet chin music is one of the most deadliest and devastating finishing moves in all of world wrestling entertainment history….YEA RIGHT!!!!! bro’s gona kill me for this)

I enjoy this game/tv entertainment show/sport because you watch all these really muscular men totaling each other out and they all have story lines. Its all practiced before and yet it seems so believable. I would like to belive that their fighting is real of course some of that is planned too. Really entertaining and you get your one and a half hours worth of adrenaline you should see me watching fact all three of us siblings, screaming at the computer screen (my brother downloads the new episodes off the internet) getting sad when our players loose or taunting each other when either of our players kicks the others butt!..lmao…maybe y’all should check out a couple of old episodes off “youtube” if you don’t watch WWE.

Don’t think I like violence(well maybe a little but in a survey it was found out that more girls watch WWE than any other show on I am supposed to be quite normal for enjoying this  With the Main event WrestleMania coming up in April, this is hoping that Undertaker will kick both John Cena’s and HBK’s ass!!!.mwaahhaahha!! *evil laugh*


Monday, February 15, 2010


As i type this now, i am almost drooping on the keyboard, my nose touching the keys. for some God known reason i still want to write a post, may it make sense or not. That's your bad luck if it makes sense or not. This blog is almost like a diary. the only difference is that there's all of you guys reading this....and i don't seem to mind.

So long day today, ran from one end of the university to the other(btw my uni is HUGE and we have like 3 builings miles apart...and i was running from builidng A to building B) was tired as hell before the day even began. i only ran cuz me and my bro were late in reaching day im gna blow up the roads...freakin traffic! then when i eneterd my first class, i was WIDE awake..(something that is NOT so usual) and turns out the lecture for today was the most boring one in the history of lectures!..ekh and it didn't help that it required me to help the profesor solve sums on the board. does it look like i care what the increased vapour pressure of the freakin drug is?!..let it have vapours yaar..boil for as long as it wants!!.damn collision quality and speed...argh...if i'd have known i would have to do physics in pharmacy..i wud have not done it...argh..isn't chemistry hard enough? then this very same professor decided to teach us an extra ten minutes where he made me read out the notes to the entire class (he needed someone with good english..dont ask me). my next class which was supposed to take place immediately was in the other end of uni(yup exactly where i had run from in the morning). it wasnt helping that i was late already...running with a tone of books does NOT make it easier!

I have no intensions of loosing weight and it seems like their is some darn conspiracy with everone forcing me to do work and wearing all that food off!..darn it..*talks to God "Lord what's the point of me even liking food if its clearly doing me no good?!"* My next class was computer applications for 2 whole hours...i only take it cuz its a uni requirement and i can score marks easily. the standard is very low really, i have girls coming and asking me "Shoo hai, upload?"..translation "what is this, upload"..all i can do is stand with patience and force my brain to accept that there is population on earth that isnt computer dependant. i have done the entire course in shool already and all i do is sit and stare at the proff and try and not to freakin tall or i'd hide behind someone and try and sleep. 5 ft 7" is not a good height when you want to hide in class. following tha lecture was a 2hour lab also for computer application  "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I KNOW HOW TO USE MICROSOFT WORD!!!"...the rest of the class was still trying to figure out how to change fonts (dont worry some actually know how to use the talking bout the locals) and change the format...i was cheking my e-mail...*yawn!*...i think i'm gona break my jaw if i yawn any look i just that around 1..just imagine by one i had had no breakfast so i invaded the a nice meal *peat pooja* translation "stomach appeal"..i dunno word for word translation..went to the internet lab, played "hangaroo" on for boredom...

waited for bro to finish his classes came back home with him at 4...waited for 15 min for driving instructor to pick me up...scared her out of her seat when i decided to leave the stearing wheel on the ROUNDABOUT and then put the indicator(waa!! hand was hurting)...shoulda seen her face though...high light of the day!...came back at 6..finished cooking food before mom and  dad come back from work..tried looking at my books to study....instead ended up cursing them, came online wrote my blog(for somereason i always have energy to write..or type in general)..and now i shall sleep..mark this day in your calenders y'all first day where hafsa sleeps without eating dinner...ill probably wake up around 12 to eat some food...i know my'l wake me up when it reaches my breaking point...sleep tite y'all..oh wait its not even 9..well then have a great dinner *to her self "i gota think of stuff other than food"

ps:no that pic is not mine..i was MUCH cuter..lmao..ask my bro..or maybe my wait not her either..bus i'm telling u na i was cute! just the cuteness got suked out of me now!.lol

Sunday, February 14, 2010

hand made aspirin, anyone?

Don't you just hate sunday's? The day right after the weekend when you don't even want to get up  and get dressed early in the morning!..i hate it really i it sucks becasue i was stupid enough to make a time table with out any breaks at university. as all my regular readers know i LOVE food..and i love to eat(and for the new i am not unbeliveably thin..yea i dont gain weight) any way..wiht no breaks that means i have no time to eat which means i get cranky which just really means that the first person to come in front of me with a stupid question will have their day ruined by me! can come on quite strong when i'm sarcastic..razor kinda trying my best to fix that..but old habbits die hard.

so my solution to no food all day?..i have 2 labs of two hours i  snuk out from my analytical chemistry lab when the professor wasn't looking and got myself something to eat from the cafeteria. when i was sure after 3 sandwiches my stomach was full, i got up and went back to lab. now the funny thing is God always helps me out when i have done soemthing to gain my dose of nutrition(from this you may realise that i do this QUITE often..i wont study if im hungry). Apparenlty the profesor had been called by the Dean and no one except all the students were in the lab. Surprisngly i'm quite skilled at my experiments, what with me being super clumsy and all...i have never spilt any chemical in the lab, ever..its a differnt thing if i'm dropping stuff all over the floor at home. i guess its all in the not being given marks at home..lmao...if only my mom knew i thought like this. anyway(i deviate too much!) i finshed my experiment waay before she came and my tummy was happy too. you learn to balance IMPORTANT things in your life..lmao.

So we made ASPIRIN in our organic chemistry lab today (doing your bachelor of pharmacy DOES have its fun side!). apart from the fact that it smells horrible (its like a mixture of sweat and vinegar..dont even ask me how i know what sweat smells like!). also where you have to spend a grueling amount of time infront of the stupid water bath sweating along with it!..there is a limit to how much you can enjoy the process of heating not all..its sucks when you have to keep stirring for ages in a beaker filled with ice cold water and your sure ur fingers will fall off with hypothermia!..but it really is worth it in the end. that white almsot shiny powder that you make your self...its just the sheer pleasure when you hold it in your hand and have your professor sceaming at you from behind "no hafsa, you CANNOT eat that!"..lmao i guess he saw the expression on my was thinking about trying out my first woulda been fun next time your out of aspirin.hollar at me..lmao..ill make it personally for you...oh and if your headache does not seize..i probably forgot to add something :)