Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I just stared at him. Just sat there and watched him smile at me. i was this close from shaking my head and coming back to reality, like you see in those cartoons.
"Thank you" i said i was begenning to loose all knowledge of how to have a normal conversation AND starting to sound like an old, broken tape recorder.Thankfully he wasn't as useless at this as i was. secretly i was hoping he wouldn't contibue this beacuse well for all i know, he ight be some sort of psycopath but i also knew that i didn't care. my instincts were telling me to trust him. i dont know why.
"i was planning on keeping it ,actaully,"he said trying to initiate soemthing.
"what?" i stammered back to reality.
"the scarf?" he asked.
"oh yea," he was probably thinking i was mentally retartded or somthing by now."umm..why?"
"beacuse its its owner," he said and then, oh my god, was that a blush? his line was so corny and cliche and i should have just walked away but that blush, oh that blush just knocked the breath out of me. stupid girl. you know better than that...don't i?
"haha..right" sarcasm,great. i was just giving him REASONS to hang out longer.
"what are you drinking?" he asked. an obviously desperate attempt at changing the topic. my response to his previous question probably freaked him out. ah well!might as well give him the full low down on the REAL me.
"its toffee nut latte. i just picked it off the menu,looked yummy,"i informed him. finally. there was a respnse out of me!
"well is it? it yummy?" he repeated reading the confused expression on my face. sydney keep up!
"i dont know. i didnt really get a chance to taste it yet, was hot"
"its coffee. its supposd to be hot" touch down! i had found myself a sarcastic fool. just like me. God was makin this better by the minute!


firstly at my friend winson...tahnk you for the comment.its appreciated. i really enjoy your blog. i thinks its intnse...

Monday, December 7, 2009

just lost...

so today i got my first comment by a reader...makes me sooo happy...thank u 'Taj' btw i love your blog. any another lecture on ochem....and wow....something about alcohols...and i think all i did during the entire lecture was stare at the professor!...i must have really good luck cuz he didn't call on me and answer some of his rediculously confusing questions.phew!...any how...since im a chocoholic(chocolate addict) by frends put together a gift for my birthday. they gave me a huge bag full of ccocolates....and i have a mission...settinga record here...finish it within 24 hours!..haha..i no that will make me SUPER hyper ..more than i already am..thats the last thing my mom need;)...but hey...all ways challenge yourself right! :)