Saturday, January 9, 2010

random things about me....

well i figured, i have been on this blog for almost umm 1 and a half month now?..and all i do is pretty much blog about anything that comes in my head or i pretty much find so i decided that i should probably tell people who i am and well i thought an introduction was due....cuz my profile dosnt saw squat! here are random things about me...:) here goes:

1) My name is Hafsa...and no, don't try and look my up on Facebook cuz im probably the only person on earth who's not on that site.
2) I just turend 18 on december 1st..thus the creation of this blog....out of
3) My fav colours are purple, turquoise, red, black, silver....i love alot of colours
4) I was supposed to be doing my 12the grade this year but i decided to leave it and went straight to university. Sepetember was my first semester. I am doing my B.Pharm
5) I have like 80 girls in my class of which all are arab(lebanese, palestinese, jordanian, egyptians..oh and a couple of russins) and i am the only Pakistani...yes the only one. so i guess you can imagine my first day... they were all talking in arabic and i was pretty much lost...of course with my inability to shut my mouth and being in th espotlight...10 minutes later i was standing in front of the whole class cracking jokes. my fav part is when they talk in english..cuz thats the only way i can talk to them....just like rj's "tuxi"
6)I love art, sketching, drawing, room is full of it
7) Love reading novels...any genre...just gimmea i am not a book worm. just a readaholic. i have like 5 book cupborads in my room....and no walking
8) i love writing stories too..on of my posts "figments" and "figments2" is part of my latest story...lemme no what y'all think.
9) I have the biggest chocoholic on this face of the earth...forget diamonds....i beilve chocolates are a girls best
10) i use the word"lol" like i am breathing only cuz i usually find everything funny
11) i have a great sense of humore...i belive finding stuff funny..makes u smile/laugh and that keeps ur life happy.
12) i am an athelete..i love the race track, badminton, basket ball(i am maniac for it cuz im tall so i can play well)
13) i eat alot but i dont gain any weight...its a metabolism thing...and no i do not get it from my family....all of them are healthy...weight gaining
14) i work part time with my dad ...just getting some experience..
15) i dont know why i made a list of random things about me...maybe im crazy.
16)i'm a sagitarius and like all sagitariuns..i am bold, aggressive, a fighter...but for all good things.
17) my fingers are hurting and if i can hink of anything else i will make a second list...most probably saif can predict for

Friday, January 8, 2010

ahhh..the taste of victory...yummy!

hehe..i coudn't help my self...i have to brag.....after all the daughter wins and father's insticts let him loose. sorry, got my daddy to sign my papers!!!!...oh it was an awesome scene..went somethin like this,

He came home from work and usually it is my habbit to go running to the door and greet him there(a childhood thing) and then grab his coat and walk with him asking him about his day all the way to his room. But yesterday, there was no Hafsa(yes, dat's my name) running to the door, no talking, no nothing. Instead he found me curled up on my bed, my face hidden in my pillow. Immediately he was by my side, "what's wrong he asks"
"Nothing", i reply..(low voice, hardly a whisper)
"C'mon, who pissed you off, I'll make sure they have a bad day," (don't get this part wrong, my dad talks like this cuz i do, i talk like i'm some damn course if you saw me youd laugh you ass of cuz im thin like a stick..its an attitude
"Nothing dad, you can't hurt my father you know"...same low voice
"Okay, no i'm confused"
"Well, your my dad, and you mad me sad. Can't get angry at your self. I mean so what if i have been begging you to write my driver's letter for the past two weeks?..who cares right?..i mean there is alot more important stuff going on than your daughter.."..(ahhh..the sweet stench of blackmailing!)
"oooooh!'re very smart you know...trying to black mail your father"..he said know thoroughly enjoying himself.
I sat up straight, with my bets impersonation of a puppy dog, "b..but daddy..."
"FINE!" he said laughing minutes after that i was hugging the sheet of paper with my name in bold! true....father's have a soft spot for daughter's and mother's for their sons. Lol,you should just know how to use it to you advantage! ya dad!..

                                                 hahahah!! enjoy!
oh and before i 4get, picture of the day....tada!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hehe..predictions... my friend...(umm..can i call you friend?) Da Shark...or saifu..i don't know..your name changes from the blog "anthropists"..btw check out their blog...i would nominate it for best blogs ever..and these guys just started....any way...the point was that he predicted that i would get my lisence soon. now that got me thinking. about predictions....(oh and shariq..i doubt it becuase its been 5 days in a row i've actually cornered my dad out side his office to make that letter thing you have to make to register...every time there was something going on!)

lol...any way the whole predictions part got me thinking and i think that to a certain extent these so calle "predictions" do come true. for example when  was in school which was like in June last i remember (i skipped 12th and went straight to university) there was this guy who we had nicknamed "earthquake guy" lol..silly right ..but it was unbelievable how awesome his predictions was. He predicted the earth quake that struck pakistan a couple of years ago and we were totally shoked when it happened. Ofcourse as kids we REFUSED to belive and called it luck. the next day the guy was feature in the KHALEEJ of Dubai's newspapers. but the thing is..the human brain refuses to belive such phenomenon's. but they actually do exist....or at least my brain does....or my neurons(in yusuf's words!) offense guys....publicity never hurt any

oh and the picture of the day is......tada! cats have their

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


well this one was not ment to offend any one..really. but when i came across this i couldn't stop laughing. firstly the face....the thing looks like an idiot itself but yet he's holding those darn guns...i have doubt those circular hands just might rotate and shoot the wrong

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! can youe believe that signs like this exist?!..any where?..i mean c'mon..i refuse to believe that there could be a fire hazrd from farting....don't make no sense! it was soooo funny..i coudn't

Oh man!!..that one was my moto for such a looong time!! really but it was when i was one of those rebelious teenagers(i guess i still am one of them...but a little civilzed though...cuz does 18 count in teenage years?..i guess it does) and i would just wanna hate on every one...they used to call me commando girl..and that name doesnt really go with me cuz ..well if u see me u'd thin as hell..and i look like a girly girl....but boy am  a tom love climbing trees and being all for my parents i went to an all girls thought alot of girls of to self deviated from the this was for

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i found this hilarious...what do u think? got me thinking big time....who does have the worst job in the world?....


lol...super dramatic but true....the once BURJ renamed BURJ KHALIFA after the Sheikh and President of the U.A.E, is now finally open!..phew!..relief or satisfaction. i think it is relief becuase of all the hype that was generated about it. all those tiny captions on the side of all channels..its cuming up...blah blah. oh and it was in the news paper EVERY FRIKIN DAY!..can u belive it?! i relief to finally get more and better new....

but if any thing is said, it is one of the most remarkable structures of the world...mainly beause of its hight and shape. an arrow or spear or needle?...i'm guessing a combination of everything. but for somereason, i think its pretty cool cuz hey, since i AM lving here, might as well get all the compliments ans sawy with pride ryt?! in that spirit... GO DUBAI!!! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

not so nice is it?

so in Dubai you turn into a legal adult at 18 and that's when ur LEGALLY allowed to get your Driver's License. Thus since i just turned 18, ive been begging my parents to let me apply. this is becuase here u have to have your parents consent(u need like a whole signed letter from ur dad and evrything) and my dad's to busy. i really have started to think that my brothers prediction of me getting my lisence at 30 will come true!

of course he was only yanking my chain and trying to piss me off but helloo...if i do get my lisence...dat would be awesome!...or yet another card to keep in my wallet?..damn, i dunno... maybe i should save money and buy my own car?...and the job helps too...

hmm..not so much fun is it?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


i really don't know why but i just love cheking out other people's blogs more than i like to write my own. it just seems like great fun to just know that there are others out there..with different interests and different things goin on....its just nice...u know what i mean?