Saturday, February 6, 2010


yay!!!! i can't wait for my week in university this time. like our first week had no labs cuz it was our well first week and no one was going to start anything anyway but this week its all i get to wear my lab coat. for some reason i am the only one who likes this pharmacists attire and i love messing around with those little test tubes and huge instruments. always like it.

I do enjoy the physical attributes of being a pharmacist. like you say we are making "drugs". lol. you'd have some one thing that these kids are doing some wrong shit in those labs lol but in medicine language "drugs" are basically medicnes or anything that we use chemically. lol. real cool stuff. experimenting on plants, watching how everything seems to change colour. Besides it's the ultimate aim that is achieved from this profession. Making new "drugs" which may help people in the future. Right now we are just learning to make things like Asprin and what goes in them, the whole science of its workings in our body. And even though somtimes its a real pain what with all the chemistry and super scientific stuff ( i only find it a little tough at times because well i skipped grade 12 , as you all already know and sort of am a little behind on my chemistry compared to the rest of the im super smart of and all  the learning...i can hanlde it all just for the practicles. i mean i study all that and then get to implement it thats what drives me to do more in a certain area of work...what drives you?..what gives you motivation? 

Friday, February 5, 2010


ahhh...!!!..strength of the weak, the i'm talking about me. or atleast the people of my kind. lol.or infact just about strenght in general. how it is sometimes associated with courage and bravery. and how when we see streght in anybody we immediately know what category it goes into. For example, one of the categories of strenght is "strenght of character" or strenght of your own will..also know as "will power", Strength of self preservation is also in as human beings some times accompanied by "strenght to carry on."

Of course some of these categories are rather rare or even if they are there, we don't really realise it. Now lets just start with strength in general. Obviously the most common kind, the one that was most abundantly distributed by God. The physical strength i mean and you guys please don't smirk  beacuse even us skinny ones have strength. Lol. i have the biggest example of that which occured right today! You all get those 5 gallon bottles of water at home right? The ones you put on your coolers and stuff. Any way, dad was busy doing something to pick it up and put it on the cooler, mom and bro were out. So left were me and by sister. I couldn't possibly ask her to lift it up and put it onto the cooler. So left was me and that humungous bottle sitting infront of me, literally staring at me. Now as we all know, when we are hungry or thirsty, ain't nothing that can stop us from achieving what we want. So my mouth dry with thirst and grabbed the bottle by its handle. i felt a vertebra move from its i yanked it up and for one second i was sure i was going to fall back 90 degrees. However conjouring every bit of strength in my body i lifted it onto my shoulders (i was regretting this decision very much and simultaneously saying good bye to my clavicle) Whatever bit of lasting strength that was left before draining out, i almost nearly threw it onto the cooler, took in a deep breath and immediately pushed it into place. Happines and streght drained back into my body as i heard the water gushing into the cooler. Water had never tasted better by the way. lol

Any way the point was that every one has their won category of strength. The Strength of character part is for me i guess the most crucial one that is really required in a GOOD human being. Of course i am no one to defina who or what a good human being is but every one has their own idea and my idea is really all about how you handle your self in situtations. The thing that really helps you in this is "strenght of character" where you exercise your self control, your ability to handle your self and keep COMPOSURE. thats what strength of character is all about. and few people can really achieve to attain it. i don't want to leave any details about this but just leave a thought in your head and make you consider it.. That strenght is all that really keeps one going. your will power or your self containing strength.... :)

And just as Audre Lorde once said " When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Driving on the road...?

so slept and so i thaught i'd tell y'all about my experince driving on the road..( random ppl are reading this and going like where alse do you drive?!) i meant that i am still learning to drive and i finally passed my parking and have started the road classes. any way so i guess its more about how much my instructor is suffering cuz its pretty much awesome for me!

any way i started yesterday and i was understandably sort of scared because i was scared either i would kill my self or my dear really is better than my previous one...very talkative which is good for me because it sort od calmed me down AND well i finally found some one who actaully talks AND laughs as much as are high fiving while driving! guess si shouldn't have mentioned so she keeps telling me to go "left and righ" the whole time and i have permission to go at 100km/hour which is awesome. Of course i'm not used to that kind of speed from the parking classes...there the car used to literally crawl! here my car is flying and for some reason my new instructor keeps taking me to guessing because i suck at them. i get really terrified there because crazy men drive like its their freakin road and change lanes without indicators. lol...just imagine me terrifiedand immediately stepping on the breaks the middle of the round about....fortunalty my instructor and super "calming me down " powers and i sorta saved our hero!!!

today i flew over a speed braker and dispite the fact that my instructor went was worth i flew my the movie "taxi". it was fun. apparently i have to work on staying in my lane becuase i have no sense of "direction" not you guys the actual low down. hehe. oh and i sorta mastered the bridge and belive me you guys..its a whole differnt experince. when your driving ..its like your flying. really its true.. when your the passenger you like like"big deal im on the bridge"...but when your driving over it , its almost liek when you were a child and your dad drove over the bridge and you'd yell" dad faster! faster feels like im flying!"...well atleast i used to say but the point is..the bridge is the best part of the entire really is. damn..i sound like a

so apparntly my instructor wants me to do well on next class(thank the lord for fridays!) and im supposed to magically do well. especially the round about....i dunno bout guys....any help?

Best award show ever!!!

first of all CONGRATULATIONs to all those who won....very prestigious moment..atleast for that hard work of leavin worth so just a small post today ..just wanted to give a shout out cuz wel its awesoem to

its just cuz m exhausted today..loong day and then had driving scared my instructor like hell..we flew over the speed breaker thanks to seen anyone wear a seatbelt that was shrieking" use the breaks use the breaks!" i was like "oh yea..i have breaks too.." was so tired from uni..any way....i think m gna lie down for a bit and maybe dream of a good post? then congrats agen..and pray for my instructors tc

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


lol..nope nothing amazing happened to me. This was my reaction to one the news reels i was reading on yahoo. You know those tiny news reels the are on the page...with the latest top 24 news stories or so. Any way i was reading that and i came across a topic that immediately caught my attention..."Tips to Quelch your ANGER"..of course a person who is completely ridden by my emotions..especially somehow seems to be my most common reaction to situations that don't go according to my is before the "laugh like crazy' mode sets in. i tend to laugh at most things but theres just some stuff that you just can't help blowing you lid over. so any way..i'm sort of on an escapade to control my anger and obviously this caught my attention.

the first point in the article was "Dont give in to my anger" . Now really that's a very stupid suggestion because if i would have been able to freakin control my anger..i wouldn't need to read these stupid tip swould i?. if i could not "give" in then i wouldn't be staring at you like it was your last day now would i?!

"Let the sun go down on you anger" Now okay this one makes sense but really how often does that work? many times have you fallen asleep angry at something utterly infuriating that you siblings do and wake up to the same molten lava boiling inside you? me twice or thrice a month actually. besides people who need help trying to control their anger can't sleep it out cuz they have ISSUES which cannot be sloved by reading articles...that only just increases you body is helping you implement this crap!

"Accep blame" if i would have been able to do that i wouldn't have been angry in the first place now would i?! are these people even reading what they write?! it even tested?..who's writing this crap?

"ask: Am i improving the situation"..for the love of God..when your angry and all you can see though your eyes is the colour red...all human power to to actually rationalise anything is lost. that super human self control that human being as the greater creation are given to, literally drains through you finger tips!...what "improving"...their aint no time to think that!..all your trying to do at that point is stop your self from exploding!...

"Ask for help" this one makes sense and i've tried it. it kinda works when you have your older brother threatening you with an ass whooping of a life time..all your anger escapes and is replaced by that what you mean by help?..cuz i'd rather be nagry and be on the verfge of hypertionsion(lol!) than live in aint my style baby!

"Distract my self"..last time i did that i found sothing else that made me even more that's just adding fuel to the fire.. what happend to using brains when they are writing articles?! oh man...they gotta learn..

"Laugh" this is the only thing that makes sense and one that i can actually vouche for. no really laughing helps big time..if anything..i luagh at no particularly funny thing in the extremly frustrating situation and i guess laughing kinda lets soem of the anger out the bottle. even if it DOES make you look gota give this one a try!.

lol...all right are reserved for yahoo. i do not in anyway own those italic words.lo..i figured a discliamer would be cool cuz i mean the last thing i want to do is get sued by Yahoo! is just a critics work..nuthing some personal opinion! y'all laugh

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exhileration + childishness + madness= me!!

Hahaha!!..I’m still laughing. Absolutely out of breath, however still laughing. It was awesome the exhilaration I experienced with the wind rushing through my hair, almost hitting my face...making my mouth dry as I ran. It was inexpressible…that feeling where my heart felt numb but I loved that numbness. It was the kind of bad that makes you want to stop and breathe but yet you want it all the more badly! You know that feeling?..You know how it feels to be LET FREE..To feel your soul escape your body…runs alongside you. To just absolutely be unknown to the people around you and be lost in this bliss. The kind of bliss that you want to hold onto so badly as though it was your most prized possession. You know how that feels? To be the one and only and to be the one who doesn’t feel bad anymore and all that weakness , anger and frustration escapes your body just as fast as you run?...I experienced that very same feeling with my sister the other day.

It really was unbelievable. We raced for an incredibly short distance but both of us were laughing and her almost childish laughter is still echoing in my ears. She has a way with that. Only three years younger than me but still so much like a child. You’ve got to love that about your younger siblings. How they take you back to when it was all innocence and craziness (in don’t think I need to be reminded though..I’m still very much a crazy child..Lol). But most of all it’s the exhilaration that you experience when you’re in their company. The exhilaration you experience when you’re doing something that you’re NOT allowed to do. It’s this high. I’m not telling you to do anything berserk like me…I’m absolutely the worst example for anyone’s inspiration (lol..No shame at all…I can just hear my brother going tsk tsk!) But sometime in your life you need that high. You need that dose of craziness to get it out of your system right?..or am I just the loco? Really when you’re running down the slope as fast as you can and then run back up only to come down rolling this time. And when you stand up straight you notice your expensive shirt torn at several different places and instead of pulling out your hair in absolute frustration, you throw your head back and laugh like a maniac?!..haha…that’s one of the best kind of exhilaration.

When your heart is pumping at the top speed of a Lambourgini and you can feeling it throbbing almost out of your chest. Don’t you just love that feeling? The exhilaration you feel when you’re standing at those great heights and look down at the huge sea splashing with fury against those innocent yet huge rocks? Oh and just imagine jumping into that feisty sea!..aaah!!..don’t you just love the way your brain is going berserk in that head of yours and literally screaming “ARE YOU MAD?! GET BACK YOU MAD PERSON! DON’T YOU WANNA LIVE ANY LONGER?!” and then you answer your self “hmm now that you’ve mentioned it”..hehe..oh and then your head goes like “FORGET IT! DON’T EVEN ANSWER THAT!” hehe nope I’m not generally to annoy myself..haha..i bet you do that .any way the point was that all that just maybe once in a while makes you want to go on a little longer if things are bad…or just encourages you that life is full of awesomeness.…feel exhilarated…go crazy..go mad…. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010


When you open your eyes everyday and look at just about see creation. God either had the time of the world or He was just super super CREATIVE. I'm not really going to go into the whole low down on how God created things and how it took place but would rather like to talk about the after thought of that. as in, when you see what god created and how he left a little bit of that in His BEST creation- the human being.

Human beings are one of the most creative species you might see around you. The way we are able to handle things and make it sort of better or infact in some cases even worse. lol. we are human being and we make mistakes. the reason this whole creativity thing came up was because i was reading my faviourite blog- the "classroom" and its just that everytime these guys manage to surprise me. lol. no really. its hilarious how each one of them comes up with such witty stuff everday. with a mixture of humor, sarcasm and sometimes rarely even sadness they make even the longest of posts worth reading. Especially their latest one where they are awarding each ingenious. and that got me thinking. how each of us is creative in our own way. That special little bell rings in our heads and its just party time after no really. "the creativity of the created."..thats what i like to call it. hopefully that will one day come to be a quote. lol.

Which brings a larger picture to mind. how does this creativity get channeled into main stream? and it rather puts me in awe of how we in our own special way are unique in our own creation. of course each of us has their own LEVEL of creativity. some are super creative while there are some late bloomers whose bells ring just once in a blue moon but all in all that creative bell is ringing. The ability to even be able to dress ones self day after day in also included in creativity. Infact just combing your hair is also categorised under creative. well atleats by me. and so i do believe that there is an unlimited abyess to are creative storage where it only expands everyday the more we use it. the uniqueness of each individual it self is what strikes me as greatness becuase each of us is unique in our own way. so stay creative...stay unique.

ps: this post is dedicate to the awesome members of the classroom who urge me to think differntly everyday and make me laugh constantly. peace out :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010


when you exerience a certain something and there is no other way in hell that you can keep it inside any more or perhaps you capacity for storage is rather small we commit to the act of what i like to call "expression". to be able to express ones feeling or even to be able to portray what the human heart is going through is what i believe a rather difficult thing to do.

A human heart goes through different feelings. and its not to say that the heart itself but perhaps something deeper within you? I really would like to know where all this emotion comes from and the urgent need to portray it...well atleast for me(some people would rather kep it inside..i believe its dangerous for you health). Peopl around us need to realize when something has made us angry, sad, happy or afraid. I express my emotions rather strongly. If i'm angry i MAKE sure everyone realises that i am on purpose though...its the way i am

However the point was that expression and the art of expressing it is rather unique.What i also can't help noticing(as i have mentioned earlier) that different people have differnt ways of portraying their emotion. some, like me, come out right with it. some on the other hand have to be begged and pleaded to to just realise what the hell is wrong with them,lol. no really i'm not the sensitive kind who will sit around and wait for you to tell me why your literally weeping a river.come out with it and we'll figure things out together!.simple. but of course to each his own.

Also the strength to own up to your weakness is also considered an art of expression well atleast by me. when you know that something is not on your side and you can own up to the courage of well atleast realising it and owning up to it. hehe im in philosiphyical moods nowadays. lol..oh and anonymous bro likes these posts so dedication to him *winks* oh and to teeny tiny sister who always reads my blog and tells me where i messed up *stick my tongue out at* y' i have pretty cool siblings...hehe