Saturday, February 13, 2010

Barging up on me like that!

ughh! was a horrible day except for a few instances, other than that it pretty much sucked!. have you ever experienced what it feels like to get smacked in your face so hard that it hurts for days?...well don't look at me!....i don't know either....lmao..i was just wondering.

one of the usual things i do when i am kinda upset is amuse my self....pretend. its almost childish really but it sort of helps settele my thoughts and juts basically allign them. i really don't know why i want to allign them..lets just say its like when you want all your chicks in one basket or eggs in a straight line?..lmao i know how the saying is...eggs in one basket and chicks in row..right???'m going to ramble pointlessly today so if you have something important to do then go ahead by all means leave this crazy post and go ahead do it. I was so confused that i actually went ahead and studied. half way through i realised that i didn't even have class for it till half way down the week!...really kinda my rule..or really the way i do things, i study one day before. i know its a death sentence but i guess the pressure helps me grasp things better. otherwise i'll read one line and run around the house...irritate my bro and sis. usually it is my brother cuz well its fun to make him my first can't bring the full force of my craziness on my sister cuz she freaks out easily and in a way my brother is always around me...he's like my little  bee...lmao..i can just sense him screaming for me as he reads this...the result of this shall be fun...maybe i'll even tell y'all what he

what's the worst day of the year?..some say its new years*wink*, some say its exam day..specifically physics*wink* guess the general cunsensus is its v' belive it or not. who the hell wants a day to love someone?..its so stupid..what's wrong with loving the person everday?..its not fair really..there should be like a hate day too..of course i'm not promoting hate in the world but it was just supposed to be an example. lol..screw valentines day!..who wants one specific day to eat chocolates?..lmao..otherwise every day of the year would be v'day for me...i eat chocolates ALL the time..such a waste of time and money. instead make a world hafsa day...or world "i hate organic chemistry day"..or "lets try and not be clumsy today day"..or maybe even "ill try and not get bruised day"..oh those are just day's that would really improve my'all can make your too. besides it's a day that originated from some saint named valentine..or not sure...its not even romatic..just some random person who made this poor saint's death day for the enitre world to express their love!..whose gona pray for that guy? anti-valentine...its

kk...i've rambled on about nothing for such long those of you who have read this entire thing...I APPLAUD you...lmao..leave your name in the cooments box..and i shall give you a standing ovation for surviving a miniscule portion DIRECTLY from my head..lmao....take care..i think i'l go and get my self a chocolate...*yawn!?*

Friday, February 12, 2010


lol..i was going through all my previous posts and i have around 48 in total. It took me 2 months and 12 days to write 48 posts.....and well certain VERY special people have contributed to my encouragement. I have supporters and followers who are the reason i write. I appreciate it when they read my work or just simply leave behind a smiley face in encouragement beacuase that's all i need to keep going.

So i figured i'd show my appreciation to every one who take time out of their daily schedule to read my not-so-special blog. lol...well it IS special to be...its my y'all know what i mean..hehe. so here are my very special friends and my TOP COMMENTERS:
1) Rajesh Pareek aka rj with 23 comments in my 48 does have the most comments and really very interesting ones. he usually gets me and really he has the most inspite of the fact that he started following me from thank-you so much rj for all your support. Pleas y'all read his superb posts from my faviourite blog- the classroom. :)

2) Shariq Shahid aka saifu aka sharq aka....well really the guy with the mosts nick names in the history of nick names. lol..the leaver of the most entertaining i read his  18 comments and all i want to do is thank-you saifu...for making me smile. also my faviourite of his posts is about pirates and mummies...that was the most educational post i have ever

3) This position was a tie between Yusuf Khan and Anonymous. they gave me 8 comments in total and was really a mixture. Despite the fact that Yk hardly writes any more...i stil adore his older posts. and anonymous..well he's always directing me to the right side. i really do appreciate it! :)

4) Dubai Student aka faviourite gal out there...lo..just turned 20 so very happy belated b'day to you...and i love her blog. really its so differnt nd even though she writes so rarely, it has this zest that i can connect thank -you dubai student....:)

any way..this is it, apart from the fact that i had no topic my finger hurts cuz i got it stuck in the balcony door by my bro did there was laugh at me instead of helping me out meanie!! this is just to show my appreciation....thanks-y'all it means so much..*pretends to wipe away tears*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Healthy as a horse!!!

well not really  horse but i'm just trying to say that i'm So i had my "human anatomy and physiology" lab today(you're going to love this one rj :) ) and today's topic was blood. We were supposed to check our "Hematocrite value" which is the  percentage volume of the red blood cells to the volume of the whole blood. As a general rule boy's or men have more blood than girls/women. The normal Hematocrite value in men is 54%(approximately) and in women it is 39%(approximately). any way so we were supposed to test that on each of our own blood.

Lol, yup, take our own blood sample and test it. I swear to god, i have never seen so many skreiking and terrified girls put together on one room. lol. it was pricless. we were supposed to prick our selves with a needle(also known as lancelet) and collect blood samples in capillary tubes. All around were crazy screams from girls who were either too afraid to prick themselves with needles or just terrified of the sight of blood. Some of them were sitting with their eyes closed and waiting for it to get over. lol. but guess who was sitting in between all of this chaos and almost done with collecting her blood?!!!! was waaaaay ahead of every one else and almost done with my experiment. lol..yup i have no fear of blood or poking myself and all.(brave girl *winks*) i was done priking other girls and gone through every one calling me "heartless" because i was able to take blood from everyone, we were required  to put our blood tubes in a Centrifuge. this container that goes super fast for 3 minutes and really just seperates your rbc's, wbc's and platelets from the blood.

when we were done with the centrifuge we were required to measure the capacity of each of our blood and determine if we were anemiacs(where the rbc level is like super low and it means that you are weak) or if we were "polycythemiacs"(where the rbc level is higher than it should be, which is also not good). so after all the sheiking and everything we started measuring our levels and all the girls got around 38%-43% which is good for a teenage girl. Lol...guess how much was mine? HEALHTY AS A HORSE!! professors reaction at my value?..looks at my slim figure up and down TWICE and recalculates my value. lol..after she was sure my answer was right, she bursts out laughing and goes like "your so healthy but where is all your food going?! are you so thin?!" answer?"prof, just cuz i'm not fat dosn't mean i don't eat...i love food!" showed my count to everone else in the class*beaming* and told them this was a healhty

so if any of you ever ask me why the hell i'm so thin or if i don't get anything to prepared for me to whoop your behind!! to all the thin people out there...don't worry....we're fine :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

happy moments :)

Beore i begin i would like to thank all the members of my faviorite blog, "the classroom" for giving me the prestigious place of a link on thier blog. it really is one of teh best awards out there :). i am really over whelmed *pretends to whipe tears off her cheaks* no really thunku!!!.me love it ..!!!...*does a crazy dance*

Lol..and thanks to this award the consequent result of this ownder full topic today. Don't you just love happiness?..How it just fills your heart with this whole mushy feeling and just automatically brings a smile to your face?..isn't happiness the best of emotions? me it is. the second i saw my award i had a 1000watt smile on my to blind from the fact that i smile like a maniac all the time, when i'm genuinly happy, there is a differnt smile...a smile that forces you to smile with me(or so i've been'm not bragging)

Any way happiness or joy in gerenral is really missing from people's lives now a day's what with no world peace, and natural disasters and stuff. So for every one out like there is realy no tomorrow, like there is darkness if your sad and when you smile you light up the world. lol..these are direct thoughts from the "happy center" of my brain. of course as we all know that frowning requires usage of more muscles than my solution(apparenlty i'm not lazy according to some but i prefer to smile. when you smile at some sorta give them hope...or just really FORCE them to smile back cuz its supposed to be polite!

any way just out of random happiness(as we all know i am the queen of randomness too apart from being *winks*) i leave with this message..give everyone you see a 1000 watt and see what of the following will happen:
1) You will recieve a 1000watt smile back :)
2) or they will just call u a weirdo and raise their eyebrow at you as they walk away from a crazy person

ps: theer is a good chance of the seceond one i USUALLY get the first one :)

lol...keep smiling :):):)

Monday, February 8, 2010

grrrr...rr!!! messing today!!!! bear with me a little today. As you might have noticed, i am LITTLE frustrated. Usually i just skip this phase and annihilate anyone who gets on my bad side really. but today my hands were tied and i really couldn't express my anger in a way i would make them remember!'t get usually not THAT dangerous..just ask my

Any way before i tell you the reason for this frustration, let me explain that i am probably the most multi cultural person out there. My best friend is arab, i have friends from all around the world, i really don't care about which of my friends belong to what religion. Its their own issue and i have no say in it. all i really care about is if your a hell load of fun like me or just so much that your personality dosn't tick me off. I don't make enemies..its not my style...i just let you know that your not in my good books...which is basically that i will not be holding a grudge against you. I love every one from every country and in fact it makes me really happy when i meet people from differnt increases my knowledge on cultural diversity.

Now, i had uni today and my FIRST class of the day was with a new professor. We all know how important it is for the first class of the day to go well to relly map out your mood for the rest of the time you are going to spend in your school/university. So this new professor mightily walks into class and turns of the lights( he was going to teach on the't get and tehn stands in front of the glaring light of the projector and asks "which one of you don't speak arabic at all" Now you guys must understand that i go to an english university but some of the professors arab..and so was this one. as usual i raised my hand. usually i hav maybe 3 girls with me who are also non-arab but today they were all surprisingly absent. any way the professor looks at me directly and goes like "you don't speak arabic?"
me...."No professor"
"You don't understand arabic at all"..looking at me through his one inch glasses.
"I understand to a certain extent, but like i can't translate for you,"..what the hell was his obsession with my language?!
"How long have you lived in the U.A.E?"
embaressed now "umm..i was born here"
"You were born here and you dont know arabic?!"...and after that all hell broke loose. i tried to explain to him that the school i went to had english as the main subject and never really stressed on arabic. we were taught basic stuff which included me to know how to say sentemces like "How are you" and NOT "how to add chemical substances to asprin!". of course he absolutely refused to listen to me and went on to say and i quote,
"do you have anything against arabs?, don't you like arabic people?" my jaw dropped open and really i was in utter shock that he was saying to me. 2 seconds before he walked in i was high fiving a bunch of arab friend and now i have to hear this?!..i explained to him that of course that wasn't the case and i have arab friends and me not knowing the language clearly does not mean i am in any way AGAINST arabs or their culture. he let it go after that  but it just stuck with me. how language matters wher you live. and despite the fact that i was born here i will never be able to call this place my home becuase the people won't accept me for petty reasons as language. i may be blowing this whole incident out of proportion but i swear to god if some forienger would have been in  pakistan(my home country) they would never have been treated liek this..always with more respect than they give to fellow pakistani's.

Just to make one thing clear though that not all my professors are like this. infact he was the only one. All my other professors, when they find out that i do not speak arabic treat me like i'm some precious entity in their class and they try to explain in their best english accent as possible. Just for like me being in class. either this professors day started wrong and i was his first target to get his frustration out!

i just told my brother this when i came back from uni( we go to the same university btw) and he tell me that he was probably joking with me. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT!!..nobody knows more about jokes that me! the queen of funny and that man was NOT kidding..ahh well..if he was then maybe i can chill..but really after his class i didnt know which wall to bang my head in! my head was all messed up... any way i guess i got most of my frustration out here...sory for the blow up but i needed if only i can find something to break and get a little bit of frustration that is left....*winks*