Saturday, January 2, 2010


so i'm working now...i joined this company that made me incharge of one of their company's sections. i was frankly very flattered that i got such a good job and frankly the pay isnt that bad either. considering that im just 18 and working for just my holidays. it's mid semester break in my university. aaah...break from pharmacy!
i guess they hired me becuase of my experience with the english language..its always been a very interesting subject for me...what do you guys think?...whats been your thing of ineterst?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

cup cake madness

so for some reason, i guess on my brothers request, i decided to bake him a cake. he's a really big fan of my cooking so im always ready to cook just about anything for him. any how, i decided to bake him a vanilla cake and as i was going with the flow, i ended up making cup cakes and and load of heart shaped cookies as well. of course i came out totally beat from the kitchen, but the result was really worth it. and after all who dosen't like to be appreciated?... hehe.... job well done i guess