Friday, July 16, 2010

Smart asses -__-

Well SOME of you all are REALLY bright with the ideas and thought it would be a smart thing to ask me to write about my weaknesses -__-. REALLY?! Well first of all let me begin by telling you, lazy18 don't have no weaknesses :D i mean C'MON look at i look like someone who's going to sit and make a list of things that would make the whole internet world realise what REALLY bothers me?...i doubt it. BUT, ofcourse i DID notice the word "i dare" in your comment, so even though this will take me AGES to come up with ANYTHING that will make me weak...i shall try. yes, that's all your going to get out of attempt because i mean really?! what could possibly make me weak?...Girls like me...we don't have weaknesses :P

Changing topics, Has anyone ever noticed how people go insane at Buffets? Today me and the family went out for brunch to this buffet and dispite the swealtering heat, i couldn't help but notice how people were eating. I had half my focus on my already filled plate(i was really hungry..) and while stuffing my face with sweet and sour fish, i couldn't help but ntoice this man coming back with his plate from the display area.

Now he was big in size, how we kindly like to say "healthy" and he had this big plate in his hand and believe me there was not an INCH on that plate where u could have even breathed. of course, it was none of my business to be staring at him, but i couldn't help it! i felt like getting up and going to him and just tell him what i thought "DUDE! IT'S A BUFFET, YOU can COME BACK AND GET SOME MORE!" but of course that would have been absolutely pointless because he didn't even eat that. yes, i am guilty as charged, i did watch him eat, but not becuase he took a bite from every dish and went on to the other one because i REALLY wanted to see if he was going to be able to finish all of it. but i was naive, he left the half empty plate, got up went and got himself another plate full of the one dish that he DID like. he later left half of that too.

i mean is ANYONE paying attention to kids dieing of famine and drought in africa and it's northern countries while we sit here and waste food? those kids have only morsels of bread to live off of everyday, as we sit and stuff our faces with exquiste dishes that even now as i think makes my mouth water(pardon me, i havn't had dinner yet)

anyway, since we are going super random today how about we DO tlak about the exquitse dishes that we do get to eat, because quite frankly i am super hungry and my stomach is just YELLING at me to go and get something to eat. but for the love of god, it's a friday! i don't want to spend my friday evening cooking for me and have everyone else walk into the kitchen and then from the kindness of my heart i volunteer to cook for them too. i can't help's the way i am. anyway, so yes exquisite dishes. This website Pillsbury newsletter ends up in my inbox every month and i DO think they send it to me ON PURPOSE because they KNOW i get attracted by the pictures. It's like trying to hypnotise me with all those recipes and such so that i HAVE to get over my laziness and just make it and see what it tastes like!

they sent me a picture of this today>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> how can i NOT get attracted to that?! AND they send me the recipe it's like a plot againts me by the world so that by the time im 30, i'll have tried every dish on earth. actually if u think about it, isn't it a rather fantastic dream to achieve? i mean, i don't gain weight, there are MILLIONS of dishes out there..if i started eating every type out is definately one of my most brilliant ideas :D

lmao..kk i'm done. i've been mulling over this story in my head for quite some time, you all will probably get to read that next post...IF i ever get time enough to reach a pleasing ending....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

reader's choice

okay folk's now is the time where i FINALLY get over myself and give the reader's a chance..yes belive it or not..i can be nice sometimes too :D...haha yes cherish it...good things do happen.

Anyhoo, i thought it would be a good idea to see what y'all would like to read about. so here's the proposal. in the comment box please leave any topic or series of topics that you would like lazy18 to write on. For example, if you want to know my views on "dirty underwear" or "obama's new bill"(please don't ask me to write about politics..i really go to town on those debates and criticize alot) so yea..anything y'all want and as long as it's not ridiculous..i shall write on it :D 

Friday, July 9, 2010

oh the heat!!!

OH MY GOD!...someone up there is sitting and having His time with us human's really. we are just little dolls on this big huge board game and the place where we are suffering!! So apparently our side of the game should suffer from the ecenomic crisis, the heat waves, the expenses..everything bad that could possibly happen..takes place at our side.

So god that it would be a fantastic idea to see what his little dolls do when he just BRINGS DOWN the heat on us. and not just the regular kind of heat....the real i-will-scorch-your-skin type of heat...and it burns baby burns!!!

lmao, yes i am going to sit here and whine about how hot it is! I mean any one who steps out of their house around the afternoon time knows completely well how much i makes you want to look up a the sun, curse like hell and tell it to hold some heat back! but nooooo..its just keeps on giving and giving! sometimes sharing is NOT caring.

Man we live in a desert! we should be allowed to go out, desert safari, go to the beach (okay fine there isn't much you can do in the uae) BUT where is the justice in that?! i agree the rest of the world is sufferening from some kick ass heat waves as well but we get it ALL YEAR LONG! our bloody winter dosn't even go below 20 degrees! does god close His eyes when it comes to facing us?! or is this his version of Guantanamo bay! i am NOT a criminal!!! why am i being justice?!

Dear God,

I promise i will not eat as much chocolate as i do and will leave some for the poor people of ethopia too. I hope you don't think as my friends do that i alone am the reason for world hunger because of the way i eat. But honestly i am not looking forward to cutting down on anything since ramadan is just around the corner and i want to be able to stuff everything down my throat before i am not able to eat anything through out the day.

Also, god i promise i will not make Dunkin Donut's run out of donut's every visit that i pay them. Next time i will get my load of donuts HALF from Dunkin Donuts and the other half from Krsipy Creams. I mean c'mon i think Krispy cream dissreves my attention too, i hear their bussiness was going down the dump. Well tell them not to worry, i will be paying them a visit and their bussiness will be back to normal :D

Oh btw  God while we ARE talking, how about reducing the price for those Fabre Castle paint brushes? i've had my eye on those for quite some time now but if each paint brush costs me 17 dirhams, i don't think i will be able to buy to many! hellloooo i am TRYING to save here! so yea, your help will be appreciated with that too.

Also, can you ask the folks to easy on the load of work on me, i'm just an itsy bitsy little child, i need a break too. Well i know i may be sounding a little needy today but yes i need these things. Oh and i think the reason i started this conversation, well okay fine monologue, was so that you could reduce the heat load on us. So yea, priority on that and the rest we can go as you like :D  Well keep rocking god, just keep me in mind

- the chocoholic...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HOW to write an excellent paper/post/material

So taking into consideration a freinds lack of muse, i thought it would be fun to tell everyone how i go about writing things (since my comment was almost the size of a apologies for that :P)

So anyway, the biggest question is "HOW do you know what to write about?"

 This is what i get asked the most. Well it's quite simple really. When i was younger, i had this mad infatuation with writing stories and i have almost like 10 diaries FILLED to the last page with just random thought and stories written everwhere.  So sometimes when i write here, i usually go through my diaries(well recently i havne't taken them out in like 2 months now) and just read the random stuff i had written. sometimes my words light my light bulb and i remember WHAT inspired me to write that and it brings back my muse for the week.

"But bloody hell, i want to write now!, i dont have time to make diaries"

well it's simple..start making one now..and if you NOT into the whole making diaries idea and it DOESN'T really click with you then theres always solution #2. Sit with you computer/laptop/notebook whatever and just do what i have been doing for the past 2 months. just write ANYTHING that comes to your head. like for example,  was talking to a friend and she told me how much we middle easterner's hate ex predient Bush BUT in reality President Obama has done more damage to the economy of the U.S.A. Now there you have it. you just elaborate that and you have a whole post on YOUR political take on the whole thing. Okay say politics dsn't appeal to you, so next example would be that i was cleaning the house today and i realised how absolutely LAZY the human being in general is and that we'd do ANYTHING for our work to be done by anyone else which btw would be me. So there you go, you elaborate that and tell people how HORRID your day was becuase you had to clean up after everyone else. Say your NOT the working type...maybe u went out today, so you just tell the folks about what it is you saw or something insanely stupid that kept you laughing all day.

"Oooh, that makes sense, but how do i know how to begin?"

This by far has to be the easiest part of writing anything. May it be a post, writing for school or probaly an exam paper. I had a teacher in school who tought me this trick. So you take a peice of paper and you write down EVERYTHING that comes in you head about the topic you have chosen. It doesn't have to be in order. Some facts come to your head later and you just keep writing them down. We call them "bits of information"..or well my teacher used to call them that. Now after that..i just improvised her idea and incorporated it into mine.So after i have my little ideas, in an orderless pattern, i go ahead and read them, and i SWEAR you will know WHAT it is that you want to your readers to read. It usually helps if you have a good title, something that will IMMEDIATELY catch your readers attention. For school papers, it helps ALOT if you begin by a quote, preferably from your material OR by someone famous. That way your examiner gets to know you are well versed with your material and/or that you know how to catch their attention AND that you have good general knowldge.

"yea..that makes sense, but how do i know in what way to proceed..i mean how do i know if i'm going write or wrong?"

well usually it's upto you. If you are writing a post then its ENTIERLY up to you becuase you have what is called "Author's liberty" also sometimes known as a "Writer's liberty". When you have this liberty, it means you can do WHATEVER you want with the english language. you can make up your own words, your own spellings (preferably not suggested by me) you can do ANYTHING. Now for school student..y'all don't have that liberty. When you write a school paper you HAVE stick by ALL english laws, all correct spellings, grammer and cannot make your own stuff up, becuase examiners are usually full of shit and they think the student has some idea that he/she is GREATER in knowldge than the examiner. Yes, i  know it sounds unebeivable but it happens..sometimes examiner's think they are god's and they KNOW that the student's future is in their hands so another tip would be to understand the mind of the examiner before writing a helps alot and your not putting yourself in any danger.

"oh wow..hmm..yes, that might help..but how do i know my english is correct?..cuase i dont want to look like a doofus with bad english"

well that's a tricky question. See usually your supposed to write based on your general knowledge in english... i think the best book fro grammer that i ever came across was "Enjoying english" and/or "English Grammer and Composition" by Wren and Martin...the latter has excellent exercises and example that show you how you can make use of you english. Another tip would be improving you vocabulary. In the english language, the best way to make an impression would be to incorporate subtle use of good vocabulary in what you write. If it's for a paper, agen it shows the examiner that you have a good command over the english language and if it's for a post then it just gives a good impression. Also try reading your sentences over an over again. I recommend reading twice, your faults usually just pop out at you.

"How do i improve my english?"

The best way i can recommend is by reading books. My english majorly improved by spending most of my time reading novels like a mad person. If you notice on the far right corner of my blog(below) there is a mini library of the books that i actually own..and i havnt updated in a very long time. So yes i read alot. I probaly have more than like 200 books that i own myself, rest i like to borrow. If you don't want to buy books becuase you feel like you could spend you money elsewhere, you could always join a public library. There are loads anywhere around the world. I hope this information helped and if there is any other question then just go ahead and ask me in the comment box... i will definatly answer xD  

"hehe, thank you"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The REAL wars

So a conversation with a friend got me thinking the other day. The differnce between how wars were fought earlier and now. The difference between our soldiers from the eighteenth centuary to the soldiers that fight now.

I believe in MY opinion. Definately those men had much more will power and strength and were REAL soldiers. i mean they would have to drive their swords trhough another humans body and i can tell u without even trying that myself how much courage and bravery u need for that. Just to hurt another human being...just imagine what that must do to yes..THOSE were the real soldiers. now if u compare them to the soldiers of the 21st centuary..i under no circumstances am saying that soldiers from today are not brave or corageous..but if u do a comparison..ofcourse hands down..the ones with ths swords win. let me give u an example then. now a days you will have a soldier sit so far away from the target..almost sit in another country and be able to harm his target. shoot at point blank shot and STILL hit the basically the soldier did nothing..all was the machine..if i got the same training..even i would be able to do that.

A soldier from the 18th centuary on the other hand..he would have to face the enemy face to face at swords end and have to attack him on inner confidence, and courage. To be able to stand in the battle ground with your partner's fighting right beside you...that takes guts and makes me want to salute them. How many of us can do that? many of us can be able to push their swords into another humans him bleed and have the life taken out of him and STILL have no time to greive but to move onto the next person?..makes u cold dunnit?...but they had to move on and they did. Probaly made them cold in their hearts and having to live with the guilt of taking human lives. THAT's what trauma is.

I am in no way undermining the soldiers of today. they DO face their own trauma's and have their own problems to face. I bet even shooting a human at point blank range takes human courage and not all soldiers now a days sit so far away..some are actually in the battle feild with their GUNS. that's what bother's me really. Those big machines that shoot those little things call bullets. once it hits u..reduces ur chances of living by a drastic 60%..depending on where it hit u! considering if it hits u in the head...even that 40% goes right down the drain. i don't know..i dont like the sound of dieing from a metal bullet. sword....bleed to THATS my idea of dieing the  right way..of martyrdome...THAT's what i want.

I know having this debate itself sounds incredibly silly..but sometimes u have to think about it and understand WHY they say "old is gold" it's all right there. old stuff is definately right. it was done has more experience..would DEFIANTY be alot wiser. i mean people from that time DID their work properly..becuase they had no other distractions so they DID it all. i dunno..i like it that way... old things..was better that way.

but ofcourse..lazy18 under no way is an oldie:D young at heart all the way..i just value the old thinsg tho :P

Friday, July 2, 2010

If i was a boy.....

If i was a boy, i would climb tress...but wait i ALREADY do that
If i was a boy, i'd eat like an animanl..but wait i ALREADY do that...
If i was a boy, i wouldn't care how i look...wait i ALREADY do that..
If i was a boy, i'd get into big fights...wait i ALREADY do that...
If i was a boy, i'd get curse when i got angry..wait i ALREADY do that...
If i was a boy, i'd try and find shoes for my big feet..wait THANK GOD i don't have that..
If i was a boy, i'd hit on some pretty girls...wait THANK GOD i dont do that either...
If i was a boy, i'd be as careless as i want...wait i ALREADY do that...

HAHAHAH..lmao..okay okay.sorry i'm done. *wipes tears from laughing* I was trying to sing that how Beyonce` sings that song "If i was a boy.."..rofl. kk..yea im done.

Seriously, like i've spent the last two days giggling at little's like i'm high on NOTHING..funny how that happens sometimes. I'm serious though. Little things made me burst out laughing like a maniac. Guess i'm just happy with how things are turning out nowdays. I guess it's all good for now.

All the friends have gone out of the country or are doing summer classes. Sometimes i have to be such a smart ass and get everything done on THEY are all in uni while im at home..workin..makin money. lmao. okay fine..i DO have it better :P..but really vacations are soooooo long! i've had day's off from 27th may! i've been home doing creative stuff but theres a LIMIT to how much u want to do..pretty crazy. and u know when my vacations get over? 17TH SEPTEMBER. WHAT AM I GONA DO TILL THEN?!?!? Freakin insane.

and now im bored. i need to get out..sooo crazy :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So a very good friend of mine showed me this video sometime ago and going through my faviourit's i found it. Just thought y'all mite find it as funny as i did Tip: read the wordings and lissen to what the guy is saying at the same time. Makes it easier to get what's funny (for u slow ppl :p)
 Have fun!

Monday, June 28, 2010


So i was watching tv the other day and after every 5 minutes, CONTINOUSLY they had advertisements on and atleast 90% of them were all beauty products or how to improove your looks. One thought led to another and i realised we have facial srubs and body scrubs BUT WHAT ABOUT "BUTT SCRUBS" FOR BUTT PIMPLE'S?! lmao..i'm serius. i know many of y'all are thinking, she's back to madness, but really what about all those people who are NOT blessed with bodies like ours and have "butt pimple's?!"

Someone has to help these people out...i mean the consumer companies like Lor`eal and Olay come up with products EVERYDAY to beautify faces and bodies. Make them fairer. But has there EVER been a product made to reduce butt pimple's?! I mean if you go and google butt'll find thousands of people asking for solutions to "large pimples under the skin on BUTT needed" and all sorts of questions and yet ALL they have is random websites claiming to be medical websites and giving absolutley no solution to these people.

Acne on the face is embaressing and painful, just think and IMAGINE how painful butt acne must be?! I am blessed to have good skin but i feel for those poor souls who have to go day in and day out, having to sit on their butt pimple's and have NO solution. Where is the justice in that?! don't those people disserve to get some help as well?! as humanitarian's shouldn't we plead with all these manufactuers to come up with a solution for butt pimple's?!

"SHAKE THAT BOOTY" that phrase was MEANT for people with good lookin butts, dosn't everyone disserve to have the opportunity to shake his/her booty?! the Butt is SUPPOSED to be the money maker. You know.."shake that money maker" and what not. NO ONE IS GNA GIVE U MONEY TO SHAKE A PIMPLE INFESTED BUTT!! just imagine what it does to the self esteem of those people who CAN'T shake it cuz their butt isn't THAT good lookin.

Pimples...can be treated...BUTT PIMPLES...we need a cure for that. i Cannot believe that even after livin in the 21st centuary, yet people have NO sympathies for these people who have NOWHERE to turn to literally...cuz the butt side is pimple/acne infested! I have a proof for how important a good lookin tushy is. When Akon said "smack that!" all of us had beautiful good lookin butt's in our head and not ONCE did any of us think..wait what if he/she has acne?! by smaking THAT i would probably get a puss filled hand back OR cause a hell lot of pain! So all researchers and scientists and manufacturers....we need a cure for butt pimple's y'all..we do. those guys can't even SIT right!

(p.s: this topic was written on request :D)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE BIG 100 many good things seem to be coming together at JUST the right time. Big occasions and BIG 100th's and the occasion of 16 baby blog has grown :D

yep today is the occasion of the 100th post of my blog. Within 7 months i have acheived so much with this blog i cannot even begin to explain. In such less time it has become so much more closer to me than i'd have thought. So i'd been thinking for QUITE some time what would be the most APPROPRIATE topic to talk celebrate the occasion of my 100th post. Ermmm party?....journet throug hundred posts?...but all seemed rather week. So i thought i'd do what i ALWAYS back to basics. I've beenw writing random for so long it's kind of my habbit now.

So i thougth i'd answer some questions regarding my blog that so many people have been asking. For starters..WHY even make a blog. I mean and i quote " you are 18 years old, you should have better things to do, AND you work part do u even get TIME for a blog?!"

Well really a simple answer for that question. Writing has always been a passion of mine for like ever. Regular readers will know this. But ever since i started doing my started feeling like i was loosing my touch...i go to a university that is inhabited my 95% majority arabs..and honestly they dont appreciate writing all that much. You can't blame it on people when they don't even understand the language. So i think 4 months into university...i had my birthday and it was really really awful. I had turned 18, i had skipped a whole grade of high school which meant i'd left ALL my friends back their and i was in this godforsaken university where no one wanted to go tree climbing or have eating contests becuase it was childish.. well you can't blame me..even todate i am a child at heart and i'm proud of it. hehe do what u want sukers..can't kill the kid :P so i think half way through the day and I'M BORED AS HELL. i mean who the hell gets bored on their b;day?! *prooves arabs dont know how to celebrate b'day's btw* and i'm sitting in the internet lab staring at the screen where my professors left me an e-mail telling me he's post poned my i start cruising the net and one thing lead to another and it just kind of cliked in my head...and i had a blog. I was staring at the screen and i was fingers were ITCHING to just writing any thing. So i typed out my first post. This is what i wrote :

"so today is my birthday and i have officially turned 18. wow. a legal adult. i dont know why but that makes me nervous. do i really want all those responsibilities? i live in the uae so u actually get ur driving lisence at 18. so thats the only plus point so far. why am i not like every one else? why am i not waiting for this amazing freedom?....i think i am just chickening you? "

of course later i found out that u don't turn into an adult here till ur like 21..lmao.. happens...i read back and it sounds so desperate...almost a plea of how ridiculous i was feeling at the point. Well from then started...i became 18 and MUCH MORE

Most common question #2 would be "WHY DO U CALL URSELF LAZY18" okay i know you all can clearly see i am NOWHERE near lazy and probably the most hyper active person around. "Excited 4EVA" is my middle name no i'm kidding. Well it's simple why i call my self lazy 18. It's supposed to be ironical for how i am. Call it sugar and spice. truth and lie at the same time. I'm not lazy so that's a lie but i'm 18 so thats the truth. Sugar would be "oh wow another lazy 18 yr old..who wants to read that?!" will be ur first reaction when you come onto the blog but when you DO read it's like BAM! in you face she's super crazy!!! yea that's the spicy bit. I don't know i was trying to aim for a very subtle approach.. :D

100 big posts later you start feeling this very huge pride in your gut. I made that.. i wrote that..this is something i's my baby.But of course there are some people you cant go forward without. I had a certian few like that come into my blogging life as well. They call themselves "The anthropists". I remember the first time i came across their blog. I was as usual hyper again...eating chocolate and i thot it would be good to read what other people in dubai were writing about. So while cruising i come across this slightly plain looking blog (at that time btw..NOW it's this gorgus lookin page they have) and these bunch of boys introducing them selves one by one. They called it "the classroom" and just then i thought those guys were so funny because all of them wrote about themselves with such uniqueness and couldn't help but as usual i love commenting on the blogs i follow. If i may so so my self..i'm a very good follower. lol. i comment and make sure i give my feedback and mind u i follow like 30 sumthing blogs. I don't know...i like to encourage people. ANY WAY (jeez i deviate so much....couldn't you have stopped me?!) so these guys in tunr encouraged me alot and were first of my followers and i can't thank them enough becuase without their encouragement...i wouldn't have reached my thank you, raj, shak (my official side kick), yusuf, goldy praji and musti...thank you all :D

OTHER than that..i have acheived some SERIUS stuff on this blog. my last post..i HIGHLY AND STRONGLY criticized the "VOOK" and a represntative of their company, rachel, left me a comment asking me to reconsider the vook...i'd never have thought i'd reach out to so many people and so many places. one time a nice man from a cake making company also left me a comment on my famous chocolate posts. so yea...going far and going wide. This is my hundred and every day i try to make every post special. Many times its filled with anger, i come out on this blog and take out my frustration and madness and my freidns and readers just sit back and laugh...and i guess i like that. cuz really i get angry alot and they get to laugh alot :) good stuff.

I willcelebrate the birthday of this blog on my birthday...becuase we were born on the same day only me 18 years earlier.Bur today is my blog's 100...lets feel grand... Time flies by fast. happy 100 becoming 18...happy 100 xD

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I agree the internet is to be used for many many things and it was originally invented for university students to pass information to each other and then this atrocity called DEVELOPMENT occured and it TOTALLy corrupted the internet. The insanity level on the internet keep rising day by day. I'm not saying that ALL the internet is used for is bad things to ruin people's minds becuase some of it is useful things too. Like we have the facility to do major research just at the click of a button. But oh the atrocities of the internet. Too vices from this giant thing. Really it is. want to know the recent way it is corrupting the things i like?

Some idiot invented a "VOOK". It is a "video book". How the hell do you have a video book, you ask. simple. For example, an author writes a book, and has typed out the first paragraph. at the end of the first paragraph, there is a "click here to read what happens next". So say the paragraph ends with him entering a dark alley. On cliking the line, you see a video of the SAME character only showing what is happening in the alley. When the video gets over, you can read what happens in the next paragraph.

CAN YOU BELIVE THE INSANITY?! i mean there are already like only a hundred people in the world who appreciate reading books and thanls to the "vook" even this digit will get reduced drastically because human by nature is LAZY. we will do anything to NOT have to read and imagine ourselves. i mean if we have a video to corrupt our imaginations, WHY read a book and do it ourselves?! stupid vook inventors. I mean you'd think with what stage the world is at now, people would try their best and invent things that do GOOD to mankind and not ruin our lives even more. I mean has anyone imagined why america tops the list of obeise countries? Becasue they have all the facilities in the world, and that makes them SO lazy they can't do anything , let alone get exercise and thus become obeise.

You would also think that SOME good surely must come out of having the vook around....nope..none nada! The only thing i see is more internet space filling up, more books on the internet, lazier people, future generation with NO imagination skills what so ever and which consequently only means ONE thing:

THERE WILL BE NO MORE KIDS EVER GETTING AS EXCITED ABOUT FOOD JUST BY IMAGINING IT AS I WILL!  NO MORE KIDS WHO WILL GET SUPER EXCITED AT THE THOUGHT OT THINGS becuase they will never be able to imagine all that. God...where is the world leading? Do we really want our kids to me mindless creatures and the only way they'll ever be able to think of things is by LOOKING at pictures?! *sits in a corner and cries* i refuse to let this happen. *wipes her tears* As soon as i am declared president (btw you all are voting me president of caramel land) i am going to make book reading COMPULSORY for kids from the age of three. Ther will be grandma's employed by the age..the older the better. they will collect kids and tell them stories and have the kids imagine it all. so get ur grandma's ready employment is coming soon :D

well i hope y'all dont read these vooks..or watch them..lord knows what u call it...just keep ur self and yoru future kids AWAY from them!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reading you

"but you promised!", I yelled. It was getting way to much to tolerate. Making me angry that way. I'm NOT your slave, no you may not treat me that way!

"i said i would try, it didn't work so i let it go," he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"It's one lie right after the other, WHY won't you just tell me the truth! I’m not naive anymore, I’m not a child, you keep telling me these figments that don’t make any sense and it HURTS me, it really truly does!....just..i'm begging you...tell me the truth,"

i had gone down on my knees, taking his hand in mine and was sobbing on it. I don't think my excessive sobbing brought out even a remote sense of love from him. His cold demeanor told me, i hadn't convinced him of anything. He was still the same cold man he always had been, even now as my hot tears streamed down, his hands seemed colder than ever against my face. He didn't even move an inch to gently bring me up, gently wipe the tears off of my face and kiss my petite fingers like he used to. I remember him being so gentle. His face always used to have this soft angelic touch to his sharp features. When i think back, i actually imagine him with this white light emitting from him...just like an angel. His long locks always fell over his eyes no matter how many times brushed them back, they were just like that. The perfect arch over his nose that fell lightly over his lips. He's still beautiful to date, only now the beauty is over whelmed with the cold that he exudes. It kills me to see him this way but he's done this to him self now.

Seeing that i got no emotions from him, i let his hands go and wiped my tears with my shirt. Why bother for someone when they don't feel anything for you. I dusted my pants and got up, faced him and looked into his eyes. How can someone so heartless have the most beautiful sparkle in their eyes? Maybe god made a mistake putting them there, did someone who had no human sympathy what so ever, disserve to attract people with such beauty? I guess that's why evil is attract you. I know I’m not doing justice calling him evil that way but what do you call a person who gives not a drop of love for anyone at all, how can i call him human then, how can i?

He avoided looking at me, into my eyes, “Granted, i know i don't mean the same to you as i used to. Granted, you don't even love me anymore, granted that i'm not the same as i used to be, granted i don't hold the same attractiveness as i used to, but don’t i disserve to know WHY. Call its closure if you want. Call it anything you want. As last a favor perhaps, just tell me why, tell me the truth", my voice was soft and almost a whisper, I may have been trying to get information out of him, but again i was feeling vulnerable around him. It was this power he had over me, i was all of a sudden remembering all our times together and how he's called me "goddess" I was supposed to be the most beautiful thing ever walked on the face of the earth and now he even refused to look into my eyes.

I was looking away from him now and when I returned to his face the coldness had gone. All of a sudden even the heat and darkness around us had disappeared and he was standing with the same warm look and love he had looked at me with when he first met me. What was happening? How had his demeanor changed so quickly?

(still developing this..any suggestions?)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I would like to begin by thanking my side kick the great shaq for coming up with the spectacular name "caramasian's" i loved it.

Now to a more serious point. I have been dwelling and thinking and really this going caramel thing, needs more publicity and more exposure. But before that i want to make clear the actual concept of being "caramel" My previous post didn't have enough quality to express my self just right so now i want to take the opportunity and reach out to those people who said this was a stupid concept. I shall start from scratch.

There are 3 DOMINANT skin colours in the world. White, black and the infamous brown. The western world is dominant with white's and i have no issues with that becuase they are. African's and their decendant's are black. Which btw is such a beutiful colour in itself. But then why are, from the GREAT MIDDLE EAST being called BROWN?! can you think of a million disgusting things that are in the colour brown? In reality it is not fair why we get stuck with a colour that is absolutley ridiculous whilst the rest of them get all these beutiful nick names. Did you know you can call a black person "oreo" with love. lol..i call some friends "chocolate too. It's a good word and such a beutiful colour and yet society calls US, a dominant part of society BROWN. do only I see the injustice in this?

That is why i have proposed that the colour CARAMEL be used to refer to all us people from the great middle east. It's perfect to describe us really. We have the perfect skin tan obtained naturally, for which the wetsren society spends thousands of dollars in tanning salon's tryin to get the same colour and then call it a tan?! and we are brown?! this will not do. As mentioned in my earlier post we have to go forward with this proposition. We have to push caramel forward and even though some of you guys dont agree and think we are wheatish in colour OR some like my brother who said i was insane and told me if we got names caramel, people would lick us in public! well what's the harm in that?! LET them lick us, shows exactly what i want to proove! "we are the colour TO BE, we have the perfect skin tones...slighlty lighter in the afgan and pashtoon areas, darker around pakistan and again lighter in iran." Caramel describes and covers exactly ALL these skin tones AND its "SMEXY!" IT'S SMASHIN AND SEXY!!. who wouldn't want to be caramel?! besides, i think it's pretty :D

So now I need my blogging community, and everyone else who randomly reads this blog to go ahead and make this public. Put links of this post all over facebook, tweet everyone you know on twitter, go insane on myspace! Go crazy on MSN, like i have, you should all in support put your personal message's as <> followed by anything you want. this will force other people to ask you WHAT is the deal with caramel and you tell them. It's free publicity. Copy and paste the post to everyone and anyone you know. Make a super internet frenzy with this! i want to go international with  this storm!

i mean we are not doing ANYTHING wrong, we are just proposing a new name for our colour. It's not asking for much. It's not we are demanding the world. Just a little bit of change. You have no idea what wonders the internet can do. Just go ahead and span everyone's e-mail with the smazing message about us going caramel. It's us CARAMASIAN'S baby!. take it forward. It's a quest to save our dignity. tell the world, we dont sit quietly while they nicely compare us to SHIT COLOURS!. WE LOOK NOTHING LIKE IT. perfect sun kissed skins. that what we need to show the world. The great middle east consists of some of the most beauitful people you will EVER come across. Let's promote this. It is a request to anybody and everybody, to do as much as you can to go public with this thing. WE have to. I am aware many people are out to get this name "caramel". i mean the latino's and mexican's almost have the same skin tone as us. So let's bag the term y'al!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't say it...

Another frustrated post, don't want to read it, go away.

I just HATE that word. really i do. it drives me insane and makes me want to shove my fist down your throat, grab your lungs, tie a knot with them around your heart and choke u to death! When i say it makes me angry, i mean it. Just totally makes me furius. It makes me feel like you have no respect for anyone or anybody and have MAJOR attitude issues that i need to fix!

That word is "WHATEVER" oh-my-god. if you like your life don't use it around me. It's like people are talking to you and all of a sudden you get a "wateva" best of luck getting me to talk to you agen. I will NOT continue that conversation and i WILL make sure you know you pissed me off. when you show me bad attitude WHAT makes you think that i am just going to sit there and respond nicely? be on my best behaviour around you?ha! dream on. not happening.

Just as a warning for all future people dont ever say WHATEVER around's like a curse word and i DONT like it.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to more important topics.

So it has come to my notice from various freidns around the world and i think it's important that i address this issue once and for all.

Okay so people from the western world are called whites and african's are black. Apprntly us middle eastern people are "BROWN" . WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE THE UGLY COLOUR?! i mean c'mon we have the perfect tanned skin colour that the white people want. We have the perfect sun kissed colours that look absolutly beautiful. So WHY are we being called BROWN?! Brown in it self is a dark colour. Not all middle eastern people are brown. I mean look at the afghani's and pathan's they are practically white with gorgeous green and blue eyes and yet they are categorized as BROWN?! why the injustice.

So i have come up with a solution TAKE IT or TAKE IT. that's your choice people of the world.

SOLUTION: I now propose that all people from the middle east and surrounding areas be called CARAMEL. yes, it is fair to the slightly light in complexion people and to our darker variety as well. The caramel colour is smooth, sexy and pretty. works for us people. So i want all my fellow middle eastren people to put our hands together and banish this fugly brown because we dont disserve this injustice.

Vote for caramel y'all it's for the best

p.s: im 100% serius in this movement and am planning on going international. also leve a comment, show your support! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

The evening post..

First of all, apologies to everyone who got scared by the pictures in the previuos post. I really DID mean to scare you all :p

Well many thing now adays get me thinking. Partially because i have TIME to think now. Earlier it was always SO much to do with university work, organising things, office work, cooking, you reach a point where you are too zonked to listen to the thoughts in your own head. It happens to me alot, sometimes i get so busy i can't even remember what i went into a certain room to do. I hate that feeling when i'm not in control of my head. If there's anything in the world, i like to be in control of what happens inside me. The second you loose control, its good bye sane people and hello insanity-ville. So tip for all of you, don't let it get out of control in your head, because even if you are not able to control the circumstances around you, you can always control how things shape up in your own head. It's where you rule and no one else can change that..unless of course you come across someone who knows how to brain wash you.
Wow, i just wrote a whole random paragraph on brain control and i still havne't told you all what i was thinking about. God, do i deviate! Next time i'm writing, one of your, please remind me i'm not supposed to be talking about rubbish?(psss..this is not rubbish btw, this is what i actually think.brain power i mean..) Okay now by this point i have totally forgoten about what i was thinking about tell you all and i guess it's your bad luck your never going to get to know. The only thing i remember is that it was something real nice!

oh wait, i just sat still for like 2 minutes and i remember, it was supposed to be about brain control..wait no no, i already talked about that(is anyone going to tell me when i'm getting really annoying? :p) yes, well it was supposed to be about forcing other's to reach breaking point. Every morning i wake up, i wake up with a smile. There will be a one in hundred days where i will wake up feeling sad or depressed. One in hundred. The only reason i do wake up with is smile is because i have full control over my dreams and well i like to dream of chocolate, me saving the world from the ultimate zombie apocolypse (yea, there's going to be a time on earth when zombie's suddenly attack us and the only one who you all can run to for help will be SUPER HAFFY!!! and not those lame superman and all. they dont have the same super powers i do. My super powers consist of:

1) super annoyingness: i am able to annoy my oponent so much, it will suck out all their self confidece and force them to fall into this never ending abyss of depression.
2) super bravery: yea well i'm brave
3) super eating ability: well i don't know how this saves the world but sure as hell is a good ability
4) super hearing: when the world comes to an end and many of you will want to "talk about it" because that IS that human way of dealing with things, i will lend my ear and reduce human depression
5) super haffiness: well this is a secret super power that only those who are fortunate enough will ever get to see this.
6) super ecstasy: no, i don't produce any drug(and all of y'all who the second they hear i'm a pharmacist, ask me for drugs..NO WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT!) by ecstasy i mean super happiness. Yes, being overtly happy can kill you too. But not me, i use it on other people and when they see how happy i will KILL them. don't laugh. i'm serious.
7) haffinator: this super power, inspired by the terminator, gives me the ability to get sooo angry that my oponent definatly will regret ever becoming the enemy.

Arn't those abilites the ones that ALL super heroes need? okay i just noticed i deviated again but they dont call me queen of random for nothing. i just had to tell you all about the super hero aim. I am currently looking for a side kick, like batman has robin. any one up for the high demand position? leve your resume in the comment section down below.

Well i think where i got side tracked was when i wake up in the morning. Apart from dreaming about being a super hero, i wake up with this ultimate aim...about WHO AM I GOING TO ANNOY TODAY? the usual candidate is my brother, but that's only because i get excellent reactions out of him which causes us to fight all day long....gotta love that. TARGET #2 is usualy my sister. although i have to tone down the "anno-oy-o-meter" a tad bit down because the little sister is kind of sensitive. TARGET #3 ia mother dearest. mom usually finds it funny, she will usually push me away when i bug her so much, or it's the usual, "WHY DON'T YOU GO AND TROUBLE YOUR FATHER?!" TARGET #4 i can't bug dad that much cuz he doesn't get my jokes too easily, so it's not too much fun TARGET #5 any friend that is in the vacinity. Please note that since this is target number 5 and the first 4 were no fun, it is obvious that the entire's day need to irritate comes out on this person. so the next time you get the hint that i am starting to bug you, just realise that your target number 5 and all shall EVENTUALLY pass.

So that's it from the LAZY18 daily post. meet you next time, same place, in the seven o' clock news bulleten :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You would think that being a girl i'd have some girly traits. I just recently found out, i lack alot. Well not recently, i'm going to be honest here, i've known it for quite sometime but the only reason i am ever going to be able to pass as a girl is....MY FACE. yea, fortunately i look like a girl, God works in mysterius ways.

Well one of the traits i DONT have that are similar to girls are.....SOFT TOYS.i mean what is the deal with those soft furry little things? and the infatuation little girls have with them? WHAT is up with that? I remember my little sister being a big fanatic and all my friends having more soft toys on their bed than sleeping space. i mean they'd rather have non-living things on their bed to rest compared to THEMSELVES resting their backs. and then what's worse is THEY COME ALIVE AT NIGHT!

stop laughing, i'm serious. when i was younger, i was the biggest enemy of dolls. Yea, i had this mutual hatred with them. Damn things hated me just as much as i hated em. Well i think part of the reason was that i was forever scared of dolls(no before to day i havn't told this to's a big leap, from no one knowing to the entire internet world knowing you were scared of smart). And then my relatives had to be so intelligent and get me this life size doll. literly as tall as me when i was like 4. Really it was my height and i was a really tall girl from the begenning. So i used to dream that i was sitting on top of the sofa (no when i say top, i mean top, i would climb on top of the arm rest and go and sit on the space where u rest ur head. on top) and well the doll would get up and walk out of my cupboard with its hands outstretched like a zombie and walking towards me. You all remember those dolls, those that u make them lie down and their eyes close and when they stand straight their eyes open?  well it was that type. and i have vivid memories of the dream to date where it would come walking to me in it's stiff zombie like manner and stand at the foot of the sofa. surprisingly i wasnt crying looking at the doll (i hardly ever cried) but i was forzen there just looking at it. that's why people shouldnt get girls those freaky things. horrible!

well about soft toys. i think the only one i ever got was when dad came back from germany when i was about 8 and gave me a porcupine soft toy. it had standing fur for its spikes and really miniscule, the size of my palm. i loved it. but to the extent where i kept it in my cupboard at night. even now it sits on top of my bookself and just looks down at me *shivers*. also one year ago me and mum where out shopping. and we were passing by a store that had the most GORGEOUS teddy bear i had ever seen. It had a tie around its neck and i went in to touch its fur. the thing was so smooth! now while i was inside petting the soft toy, my mom is standing in the door way of the shop watching me very curiously. Of course cuz me and toys, we didnt match and she was trying to understand what had provoked me to go in there. She came in and watched me from close by. Now i didn't know she was watching me. this is just an after math story. i swear you guys are so slow! anyhoo, so shes watching me and then the curiosity just totally over whelms her (wonder where my curiosity comes from..hmm?) and this is our conversation.

"Goodae ki kurndai ae?" (she calls me goodae from when i was a baby. goodae in punjabi means a doll. cuz i had big eyes from the begenning and i would sit like a doll in one corner of the room. i was a peaceful child then -__-) 
"Mom apne yeh dekha?"
"Ha mene yeh dekha, lekin tum kya kur rahi ho?"
"Haath luga ke dekho, bohat must teddy hai" i take her hand in mine and make her stroke it's skin.
"Acha he. lekin mujhe abhi tuk sumjh nahi ai TUM yaha kya kur rahi ho?"
*gulp, years of reputation as a hard core on the line* "mujhe...mujhe yeh acha luga he..." i went red at this point.
"TUMHE?!" she bursts out laughing.
"Ji, kyu?"
"TENU?!(still laughing) kido di goodae? teri tabiyat theek he?"
"maaa! leke dena he ke nahi?"

well after my last line she bought it for me becuase it was the first time i had asked her for anything remotely girly after alot of years. usually she just buys stuff without asking me and gives it to me. So that's the other soft toy i have but that too sits all alone. i clean it, fix it's tie and leve it there. that's the max i can love it after buying becuase well first of all i dont think it misses me and comes alive at night!

stop laughing i'm serious!

Monday, June 7, 2010


(lights, camera, action!)

Dear blogging universe,

It’s an important day today. You hear all those drums and flutes and madness in the background? Yea, that, sounds like something you would hear at a wedding, but in reality it is of a celebration. What are we celebrating you ask? It’s quite simple really.
Every day on earth God blesses us with many things. 19 years ago a mother was blessed with the greatest treasure she could ever get. God gave her a son. Who was to know that he would turn out to be such a diamond? Who knew that with his presence he would make other people’s day? I think the congratulation’s should go to that mother for doing such an amazing job is bringing up this son. She took every care and carved and molded him just right. Makes you want to shake her hands and say, “wow, you couldn’t have done it any better” I wonder if i feel this way, just imagine how proud that mother must feel everyday of her life to spend her day and night with this person. It must fill her heart with joy to see how her hard work has grown up. Very few people do that, make their parents proud like that, because usually the new generation is hell bent on embarrassing everyone that knows them, and to see such a rarity in times like this, makes you want to say, “ha! In you face I know that guy!” lol.

Well, I tried to be serious, I really did but I think more than two minutes would be an atrocity to my fans and think I had gone mellow. Me and mellow?! Hell no. what I just want to get out there is that it’s a special person’s birthday today and if ANYONE tries to ruin this for him, I swear I will ruin the rest of your life for you, so BE NICE! Hehe, yea I’m done with the threatening too (but I mean it, you so much as make him sad and I’ll finish you!)

Well from everyone here at becoming18’s kingdom of random, I would like to give out a hearty congratulations to RAJESH PAREEK for getting one year older and being the way it is. You rock man, lmao, and keep being that way *beams* have a party and show the world that YOU WERE BORN TODAY!!!!!!!

(aaj ke subh samachar yaha khatam hue(don’t know the hindi word)

BLOOPERSSSS!!!(before lights, camera action this was done and I thought it would be nice to see how HARD it is to wish someone on their b’day, here goess….)

=So it has come to my NOTICE that a very special someone was born ahem..TODAY!!! lool, yep. Don't you just love those days when SOMEONE is born. lmao i know everyday on earth millions of people are born every day...and yea i do love everyday. But the point is that it's the greatest joy in the world when someone who is close to you is BORN. i don't know why i'm yelling this out loud but maybe cuz im ecstatic or sumthin. BUT YOU GOTAAA LOVE WHEN IT'S SOME ONE YOU KNOW'S BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!! *hoots*

Okay, so for my audience at home, today we are going to celebrate someones birthday HAFSA STYLE!!! *pulls up her sleeves* get ready for well if not fun then craziness. Now for you slow people, i'm going to show you just exactly HOW to celebrate a birthday in STEPS:

step number 1: (this feels like i'm writing a lab report again -__-) FIND YOUR TARGET ie. in this case it would be who's birthday it is.

step number 2: tie them to a chair.

step 3: Blind fold them (no we are not kidnapping them)

step 4: run away and make them feel like they are alone

step 5: when your done come back

step 6: drag the chiar to the "empty room" you ran to.

step 7: remove the blind fold and untie them. beware the person MIGHT not be very cheery around this point.

step 8: tunr on the lights and show them the HAPPY BIRTHDAY decorated room.

step 9: they might get surprised and scream.

step 10: dont forget to yell surprise...wait i think this step comes before....

yep, trust me this is going to be VERY succesful. Now the reason WHY i'm doing this. God, you guys are so slow, it's becuase its someones BIRTHDAY! k so as a like a semi surprise kind thingy i'm going to attempt to write the rest of this post in my language. for starters i suck at it and i no i cnt go without using english but just for u birthday person i'm going to try. god the things i do...

pata he, mujhe yeh pehli line likhne me aadha ghunta luga kiyu ke, jis lufz se shuru kurna chahti thi, woh angrezi ka nikulta tha. itna muskil kaam mene kabhi bhi kisi ke liye nahi kiya. Okay, ab jo mene shuru se leke yaha tuk bakwas ki he, use bhool jao. woh sub bus ese he mazak tha. ab asli kaam ki baari he.

(i'm sorry i cnt do it anymore!) Well it's this very same person's birthday today. one of a kind is not the right word to describe him. I've never met this person, but have you ever gotten the feeling that you know this person way to well on the first hello? well, yea okay i know that dosn't happen in reality but maybe after the 5th time you read them right, it strikes you as "wow". Well, in your face cuz i found this person. haha, no i'm not kidding i did. So the person i'm talking about has all these wonderful qualities that you can't even fathom and it won't do him justice for me to even TRY and attempt to describe them. It would be an insult.

bear with me here, its just that when i'm happy its very difficult to convey what i'm trying to say and this post is coming out all wrong. I wish you understand and can see where this is coming from and take it as a good thing.

Have a very happy birthday rajesh pareek. you disserve it. Celebrate with everything you have and make the world realise it's your birthday. go all out and have fun.

p.s: sorry for this crap of a post, i tried i really did, but it really wouldn't do justice to who you are.

LMAO, well that’s it right there. Happy birthday raj. Have a good one. Cheerio :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

“Aww!” at the innocent…

My mum and i spent some time together in the office today. This was her idea of taking me out, because I haven’t been out of the house in months. Yes believe it or not, despite the house arrest, I’m still so cheery. Well I’m not actually under house arrest but feels like it. Well I had exams for a month and a half and as soon as mine got over, my sister’s started and so I didn’t get to go out. I work from home too so really there was no reason to head out. My friends are CONSTANTLY making fun of me for that, but then again “HAHA!! I MAKE MONEY AND YOU DON’T: P” because of which btw, I think I have become two shades lighter in my skin, no sun can do that too you, probably by the end of the holidays I’ll be close to being very fair. Great.

Well anyway, so mum and I got to spend some time as she dragged me to the office, she needed some help with the paper work. Well while we were there, she started cleaning up her desk out of sheer momness, because of course she cannot see anything dirty. While she was cleaning she hit the fax machine by mistake and went like “oh sorry!” with a face that clearly said she was really sorry. I burst out laughing and asked her if she had just apologized to the fax machine. She smiled at me and said yes. Moms are so innocent. Maybe that’s why there is always so much unconditional love? Or well maybe the fact that she gave birth to me and her blood runs in my veins but I really do think it has a lot to do with the innocence: p

This got me thinking how I’m surrounded by the most innocent people on earth and well made me feel how insane I was because I hardly posses half the cuteness they ooze. But never mind me; I’ve always been crazy and different. So I started thinking of all the innocent things people around me do.

My sister is A LOT like my mom, she looks very much like her (I don’t look like mom at all, people don’t even think we are related :( ) and I think because of that they share a lot of the same habits and bonds. My little sister (chinky, chinku, bunty, bubbli, tingu, choti , chotu, bucha, piddi, cuteums, guppo, niya) is one of the cutest people you’ll see. She was the most adorable baby, really round and fluffy (she will NOT appreciate this description) she’s way too sensitive than she should be and well I guess that’s what makes her cute and innocent. I remember most of her incidents from when she was younger. I was in school around the same time she was, and because of her being the way she was, she would get picked on A LOT. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of bullies she was troubled by, and it was only because she would never say anything back. She would come home and start crying and that she never wanted to go to school again. Of course it would irritate me a lot and I told her that I would go to her class with her the next day. However, the next day, right before entering her class she would say, “no Hafsa, don’t say anything, maybe they didn’t mean it that way,” and just try not get me to go and say anything at all. Well I was the older sister, I couldn’t listen to chotu, I went in and made sure no one ever troubled my little sister again (fyi, those very same people are her very good friends now: p)

Then there is my adorable friend sakina aka sakoo. You can hardly say she is her age, and all day at university reminds me of my little sister in the things she does. Obviously she is a lot shorter than me, because well I’m too tall and we hang out a lot together. But really she is just as sensitive as my little sister. I think half the time I treat her that way too, very protectively, even though she is the older one! What to do, when I look at her, all I see is this sensitive kid who needs protection, and what else am I for? Saviour of all, the protector, THE ONE. Lol. Well my most favorite incident with sakoo has to be the time she told me about one of her other friends in university. The ones she hangs out with sometimes when I’m not there. Well, she was with her friends and they were looking at pictures, and sakoo being a kid that she is, asked to look at it twice. The friend got angry and almost kind of yelled at her to wait a minute. Well just imagine HOW sensitive sakoo is that she started crying at that. Next day, it slipped sakoo’s mouth in front of me that this happened and well of course I got angry because they made her cry, even though I DID think it was a silly reason to cry for. I made sure the friends never treated her like that again. Well I used a few words that is all. I wouldn’t hurt a bird (yea right!) The friends are now always humming around her making sure she is okay :)

I can’t believe it I’m doing this but I just HAVE to put my brother in this category as well. Even though you get to see this side VERY rarely, well at least with me because he and I are ALWAYS arguing about something or the other. It’s both are faults usually, because I have to go and bug him and say “yea, you wanna mess with this? Huh?” lol, yes I should look at my size and talk but I swear it’s too much fun to pass out on. His expression is always “ajj tu maar khai gi” (today you’re going to get beaten up). And then it’s the classic chase me around the house (he is 20 yrs and I am 18, imagine the scene yourself) and then picking me up over his shoulder and throwing me either on the sofa, flinging me onto the bed. One time he threw me so hard I completely missed the bed and landed on the floor. We have tiles. Yes it hurt A LOT. My best incident with him has to be when he was trying to see who has more arms strength(of course I brought this on myself) and he was shaking me back and forth with both our hands locked together in front of us. Of course my legs went out of control while being pushed like that and he thought I would end up hitting him in “the wrong place”, yes all boys know what that is, and left my hands. We were standing in front of the balcony that had a chair in front of it and when he left my hand, I had been shaking so vigorously that I flew out of control, landed in the chair WHICH BROKE and I went and banged into the balcony door. Usually I’m pretty brave and when I get hurt, which is A LOT I get right back up the next second and start arguing again. This time, however, I was lying down on the floor and hardly moving, because well the chair had totally scraped my back and it hurt A LOT. He was SO concerned. First time I’ve seen him like that around ME. No one cares when I get hurt because I get right back up, but when I didn’t move he was all super hero at the time. Scooped me up and ran to my mom. Of course mom totally killed him for that BUT the point is that he was SO concerned that he sat by be with him holding my hand till I started laughing again and assured him I will get up within the next two minutes and brake his back too.

p.s: this is NOT how all brothers and sisters are, just me and him :)

Also people-who-are- very-innocent or atleast I think so are rj and shariq, my friends from the anthropists. I think shark more than rj, because he’s just plain naughty.:p

Friday, June 4, 2010

Colour me right!

Well, surprisingly every one was very supportive of my book of a post. Yep, i'm still in shock that everyone READ that post but it really does mean alot to me and it was more of a dear diary thing, WITHOUT the dear diary :)

So me and my lil sister where having a talk and colours came up. Let me tell you what a fanatic for colours i am. It dosn' help that i am a painbox my self. Yes, i love colour and i dont mean just artistic things, which ALSO i am mad for. I have a whole box full of paints and colours and well everything. I rememeber for the longets time, people kept giving me painboxes of different kinds, oil, watercolours, fabric becuase i would use them so much :) But what got me thinking is what colours mean to us.

All of us have faviourite colours don't we? Even a paintbox like me has faviourite colours. Mine are violet, navy blue, turquoise, red and black(yes i know it's a shade). You might notice how they all come from the same ray of colours and are extreme in their nature. Very vibrant just like me *beams*. See, now the point here is that WHY do i like these colours and in life everything means SOMETHING. what does the colour red mean? what does the colour blue mean? why do i like nave blue better than the regular blue? and since some people belive that hand lines mean something, similarly, i think colours signify something but dosnt necesarilly have to be right. I just thought it would be intersting to know what each colour stands for. i really wanted to write about what flower coulours mean too but this would get waay to lengthy. btw the next time you think of gifting some one yellow flowers, don't . Yellow in flowers signifies HATE, so yea, stick to white(friendship) or a cream colour(likeing)

So lets start with the colour symbolism chart.

Excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression,
danger, fire, blood, war, violence, all things intense and passionate.


Pink symbolizes love, romance, and excitement

Beige and ivory symbolize unification. Ivory symbolizes quiet and pleasantness. Beige symbolizes calm and simplicity.

Joy, happiness, betrayal, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard.

Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, technology, depression, appetite suppressant.

Turquoise symbolizes calm. Teal symbolizes sophistication. Aquamarine symbolizes water. Lighter turquoise has a feminine appeal.

Royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mysterious, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning.

Lavender symbolizes femininity, grace and elegance.

Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.

Nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, youth, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune, vigor.

Earth, stability, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, simplicity, and comfort.

Security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring. Silver symbolizes calm.

Reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth, winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical.

Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, evil, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity, underground, good technical color, mourning, death (Western cultures)

Yep, thats what your colours mean. well if you are really ineterested in understanding colour alot more, visit this website  they have everything u need to know aboyt colours. i thought it was pretty intresting. well the point was to lightin the mood around here. just like the, people throwing dew at the blog?! loool, amazing