Sunday, December 27, 2009

cup cake madness

so for some reason, i guess on my brothers request, i decided to bake him a cake. he's a really big fan of my cooking so im always ready to cook just about anything for him. any how, i decided to bake him a vanilla cake and as i was going with the flow, i ended up making cup cakes and and load of heart shaped cookies as well. of course i came out totally beat from the kitchen, but the result was really worth it. and after all who dosen't like to be appreciated?... hehe.... job well done i guess

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

all alone...

so i've been alone at home for a couple of days. mom and dad have gone for vacation. well the first few days were awesome...i think it wearing out now.i want some human company!!!....really..who knew i'd miss them so much?!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 hometown

well my friend Taj asked me about Dubai. so iguess it would be a good thing to tell everyone a bit about Dubai...and me.
firstly, yes Taj i do live here. its where i was born. but im not from Dubai. meaning im not arab. my parents moved here from my country before i was born. however, since i was born here i know of no other hometown than Dubai. it really one of the best places to live it.
Location wise it is in the arabian peninusla. near Saudi arabia.and just like SA, it is a desert country but you wont be able to say that once you come here. because dubai is a hub of development. its green and full of buildings. some people claim that in a couple of years it will be the "NEW NEWYORK". It was previoulsy known as the "city of gold" and i guess it still is.

i guess you would know now that Dubai has oficially the tallest building of the world "Burj Dubai" and many sky scrapers. we are known for some of the worlds best shopping because people form around the world want to do business here. it is also the businesss hub becuase of its location.

but dubais own population is very little. you will that there are more expats than locals. foreighners(i think my spelling is worng,sorry) made this place. you might notice that i keep referning to Dubai as my country as is my home.

well this is dubai in a few words... :)


so my last goldie died. all tears and everything. i didn't even like those damn fishes. they were thrust upon me! but then i still had tears in my eyes. maybe becuase i had tried too hard. it was in a seperate bowl after all. and i was taking extra good care. and i did try to give it a "homie" feel. i kept it glass to glass with the aquarium. but today morning when i woke up. it was floating. shrieks in agony(i know too dramatic) fortunately i was alone at home. i scooped it out of its little bowl. poor goldie. if its freaky eyes wouldn't have been staring at me even as it was dead, it would have been ALMOST cute. see where i live its hard to have yards and stuff. but we do have the building shoot system. so i put it in a bag. and threw it down the shoot. i would have flushed it down the toilet but my sister screamed that she would never use the toilet again from fear of the "ghost of goldie".
i gave it a few last words. and threw it down the shoot. good bye goldie. i came back and let out all my grief on the little fishes. u know those deceptively colourfull ones. but then i regereted it immediately cuz i cant blame them right? its natures law. fish its fish. right?...or where my fishes some weird bunch of demented "big fish eaters"?!

Monday, December 14, 2009


so my mom got me a new aquarium. so cute. she got me like four gold fishes and a bunch of small colour fishes.she dint know what they were called. so day 1 so cute and colour ful i had the time of my day watching them. day goldfish dead!.its was floating upside down!omg was i not feedingit right?. my mom said it was okay and maybe it was about to die any way. so i let it go. day 4. another one dead!.what the hell was happening to these gold fishes?! i started wtching them.carefully. turns out the tiny fishes were eating the goldfishes tails!..can u belive that?!..who knew that happened?..really i was shocked. so i thought maybe it was a coincidence. big mistake. day 6 third gold fish down!...either i was killing them or sumthing had to be done!...
i pu a camera on my acquriam...the culprit...damn small fishes!!!
so now one last goldy is a seperate bowl..i HAD to save was my obligation..after throwing its siblings into deaths mouth...i owed it.
so moral of the story...dont put all ur FISHES in one AQUARIUM!.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I just stared at him. Just sat there and watched him smile at me. i was this close from shaking my head and coming back to reality, like you see in those cartoons.
"Thank you" i said i was begenning to loose all knowledge of how to have a normal conversation AND starting to sound like an old, broken tape recorder.Thankfully he wasn't as useless at this as i was. secretly i was hoping he wouldn't contibue this beacuse well for all i know, he ight be some sort of psycopath but i also knew that i didn't care. my instincts were telling me to trust him. i dont know why.
"i was planning on keeping it ,actaully,"he said trying to initiate soemthing.
"what?" i stammered back to reality.
"the scarf?" he asked.
"oh yea," he was probably thinking i was mentally retartded or somthing by now."umm..why?"
"beacuse its its owner," he said and then, oh my god, was that a blush? his line was so corny and cliche and i should have just walked away but that blush, oh that blush just knocked the breath out of me. stupid girl. you know better than that...don't i?
"haha..right" sarcasm,great. i was just giving him REASONS to hang out longer.
"what are you drinking?" he asked. an obviously desperate attempt at changing the topic. my response to his previous question probably freaked him out. ah well!might as well give him the full low down on the REAL me.
"its toffee nut latte. i just picked it off the menu,looked yummy,"i informed him. finally. there was a respnse out of me!
"well is it? it yummy?" he repeated reading the confused expression on my face. sydney keep up!
"i dont know. i didnt really get a chance to taste it yet, was hot"
"its coffee. its supposd to be hot" touch down! i had found myself a sarcastic fool. just like me. God was makin this better by the minute!


firstly at my friend winson...tahnk you for the comment.its appreciated. i really enjoy your blog. i thinks its intnse...

Monday, December 7, 2009

just lost...

so today i got my first comment by a reader...makes me sooo happy...thank u 'Taj' btw i love your blog. any another lecture on ochem....and wow....something about alcohols...and i think all i did during the entire lecture was stare at the professor!...i must have really good luck cuz he didn't call on me and answer some of his rediculously confusing questions.phew!...any how...since im a chocoholic(chocolate addict) by frends put together a gift for my birthday. they gave me a huge bag full of ccocolates....and i have a mission...settinga record here...finish it within 24 hours!..haha..i no that will make me SUPER hyper ..more than i already am..thats the last thing my mom need;)...but hey...all ways challenge yourself right! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


he had been standing across the lot, staring at me for the past ten minutes. of course i was stuck beacuse momwoudn't let me move from beside her. she was oblivious to him andhis staring. and i didnt say anything about it either. he was good looking and frankly i was flattered that he was giving me so much attention. the playful smile almost twitching the corners of his beautiful lips. the sublte way he was looking at me through the bushes that seperated us. watching, pleased by the reaction the reaction he seemed to be gtting out of me.
but the irritating voice at the back of head was getting louder by the minute. conscience. is that what you call it? well, exactly,my conscience was literally screaming, "are you really that desperate?!" "are you actually falling fr some random guy on the street?!" and somehow that voice was now drowning at the back of my mind. as it became lower and lower, i handed the shopping bags to my mom, " i'm going to get some coffee, you want?"
"no, thanks honey. how about i meet you back at the bakery?"
"Yea, sure" it was like fate was making it happen. i slowly started walking toward the coffe shop, hands in my jacket pocket, trying not to be too obvious. from the corner of my eye i could see an angelic smile appear on his etherial face. it's what he wanted!but he didn't move.he just stood there and watched my every step. it should have made me uncomfortable but yet again i was flatterd at the attention he was giving me.
"one toffe nut latte, please" i checked my hair in the mirror above the counter. i was instantly disgusted. either i was blind or the guy needed glasses.
i took my hot cupand sat at one of the white tables belonging to the coffe shop. he was still watching me. ah well!mom could wait. another glance and he was gone!it was like he had disappeared in the blink of an eye.
''i'm guessing this belongs to you," his voice was soft yet so manly. there was something soothing yet loving about it. still, i got startled and grabbed the scarf that he was holding in his hand.
"'d you know?"i stammered and pocketed the little peice of cloth.probably must have fallen when i took out my wallet.
"umm..becuase it says Sydney and so does the locket around your neck," he winked at me. my heart stopped. could i have been anymore stupid?!
"oh..yea" i had to say something before i scared him away!"itsvery kind of you"
"my pleasure" he said smiling that etherial smile and pulled the chair infront of me, sittingso swiftly before i even realised what was happening. i guess he wasn't going anywhere.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

without a cake three of BECOMING 18 and so far nothing great. i dont know why but i was expecting something grand. evem if i am scared of becoming 18...i was hoping for somehing big? well any way. so im doing my bachelor of pharmacy and i have my exams now. did any one no that organic chemistry is the worst subject in the history of subjects?! really..i hate it so mauch and i still dont know why i took pharmacy seeing that it is all chemistry....wat was i thinking?...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my first day

so today is my birthday and i have officially turned 18. wow. a legal adult. i dont know why but that makes me nervous. do i really want all those responsibilities? i live in the uae so u actually get ur driving lisence at 18. so thats the only plus point so far. why am i not like every one else? why am i not waiting for this amazing freedom?....i think i am just chickening you?