Friday, January 15, 2010

mischeif of the mischeivious....

"you wan dibidi?"she says
"i'm sorry what?" i reply with an utterly confused expression on my face.
"dibidi madam...u wan dibidi?" she tries again. perhaps i'm a hopeful customer...
"i don't undersatnd....what?" i retort....
" this" she says and pulls out a stack of DVD's from her huge bag.
"oooohh!!..DVD..nope..thanks"..and i shut the door. hehe...mean lazy18 mean girl. but i coudn't resist. the woman comes every day...rings the bell at all the wrong times.....i don't think she will come again...hehe

annnddd noowww "aaj ke samachaaar" dunno how its said in in urdu "aaj ke taza tarren khubre"..oh and the people who seak only english.."today's news..."

"Avatar sequel planned" this movie is one to really see in the cinema. Blue people, with long torso's. pretty eyes..even though they look like they suffer from jaundice because of the yellow colour. But hey...there was a story even though many people refused to see it. I think it was a good one. But what's getting to me is....what will they plan in the sequel?....the "sky people" come back?! reminds me..i dint get why they called humans "sky people"...its not like we fly....although i wish we could....and not like we like in the sky. if they mean comin from outer space then the pandorians would also be called "sky people" cuz they live in our space why am i commenting n avatar again?.....cuz i saw it yesterday and its still in my guys got any ideas for the sequel?..maybe we could send it to the a part of the fame...after all most bloggers have a way with their imagination...and all good...keep writing ya'l.

oh and the picture of the day....
gotaa love them horror movies!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food for thought.... the basic necessity of a human. Also sometimes eaten out of sheer boredom, sport or mostly in depression and now the new trend of putiing food on your face!..i don't get it..milllions of kids starvin in ethopia and all we can do is cut slices of fruit and put it on our cheeks?!oh..where's the humanity?! dramatic?) lol.. new years resolution(in mid jan! the only place where my food is going is my mouth and that's it!. follow me in my crusade you guys! the hungry children...and your empty stomachs..who gives a crap bout healthy lookin skin?....if you probably ate all skin would look waaaayyy better! But food is something to be taken in with the taste and juices enjoyed. Feel it on your  palate, the exciting frenzy that it creates with your taste buds. Makes your mouth water just looking at it.

Oh and the smell. that palyes a great part in the persons liking of food. If it smells horrible, there is no way on earth you can get anyone to eat that. However, if the plate in front of you is giving of thsi unbelievably tasty aroma that is makin you feel like a freakin pig with all the saliva drooling out of your mouth--that just means..your gonna have a good meal.

As i sit here, still empty stomached, to lazy to go make breakfast, all these thoughts come to my head and have help me make a good decesion.....about my breakfast. lol...screw to lazy!...its food for the love God!..if you have it, enjoy it...till its over!

the picture of the day....

i really am! or without food...always hyper....its a me :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing university....

I've never really been a whole "i love school.. wanna go" person....and neither became a "yay!!..i love university" i guess i'm missing  it now. its been like half a month since i've gone...they give us like a whole months been sittin at home. But now i miss my friends..their crazy offense)lol...i miss the walls..the crazy professors...oh and my fa..the srsly...e sat there in all our free periods....and ate and chatted. in all seriousness. we have dunkin donuts there,so ofcourse..i party all day subway for my regular when i feel like goin intercontinental..we have this arabic restaurant for like real cheap. lol...ahh..great now after writing this i miss my cafeteria more! guessing that i'm missing the cafe more than the uni it wait and i miss the organic chemistry lab alot too. the countless test tubes i've broken while heating them....ahh what memories. lol...and walking out with capilary tubes and litmus paper in our lab coats...hehe..half the time i dint even know it was there...and when i would go out...put my hand in my poket and get but by a blade that i kept there while doin an 1 semester....i became so attached to the cafe....and the have like 5 of them...hehe....damn..i cnt wait to go back...start in feb...and i can tell you all bout my "adventures in university"---a superheroes tale!!..hahaha...yea..m hyper...had a big bunch of

Monday, January 11, 2010

Chocolate ka nasha...!!

firstly translation of the title (the intoxication of chocolate) or something like

lol..this is dedicated to all the boys who asked me y we girls like chocolate..specailly u't worry i'm still!) Okay so you see i still don't understand why it matters. i mean a girl just gave you full liberty to forget would be alot cheaper for you guys than spendin so much on diamonds!...any way..c there is this thing aboutchocolate that makes you high...on hapiness....relaxes u....infact there are many studies that chocolate just takes u to this whole other dimension. and the just look at it. how could u not want that soft, creamy texture gliding over your wet tongue? the sensation it causes when it goes in is just like electricity. if you are an utter devout like me..then u can get me to do anything as long as u give me like a child in that Chocolate is also an afrodesiac....ahem ahem!

but for me....i usually like teasing my friends cuz i can eat 30 bars a day and not gain any weight(no yk i betting now and in the future when i go DONT go fat u can pay up! my aunts and uncles know that if they cant get me anything for my b'day...chocolate is the way to 17 b' 5 boxes of galazy and a there is not much to explain about chocolate...experiencing it for ur self is the way to go..... just pop one in ur mouth and lie down...let it do its work!..happy eating ;)

lol...its my fav :)
picture of the day...