Saturday, January 23, 2010

thinking about thinking...

when, your super lazy(like me) and days are just dragging on, you spen your days THINKING. about what? you ask. random stuff. lol. one of my most faviourite things.....doing stuff randomly. 1 second, i am sitting dedicating my heart and soul to a painting i'm working on and the next..i hear my stomach grumble.(as usual). then i head off to the kitchen to make my self something that even I will remember for a long time. lol. now two possibilities are that take place in the kitchen.

1) that i am able to finish makin my self an appealing, mouth-watering sandwich...or
2) my brother walks in and asks me to make him one too. now in this situation, i feel all the hunger drain out of me just beaucse i wont be abe to eat mine sooner and ill have to WASTE my time making  one for him too. lol..yes waste becuase i mean c'mon i'm the thineer the one who looks like she's deprived of food! at me making fun of myself...hehe.. but ofcourse the sweet heart that i am or if my brothers luck is good that day..i give him mine and make ANOTHER one...sigh!...the things i have to

lol...goin back....thats how random i am. one second i'll be like okay, today i'm goin to clean my cupboard half way through with clothes all over the flow...ill remember "shit yaar aaj to market se chcolate lai thi!" translation"dammit i got chcolate from the market today!" all my clothes without ironing, withou folding and throw them like a baseball right into the cupboard...where the poor things where once've noticed food distracts me alot....i should change my ways ...or not ;)

also some of my randomness includes combing my hair one second and parading around my brother, lisening to him rap to his sweet lyrics the next. lol. yea he writes well. one second i'm writing my blog, next im poking my sister in the back asking her what she's doin...for the hundreth i like to be the center of attention. sagitarrains can be like have are ways! if anything that dosnt mean im undetermined..i can do what i want if i set my mind to it....but then LAZY/

any way..i actually botherd to write with full spellings and all today...hehe...i was in the MOOD..which btw strikes very rarely..hehe..any way shout out to the class room for their amazin new look. ..chao y'all(heard it in some movie..heheh)

Friday, January 22, 2010


so apologies to my friends from the "classroom" cuz i havnt been up to date on their blog... dont worry y'all can read the comments hehe.and yes i fixed the age on my profile..i dunno how it got

btw rj...i'm almost done with my'll be giving my parking exam soon so don't worry..I WILL DRIVE YOU TO of my specialities...

now for the main part.....have you guys ever thought about the limited activities that are available in the uae?. I mean its redicilous....its always so hot so you can't go bike mom wont even let me go out...(fear of my skin colour thing on MY mind!) then you can't even join clubs cuz their so freakin expensive. i can't hang out ith my friends..well cuz they are all arab...and they have their own mean they prefer spending time with families..i mean dont get me do i ...its just that well there something known as "freinds time"....its non-existent for then there is BBQ my families ultimate that even a word? spend most f our weekends BBQing and basically still nothing much to do. i stand by them as they light the coals on fire....stand by them as they cook the meat...still standing as thy are taking it off....and pretty much still standing when the turn it all course there is place to sit...but people like me need work to do...we can't just sit. its impossible...fidgeting is a major part of my role is to bug atleats 1 person a day....usually my siblings or my favoirite we eat...peopl around me gon like "wow..that was the best bbq ever!(they say that on every bbq) and i just smile my crooked smile....damn....lord gimme sotmhing to do.....

i have still half a month of holidays left....if i'm left to stay idle any more...ill go crazy....or i gess the exact term is go MORE a creative person..ill probably find somethin to do other than running aroud the house like a freakin love doin that....

oh and to my commentors....if thats a postin i love readin your comments...even if they are sarcastic..makin fun of me,,,or plain love crticism and i love to reallly..keep writing....and love your blogs! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

sorry i don't know what this is about yet so i havn't thot of a

fyi, my cheesecake was a hit, my uncle was pretty impressed. :)

lol...i don't even know whay i put that picture up okay easy...i now declare this day...."SHARE MY CRAZY PICTURES DAY!!!" creativity hasn't struck yet so i havnt come up with something interesting or on the contrary something beyond boring to irritate you yet! i'm

hehhe...yea okay...m crazy....what's ur point.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF CRAZIINESS...all attendees are required to leave their brains at home and just walk in here...:)..hehe

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i've noticed that i've been writing about food too often but what to do, its one of my extreme interests after reading, and paintin. But mind you, not all kinds of food. I'm a very picky eater. Desserts. the one and only, the sweet, mouth watering part of a meal. Yes, i have a sweet tooth and  for the dumb ones out there no that does not mean my tooth tastes sweet. Lol. means that i love sweet food. anything and everyting that is qualified as sweet. even when im in university my breakfast is usually a " sugar coated, jelly filled, glazed donut" from the one and only dunkin donuts. Gulped down deliciously with hot chocolate with EXTRA whipped cream. Lol. yup my mom wonders the same thing- why have'nt my teeth fallen off yet. lol...I'm blessed. hehe. So i love too cook sweet food too. one of my specialities if i might say so is "strawberry cheese cake". yup the texture and taste is what drives me mad, and surprisingly i love to share that with my friends and family. lol. I can be a real bum and eat my chocolate or cake on my own. lol...but when i cook it, i like reviews. hehe. my siblings are my biggest critics and my fans. if it sucks, then i know it sucks 'cuz with every bite they will declare it to the world. my sister tries to sugar coat it however my brother gives me the full

if its good though, the only way i get to know is when i'm left with a series of spotless dishes to wash. lol..confused?...what i mean is thy eat every bit they get without a peep. lol.. so on my way to cook something knew....crossing my fingers for a good for me

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was running so fast. Everything was just flying past me...and there was no lungs were burning with every step i ran. Why coudn't i breathe?....take it in, take it in!..i thought to my self as my legs carried me faster than they ever had. I had to quench this thirst, this thirst for air. Ahhh....that was good...and i could run faster that i had that energy in me. What was i running from?...As a reminder i heard their approaching footsteps. They were so loud, like somebody was hiting me with hammers on my head. Those people! Folowing me for so long, i had been running for so long!.......and i was getting body ached, my head was going to explode....and their footsteps....still approaching...following me....after me..

I hid behind the next big dumspter that i crossed. The nauseating smel immedately filled my nose and i wanted to hurl so bad! but i had to keep quite.Not even a peep, or they would hear me...and get me.. Their footsteps were clearer now. they were slowing down. As though they could smell me...i tried not to fear of getting cought. What would they do once i was within their hold? Fear immdeiately filled my mind, body and soul. Faces flashed in my head, dad, mom, little sister, brother, cousins, friends. All so happy, all so far away. I was alone and i was gona face this i always had. It was in my was written.

I was so distracted, i didn't notice the shadows towering over me. Not until i was covered in darkness...just like my life. A shrilling scream escaped my lips(who knew i could get that out?!) ..............and i woke up drenched in sweat from top to bottom. Surprisingly no one at home woke up to my screams, my panting, my unbelievably loud shaking. No it wasn't cold. It was fear. It was dark....just as in my dream... no one was there to tell me it was okay, no one to wife my face....took me another 10 minutes to settle down onto my pillow and start the chase again.................

yes, i'm what do you guys think...its a little dark...but with each emotion comes each genre...i take full advantage of that.....and even in sadness comes the picture of the day...

sorry guys...with sadness comes for me