Sunday, July 4, 2010

The REAL wars

So a conversation with a friend got me thinking the other day. The differnce between how wars were fought earlier and now. The difference between our soldiers from the eighteenth centuary to the soldiers that fight now.

I believe in MY opinion. Definately those men had much more will power and strength and were REAL soldiers. i mean they would have to drive their swords trhough another humans body and i can tell u without even trying that myself how much courage and bravery u need for that. Just to hurt another human being...just imagine what that must do to yes..THOSE were the real soldiers. now if u compare them to the soldiers of the 21st centuary..i under no circumstances am saying that soldiers from today are not brave or corageous..but if u do a comparison..ofcourse hands down..the ones with ths swords win. let me give u an example then. now a days you will have a soldier sit so far away from the target..almost sit in another country and be able to harm his target. shoot at point blank shot and STILL hit the basically the soldier did nothing..all was the machine..if i got the same training..even i would be able to do that.

A soldier from the 18th centuary on the other hand..he would have to face the enemy face to face at swords end and have to attack him on inner confidence, and courage. To be able to stand in the battle ground with your partner's fighting right beside you...that takes guts and makes me want to salute them. How many of us can do that? many of us can be able to push their swords into another humans him bleed and have the life taken out of him and STILL have no time to greive but to move onto the next person?..makes u cold dunnit?...but they had to move on and they did. Probaly made them cold in their hearts and having to live with the guilt of taking human lives. THAT's what trauma is.

I am in no way undermining the soldiers of today. they DO face their own trauma's and have their own problems to face. I bet even shooting a human at point blank range takes human courage and not all soldiers now a days sit so far away..some are actually in the battle feild with their GUNS. that's what bother's me really. Those big machines that shoot those little things call bullets. once it hits u..reduces ur chances of living by a drastic 60%..depending on where it hit u! considering if it hits u in the head...even that 40% goes right down the drain. i don't know..i dont like the sound of dieing from a metal bullet. sword....bleed to THATS my idea of dieing the  right way..of martyrdome...THAT's what i want.

I know having this debate itself sounds incredibly silly..but sometimes u have to think about it and understand WHY they say "old is gold" it's all right there. old stuff is definately right. it was done has more experience..would DEFIANTY be alot wiser. i mean people from that time DID their work properly..becuase they had no other distractions so they DID it all. i dunno..i like it that way... old things..was better that way.

but ofcourse..lazy18 under no way is an oldie:D young at heart all the way..i just value the old thinsg tho :P