Friday, July 9, 2010

oh the heat!!!

OH MY GOD!...someone up there is sitting and having His time with us human's really. we are just little dolls on this big huge board game and the place where we are suffering!! So apparently our side of the game should suffer from the ecenomic crisis, the heat waves, the expenses..everything bad that could possibly happen..takes place at our side.

So god that it would be a fantastic idea to see what his little dolls do when he just BRINGS DOWN the heat on us. and not just the regular kind of heat....the real i-will-scorch-your-skin type of heat...and it burns baby burns!!!

lmao, yes i am going to sit here and whine about how hot it is! I mean any one who steps out of their house around the afternoon time knows completely well how much i makes you want to look up a the sun, curse like hell and tell it to hold some heat back! but nooooo..its just keeps on giving and giving! sometimes sharing is NOT caring.

Man we live in a desert! we should be allowed to go out, desert safari, go to the beach (okay fine there isn't much you can do in the uae) BUT where is the justice in that?! i agree the rest of the world is sufferening from some kick ass heat waves as well but we get it ALL YEAR LONG! our bloody winter dosn't even go below 20 degrees! does god close His eyes when it comes to facing us?! or is this his version of Guantanamo bay! i am NOT a criminal!!! why am i being justice?!

Dear God,

I promise i will not eat as much chocolate as i do and will leave some for the poor people of ethopia too. I hope you don't think as my friends do that i alone am the reason for world hunger because of the way i eat. But honestly i am not looking forward to cutting down on anything since ramadan is just around the corner and i want to be able to stuff everything down my throat before i am not able to eat anything through out the day.

Also, god i promise i will not make Dunkin Donut's run out of donut's every visit that i pay them. Next time i will get my load of donuts HALF from Dunkin Donuts and the other half from Krsipy Creams. I mean c'mon i think Krispy cream dissreves my attention too, i hear their bussiness was going down the dump. Well tell them not to worry, i will be paying them a visit and their bussiness will be back to normal :D

Oh btw  God while we ARE talking, how about reducing the price for those Fabre Castle paint brushes? i've had my eye on those for quite some time now but if each paint brush costs me 17 dirhams, i don't think i will be able to buy to many! hellloooo i am TRYING to save here! so yea, your help will be appreciated with that too.

Also, can you ask the folks to easy on the load of work on me, i'm just an itsy bitsy little child, i need a break too. Well i know i may be sounding a little needy today but yes i need these things. Oh and i think the reason i started this conversation, well okay fine monologue, was so that you could reduce the heat load on us. So yea, priority on that and the rest we can go as you like :D  Well keep rocking god, just keep me in mind

- the chocoholic...